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Google flooded with piracy takedown requests, gets 1,500 a minute

Google's latest Transparency Report has confirmed the flood of piracy takedown requests shows no sign of stopping soon. The company now receives over 2 million requests to remove URLs from search results every day, equating to 1,500 each minute.

Microsoft mission to increase Bing usage by '10-15%' ends in 1%

Before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft claimed the new operating system's deep-reaching search features would lead to a 15 percent increase in Bing usage. Nearly two months on, an independent study says only a 1 percent increase has been experienced.

Op-Ed: Google renaming is more about themselves, not us

With Google shaking up its corporate structure, it stands to reason there's more than meets the public eye with the sudden name change to Alphabet, a name that could cause legal issues. But that's fine, because this move is all for Google — not for us.

Discovery engine Flipora announces $1.5 million in funding

Just after releasing its iPhone mobile app in May, game-changing content discovery company Flipora announces $1.5 in funding

Is a new search engine in the works for Apple?

When you think of Apple, the idea of a search engine is not the first thing that pops into your head, but that may all be changing if the company manages to find a qualified person to head its Apple Search project.

Microsoft, Yahoo pitch to replace Google as iPhone search engine

Last week, Yahoo and Mozilla announced a new partnership that would place Yahoo's search engine as the default in Mozilla's Firefox browser instead of Google's.

Berlin asks Google to reveal details of search algorithm

Berlin has asked Google to reveal details of the search algorithm that has helped it achieve its status as the world’s largest Internet search engine.

The rise of Sputnik — Russia’s new search engine

Saint Petersburg - is the name of a new search engine launched in Russia to rival search engine Google in the new "search race." It is the ushering in of a new "cold war" on the web.

Google is working on a new version of Panda

Google is working on the “next generation” of the controversial Panda update, which promises to be softer and more friendly to small sites and businesses.

Review: is the Google of social media

Start-up combines all hashtagged posts on major social media sources into a single feed facilitating social media browsing.

Google to upgrade its search engine

Google is to upgrade its search engine, the tech giant has announced. This will be the first major upgrade in three years.

Google AdWords Keyword tool to be replaced

The Google AdWords keyword tool, which is used by marketers to see which keywords they should focus their campaigns on, will soon be replaced by the Keyword Planner.

With Tumblr acquired, Yahoo enters crowded bidding pool for Hulu

Coming off the heels of a $1.1 billion acquisition of popular social media blogging site Tumblr, Yahoo announced on Friday its entry into the bidding for digital video property Hulu.

Google launches 'Think Insights' website for businesses

Google has launched a new website and magazine that aims to help businesses, organizations, and marketers. The information-rich site provides marketing campaign advice, featuring articles, videos, case studies, infographics and other formats.

Yandex passes Bing in search engine rankings

Bing is no longer the fourth biggest search engine on the Internet. Yandex, based in Moscow, has now become the fourth biggest search engine.

What was the top Google search term in the UK this year?

According to Google, the most searched for term in the UK during 2012 was not the "Olympics". Instead, "Euro 2012" topped the list.

Search.XXX – The red-light district for Internet porn searches

Palm Beach Gardens - ICM Registry will officially launch Thursday a new pornography search engine: Search.XXX. For porn connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the world, searches will be much more secure, narrow and categorical.

New search engine in development

A new type of search engine is being developed by a team of European researchers. What is different about this Internet search tool is that it draws its results from sensors such as cameras and microphones distributed around the world.

Walmart announces new search engine Polaris

Walmart online shopping may be the route to go for those who are not the patient type when it comes to searching for items and long checkout lines.

20% of Motorola Mobility workforce to be cut by Google

New York - Google is expected to cut around 4,000 Motorola Mobility staffs with an aim to streamline the wireless business mobile-phone making business process.

Today's Google Doodle lets you play synthesizer in Moog tribute

On Google's home page, you can play on a synth complete with a four-track recorder and the ability to save your freestyle musicianship. The front-page Doodle honours the 78th birthday of the late Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

Google revamps its search engine

Over the next few days Google will roll out its "Knowledge Graph," a change to its search engine that will deliver results with context-sensitive information about the things people search for.

Google encrypts search data against hackers, marketers 'howl'

Google has been steadily at work making a lot of changes in several of its divisions over the past few years, including recently cleaning house with a 'fall sweep'.

Is an AOL merger with Yahoo more than a banker's fantasy?

In the wake of the Yahoo board decision to fire CEO Carol Bartz, rumors have begun circulating among Wall Street bankers that AOL may merge with Yahoo.

China's Baidu, Microsoft Bing sign search deal

Microsoft's Bing and China's top search engine Baidu have signed a deal to help leverage Baidu's growing popularity in China with English driven search results.

Teenagers ask Yahoo important question: Who is Osama bin Laden?

As American citizens rejoice that special operations personnel murdered the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden, many teenagers are asking: Who is this bin Laden guy?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt to step down April 4, Page taking over

Today Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced he will vacate his CEO position later this year and Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as chief exec. Schmidt said the shakeup will "simplify our management structure and speed up decision making.”

Twitter now fastest-growing search engine

Twitter has become the world's fastest growing search engine, the company's co-founder Biz Stone told reporters recently. On a monthly basis, searches on Twitter surpass Bing and Yahoo! combined.

Google Introduces Real-Time Search

At an event on Monday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, Google fellow Amit Singhal announced that his company was introducing real-time search results to its search engine.

Google reveals plans for new search engine dubbed 'Caffeine'

Google is dishing out some early details of its new upcoming search engine. The project, dubbed "caffeine" by the developers who have worked on it, will revamp Google's current search engine with the goal of making it even better.
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