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Seasonal flu News

Can Twitter, Google and AI help in forecasting flu outbreaks?

Predicting and forecasting the yearly flu season has always been difficult, and proper preparation is essential. To improve their forecasts and predictions, the CDC is getting some help from social media, AI, and other groups.

Flu spreads across 40 states with some states hit especially hard

Forty states and Puerto Rico are reporting flu cases as the seasonal virus continues its march across the United States this winter, prompting health officials to remind people that it's not too late to get their flu shots.

Predicting seasonal flu by genetics

The differences in the seasonal flu strains relate to tiny mutations in the influenza virus genes. However, major pandemics are connected to major genetic shifts. By studying these differences, scientists hope to predict the seriousness of the flu season.

London scientists claim successful results with flu virus vaccine

Scientists from Imperial College, London may have discovered a "blue print" for a universal flu jab that will protect against any forms of seasonal influenza. A 2009 experiment has uncovered immune cells that may be critical to the body's flu resistance.

How is the 'flu drug best administered? FDA warning

The FDA have issued a warning about the adminsitration of flu shots. The FDA is concerned that no safety data has been supplied for flu shots which are adminstered using jet injectors. A flue shot shot should remain as a needle shot or as a nasal spray.

Canada: No more H1N1 deaths than from seasonal flu

While headlines decry the rising H1N1 death toll, news is emerging that there have been no more deaths from this pandemic than from seasonal flu.

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