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Security News

Ukraine says foiled bombing of Kiev apartment block

Kiev - Ukraine's security services said Thursday they had detained four members of a pro-Russian group suspected of plotting to blow up a block of flats in Kiev.

Tale of two parades as ordinary Chinese barred from display

Bejing - It was the best of shows, it was the worst of shows: as 12,000 troops and hundreds of tanks and missiles rolled through Tiananmen Square in front of invited guests and foreign leaders, ordinary Beijing residents were barred from watching.

Obama expected to press Saudi King on conflicts in Syria, Yemen

Washington - US President Barack Obama will host Saudi Arabia's King Salman in their first and long-delayed White House summit Friday, with clashing views on Middle Eastern crises coming to the fore.

Next-gen phones will defend against malware from the processor

Phone processor manufacturer Qualcomm has announced that it is building malware protection directly into the core of its Snapdragon 820 chip, destined for next year's flagship devices. It will use machine learning to intelligently protect a host device.

Not just 10: Microsoft caught spying on Windows 7 and 8 users too

Microsoft has been caught installing updates onto Windows 7 and 8 computers that effectively introduce the same diagnostic telemetry technology used in Windows 10. It indiscriminately uploads data to Microsoft's servers, a major privacy concern for many.

Google tells app developers to bypass Apple's secure new ad tech

Apple is making some changes with iOS 9 that could make it harder to display some types of advert and may break existing ones. Google, one of the largest ad providers, isn't happy and has issued guidance to help developers get around the system.

Estonia to build fence along Russian border

Tallinn - Estonia on Thursday said it would build a fence along its eastern border with Russia to safeguard its security and to protect the EU's passport-free Schengen zone.Interior ministry spokesman Toomas Viks said construction would begin in 2018.

AT&T found injecting adverts onto webpages through Wi-Fi hotspots

Mobile carrier AT&T has been found to be injecting extra advertisements into webpages when users connect to its free Wi-Fi hotspots. The company employs a variety of techniques to ensure that the adverts are always displayed.

Terror charge against Australian teen dropped

Melbourne - Australian authorities Tuesday dropped a terror charge against a teenager over an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot to attack Anzac Day commemorations honouring the war dead, citing insufficient evidence.

Torrent sites ban Windows 10 users amid privacy fears

Key torrent sites are banning Windows 10 users in fear that the operating system may be sending data back to Microsoft that could identify piracy and land websites in trouble. The sites have claimed that Microsoft is monitoring searches for pirated media.

Samsung smart fridge exposes Gmail login details to attackers

Hackers have successfully extracted login details for Google's Gmail email service from a Samsung smart fridge. The details were unveiled at the recent DEFCON hacking conference, fuelling concerns about the privacy of Internet of Things devices.

France train attack puts rail security in spotlight

Paris - Since 9/11, airports around the world have implemented tougher security checks for travellers, but the foiled attack on a packed high-speed train in Europe raises questions whether railway stations should also follow suit.

Spotify to users: 'We have heard your concerns loud and clear'

Spotify's updated privacy policy has had a lot of people up in arms this week owing to its requests to track nearly everything that a user does on their phone. Now, the company has apologised and explained - after debating with Minecraft maker Notch.

Report: Android lock screen patterns are surprisingly predictable

Security researchers have found that many lock screen patterns used by Android smartphone owners are as predictable as simple passwords like "1234567". Most people adhere to several common traits when making a pattern which dramatically reduces security.

Malaysian police arrest 10 suspected of IS links

Kuala Lumpur - Ten Malaysians have been arrested for fostering suspected links with the Islamic State group and planning attacks in the country, police said.

Wall for nothing: The misjudged but growing taste for border fences

Paris - Globalisation was supposed to tear down barriers, but security fears and a widespread refusal to help migrants and refugees have fuelled a new spate of wall-building across the world, even if experts doubt their long-term effectiveness.

Hackers upload 20GB more Ashley Madison data, possibly CEO emails

Hackers have released another massive swathe of data gathered from the servers of cheating site The group, known as Impact Team, have followed 9.7GB of customer records with a 20GB data dump that may include emails to CEO Noel Biderman.

Yet another Android issue: 'Stagefright 2' revealed

Another major security flaw has been found inside of Android. Affecting versions spanning years of development, the vulnerability lies in the same code as the 'Stagefright' scare from last month and could allow attackers to gain full access to a device.

