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Pope lifts 'pontifical secret' for sex abuse cases

Vatican City - Priests can no longer cite papal secrecy in abuse cases, the Vatican said Tuesday, the latest move by Pope Francis to combat silence surrounding paedophilia in the Roman Catholic church.

Op-Ed: What happens to WikiLeaks matters to everyone

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has said it will not bring charges against Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. Those who believe the DOJ statement are in the minority. That says something very important about the Department’s standing.

Op-Ed: Who killed JFK? They still don't want you to know

When the U.S. Government won't open up all the files and tell its citizens the truth about the assassination of one of America's most popular Presidents 50 years after his death, you have to ask what is so horrible about the truth that it cannot be told.

Op-Ed: Outrage over Zimmerman trial drowns more meaningful discussion

While social media is saturated with misguided consternation over the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, a more sinister trial with more important implications is proceeding under an umbrella of media silence.

Julian Assange & others to sue over secrecy of Manning trial

Washington - The upcoming trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning is to be held in secret. A group of journalists and activists, including Julian Assange, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Department of Defense and the military judge, demanding access to the trial.

Op-Ed: Bilderbergers breaking the Logan Act?

Chantilly - Theories are now being spread around that the Bilderberg Conference is actually illegal. All attendees could literally be arrested for breaking a certain law.

Op-Ed: WikiLeaks reveals the need for truth among universal deceptions

WikiLeaks is catching more heat for revealing the deceptions and criminal actions of the U.S. and other world governments. Looking at those complaining the loudest reveals the need for truth among universal deceptions

Americans want to know about terrorist threats to airlines

Americans now view secrecy about possible terrorist attacks differently, depending on the type of the plot. There are dramatic differences in the willingness to accept government secrecy across various types of threats, a new study has found.

'Wikileaks' still not operational, reactivation date now Jan. 11

Wikileaks, the website devoted to publishing sensitive information from anonymous sources, has now pushed the date for their reactivation back to January 11 after promising earlier to be back online by January 6.

Obama admin continues use of State Secrets privilege?

The Obama administration continues to use and expand the Bush-era "state secrets" privilege even though Obama vehemently attacked the use of such privileges during his run for the White House.

Op-Ed: Overestimating Swine Flu Cases to Create a Pandemic?

CBS News recently reported that if you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or Swine Flu in recent months, the odds are you didn't have it.

Canadian MPs agree to exempt some payments from scrutiny

After a series of secret committee meetings, Canada's MPs unanimously agreed - without a vote - to exempt certain payments and benefits from restrictions and public disclosure under the House of Commons Conflict of Interest Code.

The New Secrecy of the White House

The Bush Administration is behind a new effort to keep the public in the dark about who has been coming to the White House and meeting with them.

Ontario Hospitals secrecy to end

Ontario hospitals will be forced to publicly disclose their patient safety record if they want to get paid.

Survey: Public access to information denied, blocked or restricted

A four month Osprey survey of Ontario public institutions has found that there are numerous cases of public agencies denying, blocking and restricting access to public information.

Secrecy Is Big Issue in Suits Opposing Domestic Spying in United States

The Bush Administration has extraordinary secrecy in defending the National Security Agency’s highly classified domestic surveillance program from civil lawsuits.

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