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Secret-sharing app Whisper exposes users' personal data Special

A data breach has occurred with the secret-sharing app Whisper, which has left users’ locations together with their more sensitive fetishes exposed on the Internet. Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio discusses with Digital Journal.

Alabama's ancient underwater cypress forest giving up its secrets

Off the coast of Alabama, in the Gulf of Mexico, lies a relic from our planet's past. Submerged under 60 feet of water is an ancient cypress forest, about 60,000 years-old, preserved in place — the trees still rooted in the dirt from millennia ago.

Canadian accused of trying to pass shipbuilding secrets to China

Loose lips may sink ships, but being accused of allegedly passing information of a sensitive nature involving procurement and design of ships and other projects to foreign governments is very serious.

Did the PostSecret website publish a Chicago murder confession?

PostSecret, the community art project where people share their secrets by anonymously mailing them on homemade postcards, published on their site this week an alleged murder confession. Social media is buzzing to decry this morbid post.

Researchers say Facebook 'Likes' can reveal your secrets

Researchers say that clicking "like" buttons across the web may be doing more than simply marking you down as a fan of something. Researchers say it may out you as gay, reveal how you vote or suggest that you have a weakness for nicotine.

Assange: WikiLeaks has more US secrets to reveal (video)

London - Julian Assange told the media on Tuesday that WikiLeaks still has some unreleased US government classified documents, but that they will not release them while US Army Private Bradley Manning has a life sentence hanging over his head. (Video update).

Sarah Polley shares her family secrets in film 'Stories We Tell'

Venice - Canadian actor/director Sarah Polley explores her own family history in her new film, "Stories We Tell," including the painful revelation that she is the product of an affair.

Video: Girl paints portrait using ring formed under a coffee cup

Shanghai - Red is back. She has put away her basketball and grabbed a coffee cup to create her latest work of art, which features a portrait of singer Jay Chou, created entirely from the rings formed under a cup of hot coffee on an artist's canvas.

Nuclear submarine secrets accidentally revealed online

A mistake by the UK Ministry of Defence resulted in information they had planned to keep secret being made available on the Internet.

Wikileaks founder to release encrypted files if arrested

As an insurance against the possibility of arrest by any number of governments, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has promised to release encrypted files on additional government and private sector secrets.

US alerts Israeli government on pending Wikileaks release

After a promise from Wikileaks that a pending release of confidential documents will be 'seven times' the size of the Iraq war papers, the US alerted the Israeli government of likely embarrassments.

Experts cracks a few secrets from da Vinci's paintings

French scientists claim that they now understand some of the secrets of da Vinci's paintings by analyzing seven of his paintings housed at the Louvre museum, Paris.

Former British Secret Agent Arrested After Sting Operation

London - A former agent of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, has been remanded in custody after appearing in court. He is charged with trying to sell stolen intelligence files for three million dollars.

Spy Who ‘Saved the World’ Dies Age 71

Former Lieutenant-Colonel István Belovai, who revealed the existence of a widespread spy-ring within NATO to the US government and reportedly prevented a Soviet attack on Western Europe, has died aged 71.

Trial of 'economic spies' for Chinese government began this week

Two Silicon Valley engineers are on trial for being economic spies for the Chinese government. This is only the second case in US history to go to trial under provisions of the 1996 Espionage Act. Economic espionage or start-up company?

Confessions Of A Frustrated Giant Panda Finally Filmed

If there has ever been an animal on this Earth who has had to endure a very public sex life, it has to be the Giant Panda. Despite the fact that this animal seems to rarely "get it on," the reasons why have now been revealed.

PostSecret Blog Displays Anonymous Confessions, From Shocking to Humourous

Few Internet projects are as powerful as PostSecret, which lets people send anonymous secrets on postcards to a Maryland blogger. spoke to Frank Warren about the one secret he never shared with anyone and PostSecret's future plans.

World of Warcraft's First Millionaire Selling Golden Secrets

"The goal of has always been to develop a complete in-game view of the economy and its inner workings, so that a player can both understand and take advantage of every possible gold making method available."

Mankind's secrets to be stored on Moon

European scientists are planning to build a vault in moon and store information about the essentials of life and civilization. The information will be activated and relayed to Earth, even if the planet gets destroyed in the future.

Aerospace Engineers Observe Birds, Bats, Insects

Natural flyers like birds, bats and insects outperform man-made aircraft in aerobatics and efficiency. University of Michigan engineers are studying these animals as a step toward designing flapping-wing planes with wingspans smaller than a deck of cards.

Social Networks And Journalists' Secrets

Social networks are beginning to open their eyes to the needs of journalists., which is set to launch later this month, is entirely geared up for reporters. This ‘social media company’ is in beta testing.

Retinal Regeneration Secrets Uncovered

Scientists in the Department of Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, have discovered a key mechanism driving eye health and eye disease. This could be a breakthrough for people who have Retinitis pigmentosa

Software to reveal Stasi Secrets

German government is planning to use a software to assemble millions of pieces of shredded documents of the Stasi.

The Dark Secrets Of The Dollar Bill

A fascinating piece of film showing the theories behind the simple dollar bill

Our Mind Holds Secret to Happiness and Success

The ability to achieve happiness, wealth and success lives within us and the Universe that surrounds us.

Best Kept Military Secrets: The Broken Arrows

A nuclear bomb is lost over Savannah, Georgia; could it wipe out an entire city in a flash? The answer may be YES.

9 More Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets From A Former Employee

Everything I have given is accurate as of the last day I worked there. It's not that HP is a bad company. People just need to know what they are getting themselves in to when they buy HP.

14 Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets From A Former Employee

A former Hewlett-Packard worker could barely wait for their non-disclosure-agreement to end so they could spill 14 company secrets.

Secretary found guilty in theft of Coca-Cola secrets

A former secretary for Coca-Cola Company was found guilty Friday of plotting to steal secrets of the product.

Hunt for ancient medicine secrets

Can the secrets of ancient Egyptian medicine help us out today?
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