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Op-Ed: US marine parks' bid for Russian belugas affected wild stocks

Last year, NOAA Fisheries denied Georgia Aquarium a permit to import 18 captured beluga whales from Russia. It seems they were right to do so. According to scientific papers, multiple facility requests have negatively impacted Russia's wild beluga stocks.

Cher joins a growing list of people who stand against Seaworld

A growing list of celebrities are joining the fight against seaworld and their captivity activities that has drawn considerable criticism in recent years.

Op-Ed: Protest for Europe’s dolphins attracts hundreds Special

Brussels - Saturday June 28 saw the second 'Close Dolphinaria in Europe' demonstration, which was held at the striking structure of the Atomium in the capital of Belgium, the heart of the EU.

Former SeaWorld trainer and 'Blackfish' star lands book deal Special

Former killer whale trainer John Hargrove, just announced a major book deal with Macmillan Publishing. 'Beneath the Surface' (working title), will hit the shelves early next year, and will reveal more insider info on SeaWorld's backstage operations.

SeaWorld put on notice by orca scientist Special

A leading orca scientist is challenging SeaWorld over the erroneous use of a self-authored paper describing dorsal fin collapse in wild killer whales.

SeaWorld San Diego confirms orca pregnancy

San Diego - SeaWorld has confirmed that a young female killer whale is pregnant. Talking to CBS 8 News, SeaWorld said nine-year-old Kalia is due to give birth in December.

Multiple sources confirm SeaWorld's Kalia is pregnant

San Diego - Several sources from within SeaWorld have now confirmed to Digital Journal that nine-year-old killer whale Kalia is pregnant.

Former trainers decry possible orca pregnancy at SeaWorld Special

San Diego - A newly-released YouTube video caused a stir over the weekend after it showed SeaWorld staff performing an ultrasound on an allegedly pregnant young female orca in San Diego.

Op-Ed: Vet documents show SeaWorld uses valium-type drugs for cetaceans

Still battling controversy in the wake of the documentary Blackfish, court-filed documents reveal that SeaWorld has doped several killer whales with benzodiazepines — a class of drug that includes Valium and Xanax.

UK travel industry targeted for selling trips to marine parks Special

A dolphin and whale advocate is taking on one of the world's leading leisure travel groups over selling tickets to UK tourists looking to visit marine parks located abroad.

'Blackfish' doc inspires legislation to ban orca shows in Calif.

Los Angeles - In another blow for SeaWorld, a state lawmaker introduced new legislation that would ban the use of killer whales during performances in California.

Incident report into park trainer's death raises concerns Special

Puerto De La Cruz - Two months prior to the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, another SeaWorld-owned orca killed trainer Alexis Martinez. The official incident report filed after the accident, revealed several concerns.

Op-Ed: How low can you can go? Did SeaWorld skew online poll?

When you can't win in the court of public opinion, then skew the results. According to the Orlando Business Journal (OBJ), SeaWorld may have done just that to win a poll vote against the documentary Blackfish.

Op-Ed: Best achievements in cetacean advocacy for 2013

The documentary Blackfish certainly made it the year of the orca, but there were several other notable achievements for cetaceans in 2013. These are the accomplishments voted on by advocates themselves.

Filmmakers of 'The Cove' respond to SeaWorld's ads

After SeaWorld bought defensive full-page ads in major US newspapers last week, criticism of the marine park chain is intensifying. The Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), producers of the movie The Cove, fired another shot for advocacy yesterday.

Op-Ed: Former SeaWorld trainers counter SeaWorld's ad claims Special

Orlando - Blaming the withdrawal of several musical acts on pockets of "radical activists," SeaWorld took out full-page ads in eight major newspapers yesterday defending its operations. Two former SeaWorld trainers quickly offered a rebuttal.

Op-Ed: Loving dolphins to death Special

Dolphins suffer in captivity. These highly intelligent and self-aware creatures cannot be humanely kept in captivity. Therefore, a change in thinking in dealing with them is urgently required.

Op-Ed: Supporters hacking SeaWorld's public relations image

Yesterday, the Florida Attractions Association (FAA) in defense of SeaWorld, stepped in to battle the backlash caused by the documentary Blackfish. They were supported by Theme Park who labeled activists as lazy.

Op-Ed: Florida Attractions Association battles Blackfish Effect

Orlando - Following news yesterday that an eighth act had withdrawn from SeaWorld's Bands, Brew and Barbecue event, the Florida Attractions Association (FAA) is taking action on SeaWorld's behalf to negate what it calls "radical extremist groups."

Op-Ed: 'Blackfish Effect' continues, seven acts cancel SeaWorld gigs

Miami - SeaWorld continues to encounter backlash in the wake of the documentary, Blackfish. Rather than dissipating since premiering to record viewers on CNN last October, the Blackfish Effect is gaining momentum.

Op-Ed: Macy's Thanksgiving parade hitting wave after wave of controversy

New York - Bombarded by an outcry of controversy over its decision to host a SeaWorld float in its famous Thanksgiving Day parade, the upscale department store refuses to back down.

