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Google will now let you know if there's high pollen in your area

Google has announced a new feature designed to help allergy sufferers stay aware of pollen conditions. The company said it had observed seasonal surges in search traffic about pollen levels, leading it to expand its weather info with allergy details.

Google's new 'Fact Check' tags help combat fake news

Google has announced a new fact check feature as part of its latest effort to resist the spread of fake news. Websites accredited as "authoritative sources" will now be highlighted in search results and a "fact check" tag shown for investigated claims.

You can now play Solitaire straight from Google's search results

Google has announced you can now play two of the most popular casual games within its search results. It has added embedded versions of Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe to its search pages, a feature that's likely to contribute to a lot of time wasted today.

Search song lyrics straight from Google with upcoming update

Google has announced you'll soon be able to find the lyrics to thousands of songs directly from its main search results. Typing a song will display its lyrics in a familiar card above the main search results, removing the need to access third-party sites.

Feeling ill? Google will now help you find some relief

When you're feeling ill, chances are you turn to Google for help, searching for your symptoms to find some relief. According to Google, 1 percent of all searches are people doing this so it has created a special experience to help you find aid faster.

Google is turning search results black in a major redesign

Google is testing a new core search experience that sees traditionally blue links turned black. The updated experience is visible only to a small subset of users and there's no word on whether Google intends to make it the default in the future.

You can order food through Google search results on your phone

Those searching for delivery or takeout using Google from their mobile phone will now be able to order food via the search results.

Spanish towns with murderous histories slam Google search results

It seems Google has a penchant to list gruesome events in a particular town at the top of their search results, and some Spanish towns are fed up with this. The latest algorithm appears to be that negative press tops everything else.

Google threatens to stop linking to French media websites

Internet search giant Google is threatening to exclude French media sites from returned search results if France goes ahead with a proposed law which would force search engines to pay for content.

Google will downgrade pirate sites in search results

The world's largest search engine, Google, announced that they will be taking measures at sites that generate many complaints from copyright owners.

GOP 2012 hopeful Rick Santorum fights Google over search results

New York - Former Republican Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, is asking Google to clean up its search engine. If you Google search Rick Santorum, one of the first results lists a sexual definition of "Santorum."

Will Google be able to analyze where you move your mouse online?

On Tuesday Google was granted a patent to allow the Web company to collect data on where users hover their mouse cursors on search result pages and advertisements.

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Google search results have turned black for some users
Google search results have turned black for some users
Google s updating its job search tools
Google's updating its job search tools
Google s updating its job results listings
Google's updating its job results listings
Google search results have turned black for some users
Google search results have turned black for some users
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