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Semiconductors News

Huawei's ambitions unbowed despite US pressure

Shenzhen - Construction cranes at Huawei's headquarters busily expand an already massive faux-European campus that Walt Disney would envy, as well as an in-house "university" that trains the Chinese telecom giant's growing global workforce.

Facing industrial decline, Wales dreams of Silicon Valley

Newport - Wales is better known for its factory closures than high-tech achievements. But in Newport, a former bastion of the coal industry, a handful of semiconductor manufacturers dream of a new Silicon Valley.

Developing ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi with semiconductor lasers

Advances to WiFi may be possible with new technology centered on semiconductor lasers. This is based on the use of lasers, for the first time, as radio transmitters. The results are sufficiently promising for the technology to be investigated further.

Samsung takes lead over Intel in semiconductor market

The latest data relating to semiconductor sales indicates that Samsung has edged out Intel, as semiconductor sales continue to boom. Meanwhile, TSMC cuts forecasts due to smartphone weakness.

China prepares tech sector for battle as US trade team arrives

Bejing - The first salvos in the budding US-China trade conflict struck old-school sectors like steel and agriculture, but Beijing is now bracing for moves against its strategic ambitions in hi-tech.

Oxide and semiconductors herald new electronic devices

New Haven - A science team has shown how bringing together an oxide and a semiconductor into a unique combination holds promise for the creation of a new generation of electronic devices.

Marvell Technologies to buy rival chipmaker Cavium in $6bn deal

Semiconductor firm Marvell Technologies has announced it will buy its rival Cavium in a deal valued at $6 billion. The acquisition comes during a time of increased consolidation in the chipmaking business, with several mergers underway or anticipated.

Broadcom and Qualcomm could merge in biggest tech deal in history

Chipmaker Broadcom has announced a proposal to purchase rival Qualcomm for approximately $130bn. Qualcomm is considering the offer but believes the sum undervalues the company. If it goes ahead, the deal would be the biggest ever in the tech industry.

Reports: Western Digital no longer favoured in Toshiba chip bid

Toshiba is reportedly favouring a group led by Bain Capital as it decides who to sell its semiconductor business to. With just hours to go until the deadline, talks with rival bidder Western Digital are said to have stalled amid external pressure.

US judge pauses quest to block sale of Toshiba chip unit

San Francisco - A California judge put on hold Friday a request by Western Digital to block the sale of Toshiba's chip division, suggesting a more collaborative order.

Thinner semiconductors from IBM help with the digital revolution

Researchers are developing a new method for creating thinner semiconductors through modifications to crystals. This promises to help ease in new generation of solar power.

Essential Science: Spider silk inspires new electronics

The silk spun by spiders to make a web seems to have little to do with the development of next generation electronics. However, scientists at Rice University have discovered band gaps in spider silk which could have a big impact on electronics.

Next generation tech needs a diamond at the heart

Diamonds have many useful properties, aside from being prized jewels. One such application is as semiconductors and, as a new application, they could become the basis of a new generation of electronic devices.

Aiding semiconductors through human noise

Understanding how human cells respond to “noise” could lead to advances with the functionality of semiconductor chips, according to an interesting new research project.

Phosphorus could make an ideal semiconductor

Houston - Phosphorus is an ideal candidate for nano-electronic applications that require stable properties, according to a new study.

Scientists find a way to ‘tune’ graphene

Researchers continue to work on the wonder material of the age: graphene. Part of this involves ‘fine tuning’ the material in preparation to make a new generation of ‘superconductors’.

Alternative to silicon semiconductors

Time to re-name 'Silicon Valley'? Researchers have announced silicon alternatives for semiconductors to be used in future computers and next-generation electronics.

Pentagon announce policy to combat counterfeit semiconductors

Washington - A newly finalized U.S. Department of Defense rule that reduces the risk of counterfeit semiconductor products being used by the U.S. military has been issued. The measures aim to control the procurement of semiconductors and other electronic parts.

Intel buys fitness-tracking band maker Basis

San Francisco - Intel announced it has bought fitness-tracking band maker Basis Science as part of a move into the hot wearable computing market.The California-based chip maker on Tuesday did not disclose how much it paid for Basis, which makes a strap-on wrist band t...

Infineon hopes to lift sales in Q2 after weak Q1

Frankfurt - German semiconductors giant Infineon said on Thursday it hopes to lift sales in the second quarter and is sticking to its full-year, despite a weak first quarter.

Semiconductors to give BMW split personality

Sweet!... I wouldn't might having this convenience if I could afford one of the cars that is.. hehe

Silicon and Sun

Nice to see some have their "Thinking Caps On"... :)

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