TopFinds: Blackfish doc targets SeaWorld, deadly shooting in L.A.

Read how a powerful film on SeaWorld, recently broadcast on CNN, is angering animal rights activists across the world. L.A.'s busy airport endured a horrific shooting Friday. What do your Facebook "friends" say about you? Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Op-Ed: Bombed by Blackfish, fallout continues for SeaWorld

Around 1.4 million people tuned in to watch Blackfish when it premiered on CNN last week. It was good news for CNN but bad news for SeaWorld. From open letters to tweets and Facebook comments, SeaWorld is being battered by public opinion.

Op-Ed: Blackfish highest rated film on CNN this year, dominates Twitter

SeaWorld perhaps believed it was the film that nobody would ever watch. Yet the premiere of Blackfish on CNN topped both Fox News and MSNBC from 9-11 PM in both the key news demo and younger viewers.

Op-Ed: Amid SeaWorld's silence, Blackfish premieres tonight on CNN

A week-long series of specials about orcas in captivity culminates tonight with the premiere of Blackfish on CNN. Gabriela Cowperthwaite's damning documentary focuses on Tilikum, SeaWorld's prime bull orca.

Op-Ed: Is SeaWorld running scared? You decide

San Diego - SeaWorld executives rarely respond to criticism beyond a sentence or two. But today, the vice president of zoological operations for SeaWorld San Diego, Mike Scarpuzzi, published an entire editorial in the U-T San Diego.

Documents reveal date of Tilikum's capture

Tilikum, SeaWorld's prime bull orca was captured off the coast of Iceland in November 1983. Now newly released documents finally pin down Tilikum's capture date and his exact location at the time of capture.

Op-Ed: Four deaths not enough, SeaWorld wants trainers back in the water

Orlando - Not content with four deaths and numerous injuries to trainers by its killer whales, SeaWorld is rolling out a big shot lawyer in an attempt to get its trainers back into the water with captive orcas.

Op-Ed: SeaWorld's strange e-mail to film critics of Blackfish

Still battling its OSHA citations, SeaWorld is lashing out at the movie Blackfish with a strange email sent to film critics. Labeling the film 'egregious and untrue,' SeaWorld it seems, is trying to close the gate after the orca has already bolted.

Op-Ed: PETA launches powerful petition against orca captivity

With the deadline looming for a solitary orca held in captivity at Miami Seaquarium, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is using original images of her capture to plead her case and launch a public pledge against captivity.
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Seaworld Image

Where Tilikum was captured according to coordinates.
Where Tilikum was captured according to coordinates.
Google Maps
SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando
Protestors stood in formation for over an hour in silent remembrance of Europe s captive dolphins  p...
Protestors stood in formation for over an hour in silent remembrance of Europe's captive dolphins, past and present.
Captured from the ocean in 1983  Tilikum s life revolves around entertaining the mass public at SeaW...
Captured from the ocean in 1983, Tilikum's life revolves around entertaining the mass public at SeaWorld.
Voice of the Orcas
 Chronic pain associated with poor dental health can lead to destructive behaviors such as grinding ...
"Chronic pain associated with poor dental health can lead to destructive behaviors such as grinding down the jaw itself" said The Orca Project.
Voice of the Orcas
Courtesy Voice of the Orcas/VOTO
Keto  Tilikum and Taku exhibit dorsal fin collapse.
Keto, Tilikum and Taku exhibit dorsal fin collapse.
Voice of the Orcas
Jeffrey Ventre
Protestors from all over Europe gather to deliver the message   Close Europe s Dolphinaria .
Protestors from all over Europe gather to deliver the message, 'Close Europe's Dolphinaria'.
Orca image: Blackfish/Magnolia Films/CNN/Dogwoof Created by: Sasha Alazy
Jeffrey Ventre
SeaWorld orcas performing at Loro Parque in Spain.
SeaWorld orcas performing at Loro Parque in Spain.
Buck the one-eyed sea lion at SeaWorld San Diego.
Buck the one-eyed sea lion at SeaWorld San Diego.
SeaWorld San Diego
PETA accused Orange County Sheriff s Office of a botched investigation and SeaWorld  of a cover up.
PETA accused Orange County Sheriff's Office of a botched investigation and SeaWorld, of a cover up.
AP/Voice of the Orcas
Voice of the Orcas/VOTO
Tilikum at SeaWorld Orlando.
Tilikum at SeaWorld Orlando.
Milan Boers
Jeffrey Ventre
This authentic but blurry image of the rescue attempt to deploy the net and aid Dawn was taken from ...
This authentic but blurry image of the rescue attempt to deploy the net and aid Dawn was taken from the timeline of the camera at G Pool. Dawn's body was noted as lifeless at 7 minutes, with the 911 call still around 19 minutes from being forwarded to the Sheriff's office.
Voice of the Orcas
Dr. Ventre worked with Dawn Brancheau who was killed by the orca Tilikum in 2010.
Dr. Ventre worked with Dawn Brancheau who was killed by the orca Tilikum in 2010.
Jeffrey Ventre
Stephen Fry/Twitter