'Loose tweets destroy fleets' says U.S. Air Force of war on ISIS

The US Air Force has updated its propaganda message dating from WWII to make it more applicable in the digital age. The force has warned that troops carelessly revealing personal information online could inadvertently give enemies like ISIS an advantage.

Ashley Madison hackers dump details of 32m users to the Internet

The hacking group who stole user data from cheating website Ashley Madison last month have now uploaded the details of 32 million users to an address on the dark web. It follows a refusal from the site's owners after the hackers requested it shut down.

Torrent network could let single hacker bring down major websites

A vulnerability has been found in several widely used torrent applications that could allow a single undetectable hacker to use the software as a tool for executing devastating DDoS attacks against major websites, throwing them offline.

Apple is looking for a testing ground for its self-driving car

Leaked documents have apparently confirmed Apple is building a self-driving car. Developed in Silicon Valley, the company is now looking for a secure location in the San Francisco Bay Area to use as a testing ground for the autonomous vehicle.

Sri Lanka deploys thousands of police on election eve

Colombo - Sri Lanka deployed thousands of police on Sunday in stepped up security on the eve of a general election after the campaign was hit by sporadic violence that claimed four lives.Police Inspector General N.K.

Security showdown: Is Apple or Android more secure?

In the wake of a significant viral attack on Android phones, security concerns are being raised with increasing frequency, with consumers asking whether Apple or Android phones are more secure.

'Neocons' re-emerge amid U.S. election race

Washington - Once thought dead and buried on the battlefields of Iraq, a muscular and militaristic "neoconservative" approach to US foreign policy is making a comeback.

Microsoft: Hackers are exploiting Windows bug using USB sticks

Microsoft has issued an important security update for all currently supported Windows versions that patches an issue allowing hackers to take control of a computer after an infected USB stick is connected. The company says it is being actively exploited.

Security alert as Lenovo caught using rootkit to install software

Lenovo has been accused of embedding files in the motherboard firmware of its computers that make it impossible to remove the often unwanted software that it bundles with them — even after reinstalling Windows from scratch. It is similar to hacker tools

'Playboy's' reign of terror over, but Rio still on edge

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro officials celebrated Monday the death of "Playboy," a brutal gang leader famous for thumbing his nose at the authorities -- yet his killing left new questions unanswered.

Major Carphone Warehouse data theft could affect 2.4m customers

London - Carphone Warehouse has reported that the personal details of 2.4 million of its customers may have been stolen in a cyber-attack this week. 90,000 encrypted card credentials were also taken in the sophisticated data theft.

Firefox users urged to update after discovery of major bug

Mozilla is warning users of its Firefox web browser that they should update it immediately after a nasty exploit was found being actively used by hackers. It allows outsiders to search all of the files on your computer and then upload them to a server.
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Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Tim Robberts
point of sale security
point of sale security
Richard B. Fadden  Director  Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Richard B. Fadden, Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Sreengrab / CBC
UK police.
UK police.
File photo
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27  2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concre...
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27, 2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concrete fences around a "hot zone" in the downtown core to keep protesters out.
A woman with the  flying pastie  scanner shield.
A woman with the "flying pastie" scanner shield.
Don Hankins
Vancouver Police on the downtown streets during the anti-Olympics protest
Vancouver Police on the downtown streets during the anti-Olympics protest
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An old padlock
An old padlock
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An example of a key management systems
An example of a key management systems
ecos systems
iPhone 6
iPhone 6
Officers with the Washington County Sheriff s Department stand guard at Dalai Lama event.  Universit...
Officers with the Washington County Sheriff's Department stand guard at Dalai Lama event. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.. May 11, 2011
The U.S. Air Force says  loose tweets destroy fleets  to warn troops to be careful about what they p...
The U.S. Air Force says "loose tweets destroy fleets" to warn troops to be careful about what they post online.
AFCENT, US Air Force
Vulnerable commercial aircraft
Vulnerable commercial aircraft
Police officers stationed outside the House of Blues venue to ensure safety for President Obama.
Police officers stationed outside the House of Blues venue to ensure safety for President Obama.
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software .
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software".
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27  2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concre...
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27, 2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concrete fences around a "hot zone" in the downtown core to keep protesters out.
Microsoft s Security Essentials has been rated very highly
Microsoft's Security Essentials has been rated very highly
Microsoft Corp.
 Flying pasties
'Flying pasties'

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