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Second life News

Hurricane Willa could bring a lot of misery to U.S. this week

Hurricane Willa is nearing the Pacific coast of Mexico as a Category 3 storm, bringing the potential for life-threatening storm surge, wind, and torrents of rain. But the US will also feel the storm's fury, including a Nor'easter.

Op-Ed: Virtual worlds, real money — Planet Calypso sold for $6 million

The global economy is about grow another limb - The virtual economy. The days when buying virtual products with hard cash was considered weird are now well and truly over. Most people would call $6 million real money, and it was paid in hard cash.

Researcher claims virtual reality games can predict the future

Sociologist William Sims Bainbridge uses the game World of Warcraft to gain insights into human behaviour. It is not a new idea, but it is a growing field of study.

UK Couple Divorce After Husband's Virtual Love Affair

A woman divorced her husband after finding his avatar engaged in online sex in the game "Second Life." She spied on him with a virtual detective and caught him in the act.

Google launches 'lively', your second life in a Google environment

Google has launched a new product called 'lively' which allows users to create their own personalised virtual 3-D rooms in the web.

IBM Healthcare Settles on Island in Second Life

IBM launched today a 3-D health care island in Second Life, at the 2008 HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL. Displaying IBM’s strategy for the future of health care, the island promotes the concept of health information exchange for patient care.

Japan Technology Makes Video Game, "Second Life" More Lifelike

Technology from Japan may soon allow players of "Second Life" to use their bodies to navigate their avatars. As of now, the avatars in this virtual reality stumble around awkwardly, this new technology will allow much smoother, simpler movement.

Second Life Lawsuit Charges New York Man With Virtual Theft

Is counterfeit a crime in an online world? It’s a question at the heart of a lawsuit against a New York man charged with selling ‘stolen’ products from other players’ e-shops in Second Life.

Bank Closes in Video Game Second Life, Rumors Hit the Virtual Economy

Second Life has had its first financial crisis. Ginko Financial, which operates as a bank on Second Life, suffered a run on funds. The result is a little complex, but it’s interesting to see that virtual life can be as neurotic as real life.

Jesuit Priests to Evangelize in Second Life?

"In an article in Rome-based Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, academic Antonio Spadaro urged fellow Catholics not to be scared of entering the virtual world which may be fertile ground for new converts wishing to better themselves."

Second Life Porn King Sues Virtual Avatar For Stealing Sex Code

Stroker Serpentine, the biggest name in Second Life porn is suing another virtual character over the theft of some of his copyrighted sexual source code. Second Life to be taken to court to give up the man's identity and paypal info.

Second Life "land" dispute moves offline to federal courtroom

A virtual land dispute in Second Life will be resolved in federal court after a judge's ruling.

Taste Test Virtual Wine in Second LIfe

A second life for virtual adventurers, a second life for an extinct grape and the white Sagrantino Bianco wine.

Meet Stroker Serpentine - Second Life's Porn Mogul

Kevin Alderman, a man known for his porn businesses in the virtual world Second Life speaks out about his thoughts, his character, his virtual city that just sold on Ebay for $50,000.00 and the plans for the future with new enterprise 'Eros'.

Online World Second Life to Integrate Spatial Voice Communication

The creators of Second Life (SL) recently announced that they are planning realtime voice technologies into their next version of the software. The upgrade will mean that people can chat VOIP style and that the audio will be heard in 3D.

Rape for Sale

"Second Life Lets Would-Be Creepies Live Out Fantasies"

Educators explore 'Second Life' online

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The classroom of the future isn't on a college campus. It's in the virtual world of "Second Life."

Second Life: Your Wolrd, Your Imagination

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 1,409,203 people from around the globe.

Australia To Tax Money From Second Life, But Can Money Spent On Your Avatar Be A Write-Off?

Geeze, first the Developers wanna raise the prices of buying online, now the Aussies wanna "TAX" your online life also... I doubt this is gonna fly...

'Second Life' land prices get hefty hikes

Looks like "Virtual Reality" may catch up to Reality very soon...

Real suit over virtual property

An online world confiscated his empire.

Reuters Sets Up Virtual Press Office in Second Life

Reuters is adding its name to the long list of companies setting up virtual businesses in the onine fantasy world of Second Life. The company says it will set up a virtual news bureau that will report on Second Life news, as well as real-world news.

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