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Q&A: Why AI is booming, but failing marketers Special

Many enterprises are relying upon the generic website, email or sales funnel for every single B2B interaction, where they could be harnessing the potential that AI solutions hold. David Brutman of Folloze outlines how.

Q&A: Why virtual video calls will be key to sales success Special

New data from SalesLoft reveals that both buyers (93 percent) and sellers (92 percent) prefer virtual video calls over in person meetings. This could mean new disruptions for the sales sector.

Smart contract technology set to transform commerce

A new partnership between the companies RSK and Etherparty is set to push innovations in smart contract technology between businesses. The basis of this is digital ledgers and blockchain.

Mother arrested for selling her baby for $17,000

Cardiff - A Romanian teenager is being accused of selling her baby for just about $17,000 to a couple in Cardiff. The mother was questioned by police about the child, who was taken into care.

Man in Mass. selling bottles of snow for $89

Manchester - A man from Massachusetts found a way to turn record-setting snow that fell in the area into cash, by selling bottles of it for $89.

Op-Ed: 5 ways startups can dramatically accelerate sales

Given that the simple key to success of any startup is your ability to sell what you make, here are five critically important tips as to how startups can really make their sales machines fire on all (or at least more) cylinders.

The color principle that drives up used car value

Selecting your car from a certain subset of colors may be the key to getting a great value later on according to one major driving site.

11-year-old barred from selling mistletoe, but told begging is ok

Portland - The city of Portland, Oregon, was not ok with an 11-year-old's plan to sell mistletoe, but was told she would be allowed to beg if she wanted to.

Op-Ed: Textbook buyback season is here — Where can you sell yours?

During textbook buyback season everyone is looking for the great deals, I'm going to let you in on a little known company that gives you more money back, 2x more to be exact!

Pfizer to start selling Viagra online

Men who do not like to go to the drugstore to buy Viagra will now have another option. They will be able to go online and buy Viagra directly from Pfizer.

Op-Ed: Teens pooling money, buying marijuana as a group, is it illegal?

A new method of buying marijuana has been revealed, where a group of about 10 teens pool their money and then buy the product from one known 'dealer' in their area. Is it legal and what could the ramifications be if they are caught?

Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell selling their mansion for $14 million

Malibu - Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are once again trying to sell their Malibu mansion. The mansion is being sold for under $20 million.

Mom selling excess breast milk, but only customers are men

After giving birth earlier this year, a young single UK mother had so much breast milk that she decided to see if she could sell it online.

AOL plans to sell or shut down Bebo

AOL plans to find a buyer for its social networking site Bebo, which it bought in 2008 for $850 million, or shut it down.

Ford selling Volvo to Geely for $1.8 billion

Gothenburg - Ford said today that it has reached an agreement to sell Volvo Cars to Chinese automaker Geely for about $1.8 billion by the 30th of September.

Top ten most ridiculous items found on eBay

I decided to journey into the world of eBay to find the most ridiculous items. What I've found is the top ten list, listed in no particular order. And believe me, there are so many more on the website.

Patients infected by HIV-tainted blood in China

Patients in central China were infected with HIV-tainted blood after recieving a blood transfusion from a local hospital.

eBay Plans to Sell StumbleUpon

eBay is planning to sell StumbleUpon, the website recommendation engine. It paid $75 million last year for StumbleUpon but critics questioned the acquisition because the site wasn't related to its auction service.

Currency Exchangers In Amsterdam Refuse To Change Dollars

When you´re in Amsterdam and want to change some of your hard earned dollars to go and have fun, be prepared to take a long walk. Because small exchange offices in the tourist areas won´t have them until the greenback is out of the dolldrums.

Students Caught Selling Prescription Drugs

Two 16-year old students were arrested Friday after it was reported that they were selling a prescription drug to other students inside Horseheads High School. One student was charged for trying to sell the drugs and the other was charged with possession.

Man selling his soul on eBay for $1 millon

A Los Angeles man is selling his soul in an eBay auction for $1 million to raise money for Christmas presents. He said selling at eBay is better than letting the Devil have his soul.

Borrowing and Selling: Man Costs Denver Area Libraries an Estimated $35000

Craigslist buyer tips off police when she bought books from 33-year old Thomas Pilaar and noticed the library identification stamps. Pilaar was already jailed on an unrelated parole violation.

CompUSA Selling Empty Boxes

Good job, CompUSA. You sold a guy an empty box for the price of a digital camera, then said it was his fault for not examining the box. What?

Ford Says Rumors It's Selling Volvo Are Untrue

There have been published reports that Ford was trying to sell Volvo to BMW. Ford officials have stated this is simply false news.

As The Fight To Keep One Panda Alive Continues, Another's Carcass Is Sold Illegally

In the same country that is fighting to rescue Pandas from violent cruelty in special medical centres, a woman is arrested after apparently trying to sell the pelt of a fully grown Panda.

McDonald's To Sell Lattes And Cappuccinos

Would you like some McCreamy in your McSteamy?

The Best "Selling" Games of 2006!

And the winner is....

Digital Photos for Money!

Want to Make some Easy Quick Cash on your Digital Photos?

Amazon To Sell Downloadable Software

SEATTLE — will begin selling software that buyers can download directly onto their computers within a few minutes of purchase. The Internet retailing giant's latest venture, called the Software Downloads Store, is focusing its marketing ..

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