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Op-Ed: The surreal spectacle of Republicans embracing Julian Assange

Not too long ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was Public Enemy Number One to many prominent conservative figures including Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, both of whom openly called for his execution for what they considered his treasonous ways.

Op-Ed: GOP vs. the proletariat masses

New York - If the GOP throws its supporters under the bus, who will remain to elect its members to office? If the GOP is splintering, who will pick up the pieces?

Op-Ed: Jeb Bush schooled by college student: 'Your brother created ISIS'

Reno - Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush found himself in troubled waters when a college student confronted him and said his brother, former President George W. Bush was responsible for the rise of the Islamic State.

Rebel rancher's racist rant sends conservative supporters fleeing

Bunkerville - Erstwhile conservative supporters of Cliven Bundy spent Thursday distancing themselves from the rebel rancher after he launched into a racist rant in which he claimed the American "Negro" is less free today than when bound in slavery.

Op-Ed: Sean Hannity's 'debate' on orca bill evolves into full-on bashing

A new orca protection bill proposed in Sacramento yesterday generated immense media attention including a 'debate' on the Hannity show last night. Presented with few facts and a questionable guest, it became a deplorable display of bullying.

Op-Ed: Hannity speaks to woman on BarryCare hotline, 'no one likes it'

As shown by a recording of Sean Hannity, speaking to an Obamacare phone operator, the problems may run deeper than just a website which doesn't work.

Sean Hannity fact-checked over 'fake evidence' against Obamacare

A reporter and former senior counsel to Montana's last governor has fact-checked anti-Obamacare claims made by Sean Hannity and found the Fox News host has blatantly misled viewers about the Affordable Care Act.

Broadcast giant Cumulus may drop Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity

Conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may be looking for a new home for their top-rated radio shows, Politico reported Sunday.

Op-Ed: Ann Coulter: Guns don't kill people, non-white people kill people

I normally wouldn't validate Ann Coulter's existence by reporting on the ludicrous things she says, but bald racism tolerated by one of Fox News' most popular personalities is too important to ignore.

About that 47% remark, Romney says it was 'completely wrong'

Mitt Romney wants you to know that he was "completely wrong" to dismiss nearly one-half the population as victims who are "dependent on government" that he doesn't care about; he's really for the 100% now.

Op-Ed: Congress Defeats Broadcaster Freedom Act

The Broadcaster Freedom Act, which would have prevented any form of the Fairness Doctrine from returning, has been defeated today. This action by House Democrats stands in stark contrast to Democrat promises, even by President Obama, regarding this issue.

Veteran Takes on Ann Coulter for Insulting Air Force

Matthew Hamilton, retired Air Force, says it’s one thing to disagree with his politics, it’s another to mock the Air Force like Ann Coulter did when she said the Air Force didn't have interrogators.

Hannity Offers to Withstand Waterboarding, Olbermann Calls Bluff

In what can only be called a huge episode of hubris, Sean Hannity of the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News Channel offered to undergo the controversial tactic known as waterboarding.

Op-Ed: Let Texas Gov. Perry and others secede so we can have some peace

Sean Hannity and Ron Paul have said secession is the American way. Well to stop any talk of Civil War and other foolishness, why not let the Texas Governor Perry leave with his place and take other areas too?

Sean Hannity Takes Poll on Whether People Want Revolution

In case people wondered whether or not there was serious discussion about secession, here’s news. Sean Hannity now has a poll on his website asking people what kind of revolution they want.

Op-Ed: Bill Ayres Comes Out of the Woodwork

Last week it was Jeremiah Wright who burst back on to the national scene casting himself in the role of a victim. Now it’s Bill Ayres’ turn have his say. Anything these two men could have to say can only bedevil the Barack Obama transition team.

Highlights From Sean Hannity Interview With Sarah Palin, Day Two

Highlights from day two of Fox News' Sean Hannity interview with GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin including Iraq, foreign policy, her son's deployment and more.

Excerpts From Sean Hannity Interview With Sarah Palin Part #1

Excerpts of the Sean Hannity interview with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin have been released with a small portion shown in the above video.

Sean Hannity to Get First Fox Interview With Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Sean Hannity had heavy criticism for ABC's Charlie Gibson about the first interviews conducted by Gibson with GOP vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Hannity will now get his chance to conduct his own interview with Palin.

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Sean Hannity in interview with former VP Dick Cheney
Sean Hannity in interview with former VP Dick Cheney
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