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Couple arrested after trying to sell baby on Craigslist

Elizabethton - A couple in Tennessee was arrested after they tried to sell their 5-month-old baby on Craigslist. They are now facing charges.

Man in Mass. selling bottles of snow for $89

Manchester - A man from Massachusetts found a way to turn record-setting snow that fell in the area into cash, by selling bottles of it for $89.

Woman tries to sell her imaginary friend on eBay

A young woman from England is trying to sell her imaginary friend on eBay on the advice that was given to her by her psychiatrist.

Family gets $140K more for home after including cat in deal

Melbourne - Last weekend a family in Australia auctioned their home off for $2,060,000 Australian dollars, but they ended up selling it for $140K more after including their cat in the deal.

Superman-debut comic book sells for record $3.2 million

New York - A nearly flawless and extremely rare edition of the first Superman comic has sold for a record $3.2 million. There are only about 50 of the debut comics still left.

Rare Superman comic book sells for more than $100,000

A comic book that featured Superman's first appearance ever went undiscovered for more than 70 years in a Minnesota house, and it has sold for more than $100,000.

Husband accidentally sells wife's expensive wedding ring for $10

Laguna Niguel - As this California wife is sent to the hospital to give birth to her fifth child, her husband accidentally sells her $23,000 wedding ring.

Bea Arthur topless painting sells for almost $2 million

A painting of a topless Bea Arthur, who starred as Dorothy on the show "Golden Girls", sold for almost two-million dollars.

Taylor Swift's new album sells more than 1 million copies

Taylor Swift's new album "Red" has sold more than one million copies in its opening week, making it the biggest week for any album sold since 2002.

Chinese couple sells children to fund online video game addiction Special

Zhongshan - Addiction is an affliction so compelling that it can bring people to take the most drastic of measures, but when is enough, really enough?

Donated book nets Oxfam £37,0000 at auction

A book given to an Oxfam charity shop in the UK has gone on to make £37,000 at an auction. The book was entitled "A Trip To The Highlands Of Viti Levu" and was among a pile of books that were donated to the Devon store.

Landmark flatiron building sold in Chicago for $1

Built in 1930, the historic landmark Morris B. Sachs flatiron building in Chicago, Illinois, was sold for the bargain price of $1.

Last Titanic survivor sells mementos for nursing fees

Millvina Dean, the only remaining survivor of the doomed White Star liner, Titanic is auctioning her personal mementos from the ship to pay for her nursing home fees.

Man Agrees To Highest eBay Bid After Auctioning Off His Entire Life

In a peculiar series of events, a newly divorced Englishman living in Australia has put his “entire life” on the market for a meek £192,000. The man, Mr Usher from Darlington has agreed to bid for his life at this price

Op-Ed: Sex, the Seller of Media News

Why is it that sex is a top story "seller"? We gravitate to anything of a sexual nature at times giggling over the scribbles covering the page. Sex. It means so many things. Life, pain, beauty, suffering, love and death. selling veggies, eggs, more under pilot has started a pilot program to sell fresh food like eggs, vegetables and fish. It began the program, AmazonFresh, in Seattle, Washington by invitation only on Wednesday.

Women Sells Daughter For Cash

A woman has allegedly sold her daughter for 3,000 dollars, a news report shows

Julian Lennon Goes Into Partnership With Company From Selling His Share Of Beatle Songs

At a time when it has been announced that the extensive collection of Beatles albums will be now on iTunes, Julian Lennon has gone ahead and sold a large proportion of his share in songs that belonged to his father, John Lennon

Sex Sells; Just ask Paris

Apparently Ms. Hilton was overheard bragging about her earnings from her infamous homemade sex tape at an Oscars party.

Sony Vaio laptop sells for $17,000 at Ebay

Sony Vaio refurbished and used Laptop sells for $17,000 at Ebay.

Doctor charged with selling ova. Hearing to begin today

A gynecologist is charged with illegally harvesting human eggs from fertility patients and selling them to other women.

eBay Watch: iPhone Email Address Sells for $355

iPhone E-mail address sells for $355 at Ebay, not the phone.

PlayStation 3 sells on eBay for 15,100 dollars

A buyer in Britain won an eBay auction for one of Sony's newly launched PlayStation 3 game consoles with a bid of 15,100 dollars.

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