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Secession News

Op-Ed: Has Doug Ford turned into Canada's very own Donald Trump?

Toronto - If the political climate in Ontario wasn't so darned serious - it would be almost laughable. Premier Doug Ford has become Canada's very own version of Donald Trump, using his power to halt some elections, and many feel he has stepped over the line.

Shocking number of Americans support secession from the U.S.

Recent polls show that a large number of American citizens support the idea of their state peacefully leaving the United States and forming a new government.

Splitting up the US: New states coming soon?

There seems to be a growing desire among Americans to secede and form new states and countries. Is this merely talk or is it the beginning of something huge?

Colorado to split? Counties threaten to form new state

Upset with recent legislative decisions, several counties in Colorado are threatening to secede from the state and form a new state called 'North Colorado.'

White House responds to secession petitions

The White House has responded to a handful of the "We the People" petitions calling for the Obama administration to allow states to secede by reaffirming the unity of the federation.

Secession fever hits Texas as petition signatures exceed 100,000

Austin - Secession fever is sweeping parts of Texas with the petition filed on the White House website having received over 116,000 signatures and sales of stickers that read "Secede" selling fast at one for $2 and three for $5 on the website

Citizens seek secession; states work to nullify federal laws

Although many suppose the secession movement is backed only by angry Romney fans, petitions in some states target both parties’ agendas, and many nonpartisan state legislators--in a parallel movement--seek to nullify the TSA, NDAA and other federal laws

Texas secession leader: Obama's reelection a 'catalyzing moment'

Austin - The leader of the secession movement in Texas, Daniel Miller, says President Barack Obama's reelection was a "catalyzing moment" for his organization's effort to withdraw from the United States.

Secession petitions draw calls for deportation

As petitions by state residents wanting to secede from the United States pour in, so do petitions in opposition of those who want to withdraw from the Union, some going so far as calling for loss of citizenship and deportation.

Citizens in 18 US states petition to secede after Obama's victory

Reports say that as of Sunday, November 11, 2012, Americans in 18 states have petitioned the Obama administration for secession from the union to "create [their] own new government." The petitions come within days of the presidential election.

Op-Ed: Secession, National Sovereignty, and Territorial Integrity

When Kosovo attained its independence in February 2008, some pundits warned against this precedent-setting event and foresaw a disintegration of sovereign states from Belgium to Russia. This time, with South Sudan, they remained mum.

South Sudan Becomes World's Newest Country

Official results from January referendum show that people of Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly to secede from the north to become the world's newest country.

Op-Ed: Let Texas Gov. Perry and others secede so we can have some peace

Sean Hannity and Ron Paul have said secession is the American way. Well to stop any talk of Civil War and other foolishness, why not let the Texas Governor Perry leave with his place and take other areas too?

Divided We Fall: Ron Paul says secession is the American way

In the wake of his controversial comments about secession from the U.S., Texas Gov. Rick Perry receives support from Ron Paul.

Sean Hannity Takes Poll on Whether People Want Revolution

In case people wondered whether or not there was serious discussion about secession, here’s news. Sean Hannity now has a poll on his website asking people what kind of revolution they want.

Right Wing Radio Talks Secession as Law Enforcement Listens

A recent article by this author on sovereignty produced extreme responses from both ends of the political spectrum. Sovereignty for some is states rights constitutionally declared. For others it’s a call to arms enflamed by right-wing radio.

Op-Ed: Louisiana Secedes from the Union

That happened in 1861. I think it could happen today. Louisiana secedes from the Union. That may sound silly to readers. This is the anniversary.

What Do Americans Think About Seceding From the Union?

A recent poll by Zogby International was aimed at finding out how the average American feels about the right to secede and whether or not they would support a secessionist movement in their state.

White Atlanta suburbs push for secession

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, a new proposal has come forth which has silenced all voices that cry racism is over: a proposal that would split Fulton County into two, separating Atlanta's white suburbs from some of the poorest, black neighborhoods.

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