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Semen News

Scientists find new clues to boost fertility chances

London - Researchers have been examining semen and the movement of sperm. This has led to the conclusion that the rate of spinning correlates with improved success of fertility. At least with cattle.

Essential Science: Why the microbiome of seminal fluid is important

New research discusses the microbiome of seminal fluid. Although focused on animals, the research could lead to a new area of medicine where the microorganisms in seminal fluid could be used to assess male health.

New Mexico: Why 5,341 untested rape kits are a nationwide problem

After repeated complaints from victim advocates about the burgeoning backlog in testing sexual assault evidence kits in New Mexico, the state's Department of Public Safety began surveying police agencies in order to find out how big the backlog really is.

Teen allegedly gives semen-laced cupcakes to bullies

Bakersfield - A group of teenagers got their just desserts at the hands of their vengeful victim, who handed out cupcakes allegedly contaminated with semen.

Art student's semen exhibit modified following bio-hazard concern

New York - A student at New York's School of Visual Art had his thesis project confiscated by university officials after they learned the project included a refrigerator containing 68 vials of semen.

Semen is good for women's health and also fights depression

According to a study, which studied semen's mood-altering chemicals, oral sex is good for the health of women, and it also helps them feel happier.

NBC pulls Fear Factor donkey semen episode

Los Angeles - A Fear Factor episode featuring contestants drinking donkey semen has been pulled from the menu at NBC after network executives determine it "wasn't an episode they thought they should air."

DNA company will test partner's undies to see if she is cheating

A company has devised a method to identify unfaithful partners. For a fee of $200, men may test their partner's underwear for traces of semen. Women may also test their partner's underwear for tell-tale traces of vaginal fluid.

Women who raped men for semen begin trial in Zimbabwe

Harare - Three women who were arrested after raping men in order to steal their semen for ritualistic purposes begin their trial on Monday in Zimbabwe. The women preyed on male hitchhikers.

Bull semen scare forces closure of interstate highway ramp

Nashville - Canisters of frozen bull semen en route to a Texas breeding facility fell from a Greyhound bus at the junction of I-65 and I-40 causing the shutdown of traffic on the interstate highway ramp after authorities saw them emitting a fine smoke-like vapor.

Man who tainted water with semen must pay $27,000 to co-worker

A Fullerton, CA man, who was convicted of putting his semen into the water bottle of a female co-worker, was ordered to pay over $27,000 in restitution on Monday.

Horse semen on menu at New Zealand food festival

Hokitika - Shots of horse semen are just one of the items on the menu at the Hokitika Wildfoods festival, which is being held in New Zealand next month.

MI6 tested semen for use as invisible ink during First World War

Semen was tested for effectiveness as an invisible ink during World War I, an entry from a diary belonging to a senior member of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has revealed.

Holy semen scam lands Israeli letcher in prison

An Israeli who used the lure of his 'holy' semen to persuade women to engage in sexual acts with him was sentenced to ten years in prison Monday.

Premature ejaculation is genetic disorder, not just from anxiety

There is a genetic link to premature ejaculation in a significant group of men studied, new research reports. As of result, novel drug treatment programs targeting the gene may be developed.

Semen Recipes Collected in New Cookbook

If you thought semen was simply sexual, then you should check out Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes. While this book sounds like a joke, it's actually a serious cookbook filled with ejaculate-friendly recipes for adventurous chefs.

Product of Human Semen Found to Facilitate Transmission of HIV

A team of German researchers at the University Clinic of Ulm have found that an ingredient in human semen had the ability of capturing part of the HIV virus and therefore made its transmission easier.

Semen salad dressing spawns trouble

A 17-year-old contaminates a salad dressing with his semen. He then returned the salad dressing to a suburban Chicago high school's cafeteria.

Gang Rapist of 20 Year Old Fathers Child From Prison - Doctor Smuggled HIs Semen!

Gang Rapist Peter McNamara is serving 7 years in prison for the brutal rape of a 20 year old girl. Thanks to a doctor smuggling his semen from prison, he has become the father of a baby boy. Is this right? The Corrections Minister says "No"......

New hair product uses bull semen

As far as hair treatments go, it sounds like a load of bull.

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