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Seattle Seahawks News

Seahawks fan writes angry letter to 'classless' Cam Newton

A Seattle Seahawks fan is not happy with Cam Newton after he snatched a 12th man flag out of the stands and threw it on the ground following the Carolina Panthers victory last Sunday.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 3 defensive team rankings

One position often overlooked, but is very important to a successful season, is defense. With many fantasy football leagues now adding kick return yards in their scoring, having the right team can make a big difference over the course of a season.

Marshawn Lynch stars as villain in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Until today, athletes and Call of Duty have never been used in the same sentence. It was revealed by ESPN that Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is starring as a villain in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops III video game.

Op-Ed: No one is talking about why Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl

It has been a week since the Seattle Seahawks lost Super Bowl XLIX to the New England Patriots. That stunning loss — stunning thanks to the dramatic manner in which it occurred — surely must still hurt the Seahawks and their fans.

Op-Ed: How will Seattle Seahawks and fans get past hard Super Bowl loss?

Make no mistake: that painful loss suffered by the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday's Super Bowl is one for the ages. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory hurts, and hurts bad. It was a nightmare that for some may take a long time to get over. If ever.

Op-Ed: Seahawks lose Super Bowl on bad play but Wilson pass was bad, too

All the talk after Super Bowl XLIX has been centered on the bad play call the Seattle Seahawks made in the last minute. It was a bad call given a number of factors, but that wasn't all that was wrong with that play. The pass was pretty bad, too.

Op-Ed: I'll be watching the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and that means everyone will crowd around their television sets watching the big game and downing lots of junk food. I can say I'll definitely be one of those people.

A preview of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials

It's that time of year again! In less than two weeks, the Seattle Seahawks will face off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, but all eyes are on the commercials.

Green Bay Packers pack up; Brandon Bostick mans up, accepts blame

Players from the team cleaning out its lockers after the big game are never in a good mood. Especially players who made big mistakes in the game. Sometimes those players compound their on-field mistake by refusing to accept blame. Not Brandon Bostick.

Op-Ed: Seattle, New England to meet in Arizona — Super Bowl XLIX

The Seahawks and Patriots meet in Arizona to decide who will be crowned Super Bowl 49 Champion. Tom Brady looks for his fourth world championship in his sixth trip to the big show while the Seahawks try to remain champs for at least one more year.

Richard Sherman calls out Kaepernick after Seahawks win

The Seattle Seahawks took down the San Francisco 49ers 19-3 on Thanksgiving, but it was cornerback Richard Sherman's words afterwards that has everyone talking.

Op-Ed: NFL Games of the Week – Week 3

Well that was an interesting… Week 2 in the NFL left a number of fans – including this writer – scratching their heads.

Op-Ed: NFL Games of the Week — Week 1

Dallas - Ah, Week 1. The first week of the regular season in the NFL. It’s a special time of year for football fans when all teams stand on equal footing at the supremely neutral ranking of 0-0.

Op-Ed: Colin Kaepernick name sullied in media — yet no charges, no crime

Sure we don't want to have our athletes, any males, mistreating women. That's a given and we have to as a society get that message out there and come down hard on men who do. But Colin Kaepernick is under the spotlight for doing - nothing.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson a big hit at Rangers game

Surprise - Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Russell Wilson switched uniforms and took the field as a Texas Ranger Monday, thrilling both football fans and baseball fans alike.

Super Bowl Seahawk — Not the real deal

Taima, the Seattle Seahawk, is not a seahawk. The bird is an augur hawk, not a native of Washington state, but a bird of prey from Africa.

NFC win overshadowed by awkward postgame interview

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman lets out an explosive tirade following their win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Democrat state lawmaker calls Arizona 'racist wasteland'

Seattle - A Washington state lawmaker and Seattle Seahawks fan upset over his NFL team's loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday took to Twitter and called the Grand Canyon State a "desert racist wasteland."

NFL Scores: Seahawks rally for 23-20 OT win over Texans

Houston - Seattle was down 20-3 at halftime and looked to have little chance of a comeback as the Houston Texans were dominating on both sides of the ball, but a couple turnovers and things change quickly in the NFL and the Seahawks rallied for a big win.

NFL Scores: Seahawks crush 49ers 29-3 in prime time

Seattle - Sunday nights game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks was supposed to showcase two of the best teams in the NFL, but it was all Seattle as the home team won 29-3.

NFL Scores: Seahawks defense dominates in win over Chargers

San Diego - It might have been the first preseason game of the 2013 NFL season, but Seattle looked the part of a team trying to become a Super Bowl contender as they defeated the San Diego Chargers 31-10.

70,000 voicemails left at NFL office after Packers-Seahawks game

Due to the power of the Internet, the phone number for the NFL league office became known to a lot of people and more than 70,000 angry voicemails were left for the commissioner following the Packers-Seahawks game.

Op-Ed: Time for NFL players to stage a wildcat strike

If the National Football League Players' Association truly cares about the 1,600-plus men it represents, it will spend the better part of Tuesday organizing its troops for the mother of all wildcat strikes.

Replacement refs rob Green Bay of victory

Seattle Seahawks were awarded a last-second touchdown on one of the most bizzare endings of a football game you will ever see.

Owens' NFL comeback with Seahawks over before it started

Renton - Terrell Owens' return to the NFL lasted all of 20 days, being released by the Seahakws on Sunday. After signing a one-year deal on Aug. 6th, Owens was attempting to make his NFL comeback after going unsigned and sitting out of all the 2011 season.

NFL: Terrell Owens signs one-year contract with Seattle

Seattle - Mercurial all-pro wide receiver Terrell Owens returned to the NFL after spending part of a season as an owner/player of an indoor football league team.

NFL contract signings heating up

Seattle - The NFL's fiscal year is coming to an end on March 8 and teams are scrambling to sign their stars before they can test free agency.

NFL: Lynch and Hauschka lead Seahawks pass Ravens 22-17

Seattle - After the Baltimore Ravens first win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, they came back and loss a tough one to the Tennessee Titans. After their second win over the Steelers, they come back and loss a tough one to the Seattle Seahawks.

NFL: Raiders acquire Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals

Oakland - Is it possible? Is it true? The Cincinnati Bengals made it clear that they were not interested in allowing their franchise quarterback go to another team. The Bengals organization was willing to let Carson Palmer waste his career away sitting at home.

NFL: Seahawks edge out Chargers with 24 – 17 victory

San Diego - The Seashawks took a lot of slack for cutting ties with long-time quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, but that seemed to be fine today after a close victory over the chargers. Tavaris Jackson did not look his best, but the back-ups saved the day.
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Seattle Seahawks rookie QB Russell Wilson has caused a big splash in the preseason with his impressi...
Seattle Seahawks rookie QB Russell Wilson has caused a big splash in the preseason with his impressive play.
Seth Youngblood
Elvis Kennedy/Creative Commons
The Arizona Cardinals have opened the season with impressive wins over the Seattle Seahawks and New ...
The Arizona Cardinals have opened the season with impressive wins over the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.
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Terrell Owens tweets he is no longer with the Seattle Seahawks
Terrell Owens tweets he is no longer with the Seattle Seahawks
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