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Seals News

No selfies with seals: New England officials issue public warning

If you're a beachgoer in New England then officials there want you to know that taking selfies with seals is not a good idea. It's never a good idea anywhere, they say, and to do so is to endanger the seal — and you.

Navy SEALs grab limelight in years since bin Laden death

Washington - They are supposedly bound by a code of silence, but several of the US Navy SEALs involved in killing Osama bin Laden published accounts of the raid -- to the dismay of fellow fighters who fret the disclosures could put future missions at risk.

Shape of whiskers make seals experts at finding, catching fish

Boston - Recent research shows that the reason seals are such effective hunters is due to the unique shape of their whiskers. Protruding from an animal's cheeks, whiskers can help them feel touch; something that's important since most mammals don't have hands.

U.S. military to let women try out for Navy SEALs

Washington - The US Navy plans to open its famed SEAL fighting units to women, provided they can pass the notoriously difficult training course, Defense News reported.

Polar bears are starving due to warming of the Arctic

Polar bears are not adapting to food loss associated with warmer summers in the Arctic. Scientists once thought the bears would enter into a form of hibernation when deprived of prey, but new research says the bears are starving.

Culling seals to protect salmon causes anger

Edinburgh - This year in Scotland, so far, some 205 seals have been legally killed by farmers in order to protect their fish stocks. The issue has proved controversial with many environmentalists.

What’s killing the seals of western Sweden?

A surge in deaths among harbors seals in the waters of western Sweden has mystified scientists who have thus far been unable to identify a single cause. Officials in neighboring Denmark are also reporting an increase in seal deaths.

Avian influenza virus carried by seals poses a risk to people

The avian influenza A H3N8 virus found in harbor seals can potentially spread through respiratory droplets and therefore it poses a threat to humans. This is according to a new study.

Animals in Madrid theme park enjoy treats in the heat (Video)

Madrid - Summer in Spain can get pretty hot and the animals in Madrid's Faunia animal theme park feel the heat too. To help them keep their cool, zookeepers have come up with some novel frozen treats for the animals.

Scuba diver Jason Neilus filmed giving seal pup bellyrub, tickles

In the waters off of the wild Farne Islands in Northumerland, England, diver Jason Neilus often encounters seals. He filmed himself with one particularly friendly 'sea dog' and being friendly himself, the result is pretty awesome.

The key to the Great White Shark’s power: a fat liver

The fuel source that allows the white shark to embark on incredibly long migrations through the world’s oceans has been identified as its liver, which is relatively large and fat compared with other creatures.

How marine mammals hold their breath for long time underwater

Marine mammals like seals, dolphins and whales can stay underwater for long periods of time, even more than an hour, while humans can only do so for a few minutes at most.

Photos: Seal eats five blue sharks off the coast of South Africa

Rare photos show an unusual incident of food chain reversal in which a hungry Cape fur seal devours five blue sharks, turning the tables on its natural predators. The rare event was photographed off the coast of Cape Point by a group of astonished divers.

Young seals' bloodied heads nailed to entrance of Irish sanctuary

Two seal heads were found nailed to plaques outside the entrance to the Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary in Co Kerry. Locals in the area believe that the sanctuary may have been targeted by people demanding a cull.

Shark kills Australian bodyboarder

Dunsborough - An Australian man has died after being attacked by a shark while paddling on his bogey-board at Sugar Loaf Rock In Bunker Bay.

Thousands of seals beached at Pictou Island

Pictou - Global News reports that 3,000 to 4,000 seals have beached themselves on the shores of Pictou Island just off the shores of Nova Scotia, giving birth to pups.

Seals with unusual injuries washing up on Scottish coast

After dozens of dead seals with puzzling ‘corkscrew’ injuries washed ashore the Scottish government have commissioned scientists at the Sea Mammal Research Unit to carry out an investigation.

Op-Ed: Judge Barks Orders, Wants Seals Off Beach to Make Room for Kids

A Superior Court judge barked orders from the bench that a herd of about 100 seals vacate their command of a Southern California beach by the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, to make room for the children to whom the beach is dedicated.

Despite Drop in Fur Demand Canadian Govt Sanctions Seal Slaughter

The Canadian government approved a total allowable catch of 280,000 seals even though the market for seal fur globally is saturated. The European Union is considering banning trade in seal products.

Seals, Sea Lions in Danger

California sea lions and Steller sea lions are being targeted by someone in the area of the Columbia river. Sea lions are federally protected and not normally trapped for any reason.

Canadian coastguard seizes anti-seal hunt boat

On Saturday the Canadian coast guard seized a boat that belonged to people who oppose seal hunting, according fisheries minister. The owner of the boat is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and they say that the boat was in international waters.

Op-Ed: Paul McCartney - The Cute Beatle Who Helps Cute Seals

It's that time of year again when the eastern coast of Canada will turn bloody red from the slaughter and butchering of our baby seals, but who will come to their rescue? Sir Paul?

860 seals killed in first phase of Canada hunt

Number thousands fewer than usual; official says herd depleted by warming

$502,000 Donation for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Operation Uplink

More than 7,500 Doral smokers took part in the promotion, donating more than 5 million pack seals, resulting in a donation of $502,546.10.

Save the Seals

Hundreds of thousands of baby seals will be clubbed or shot without mercy this year alone—an annual harp seal slaughter subsidized by the Canadian government.

Female Seals know what they want in a Mate

Unlike other animal species where males compete for a female's attention, fur seal females choose their mate.

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The enclosures for the exotic animals at Storybook Gardens in London  Ontario  were too small by tod...
The enclosures for the exotic animals at Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario, were too small by today's standards but the seals, all born in London, seemed content.
#99 Santa Banta
US Navy SEALS in familiar environment.
US Navy SEALS in familiar environment.
Harbor seal and pup  Kenai Fjords National Park  Alaska
Harbor seal and pup, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith
Seals come by to say  hi  on the journey to the Islas Ballestas.
Seals come by to say "hi" on the journey to the Islas Ballestas.