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Review: Derren Brown mesmerizes Broadway with 'Secret' engagement Special

New York - On October 1, this journalist had the distinct pleasure to review world-renowned British mentalist Derren Brown's show "Secret" on Broadway at the historic Cort Theatre.

Derren Brown headed to Broadway with 'Secret' engagement

New York - Acclaimed British mentalist Derren Brown is headed to Broadway this fall with a limited engagement of his critically-acclaimed production "Secret."

Mentalist Derren Brown wins 2018 Drama Desk Award

British mentalist Derren Brown was the recipient of a 2018 Drama Desk Award, thanks to his theatrical performance in "Secret."

Op-Ed: Derren Brown has the best magic show of 2017 with 'Secret'

New York - With 2017 coming to a close, it is safe to say that British mentalist Derren Brown put on the best magic show of the year.

Review: Derren Brown fantastic in 'Secret' show at Linda Gross Theater Special

New York - On May 20, acclaimed mentalist Derren Brown performed at the Atlantic Theater Company's Linda Gross Theater in New York, for a great turnout.

Derren Brown to perform 'Secret' shows in New York City

New York - Award-winning British magician and mentalist Derren Brown is performing his "Secret" shows in New York from April 21 to June 25, 2017.

Amazon is testing delivery drones at a secret Canada site

Amazon is reported to be testing and developing its new drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada amid growing frustration with the U.S. government's prohibitive attitude towards the technology.

Zoku app offers perfect blend of anonymity for social networking

Social networking sites are among the most popular and frequently visited online destinations, and they have experienced a large surge in membership numbers as smartphones have become more easily accessible.

Researchers hack computers by firing blasts of hot air

Researchers have found a way to hack into secure computer systems by firing blasts of hot air, tricking the computer's thermal sensor and allowing the researchers access to the computer even when not connected to the internet.

Higgs boson may be secret to dark matter

A Swedish scientist, Dr Christoffer Petersson from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, has come up with a radical new theory about the Higgs boson which could finally solve the mystery of dark matter.

Review: Austin Mahone charms on 'Secret' music video Special

Teen pop star Austin Mahone has released a music video for the title track of his EP, "Secret," and it is a solid video and song.

SXSWi weekend roundup: Wearable tech, cats and Secret apps

Austin - The annual spectacle of South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, not only showcases the world's most intriguing musical acts, but also SXSW Interactive, a tech fest featuring trending sensations such as wearable computing and Grumpy Cat, to name a few.

Secret LA terror plot revealed

Wikileaks has recently released a series of emails from global intelligence agency Stratfor; what is contained in several of these emails though may make a serious impact on the upcoming presidential election.

Occupy Bohemian Grove: Protesting the elite's secret ceremonies

Bohemian Grove, where the world's most elite men meet in secrecy every year. There have been ongoing protests for many years, but now Occupy is getting into the story.

Op-Ed: Bilderbergers breaking the Logan Act?

Chantilly - Theories are now being spread around that the Bilderberg Conference is actually illegal. All attendees could literally be arrested for breaking a certain law.

Secret closed-door U.S. Supreme Court meeting on Obama Healthcare

On March 30, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court held a secret conference regarding the Obama healthcare overhaul law, or the Affordable Care Act, discussing behind closed doors how they will rule on the healthcare case.

How vulnerable are French nuclear sites? ‘Facile’ says Greenpeace

Paris - A peaceful infiltration of a French nuclear plant by environmental group Greenpeace has exposed the vulnerability of the country's nuclear industry, with the group placing a banner on the containment building reading "Coucou" ("Hey) and "Facile" ("Easy").

US spy drone shot down in Iran airspace

Tehran - A US spy drone has been shot down by Iran after the unmanned plane was discovered flying over the Fordo nuclear enrichment facility in the north central province of Qom, a senior Iranian government leader claims, a claim denied by US officials.

Kim Tinkham, the woman whom Oprah made famous, dead at 53

When Kim Tinkham wrote to Oprah that she was going to heal herself after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Oprah invited her to the show. She died yesterday, of a cancer she once thought was no longer there.

Police checking out secretly filmed videos of women's behinds

Halifax - Someone has been secretly filming women from behind as they walk around the area of Dalhousie University, and then posting the footage on YouTube. Police in Halifax are now reviewing the videos.

The secret language of elephants

Behind the raging trumpet sounds lies the quiet side of elephants who as discovered, seem to have a secret language that is inaudible to humans.

Secret CIA Interrogation Site Revealed in Lithuania

The location of a secret site allegedly used by the CIA to interrogate suspects has been revealed near the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. The site is reportedly one of eight such secret centres around the world.

Group of Rich Americans Sue UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case

A group of wealthy clients are suing UBS to block the disclosure of their identities to the Internal Revenue Service in the midst of a tax-evasion investigation. The lawsuit claims it violates Swiss bank secrecy laws.

Keeping Mum: The Woman Who Won the Right to Keep Her Baby a Secret

A mother has won the right to keep the birth and identity of her child safe from the father who's baby was the result of a one night stand. The new decision has raised many eyebrows in the activists camp, Fathers For Justice

Bush Administration Secretly Okayed Torture

Despite the Justice Department declaring Torture "Abhorrent" new evidence suggests that the Bush Administration worked to endorse the harshest treatment possible for detainees

Artists built secret apartment in mall parking garage

Ever wonder what would it be like to live at the mall? The leader of a Rhode Island artists' coop has been placed on probation for trying to find out. He was illegally living in a secret apartment set up in a parking garage at the Providence Place Mall.

How do you get a secret username and password out of an IRS employee? ... Just ask.

How easy it is to break into IRS? It maybe difficult to break in or hack through the secure servers, but it is as easy as calling them on the phone and make them give the sensitive information to the caller.

New Secrets in The Last Supper?

Yet another historian believes they have found new secrets in one of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous works, "The Last Supper". This painting has recently received an increase of publicity due to it's reference in Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code".

OpED: Secret Recipe for a Great Marriage

What makes a successful marriage? Some factors are love, respect, sacrifice, family, travel and other factors. If one blends them well in a marriage, it will last longer and be a great one.

Barack Obama Placed Under Secret Service protection

Obama placed under protection, the earliest protection ever for a presidential candidate. Is this protection due to racially motivated threats? For now, no one will say.
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The SIS Building on London s Albert Embankment. The building is referred to as  Legoland  by members...
The SIS Building on London's Albert Embankment. The building is referred to as 'Legoland' by members of the intelligence commnity.
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