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Sea turtles use Earth's magnetic field to navigate home: study

For millions of years, sea turtles have navigated the oceans to return to their birthplace to excavate nests and lay eggs. Scientists have long been mystified because it wasn't known how they did this.

Why do female Sea Turtles return to their place of birth?

Scientists studying Loggerhead turtles have offered an explanation as to why male and female turtles adopt different strategies for mating. The females always return to their island of birth, however males will mate at multiple locations.

Sea turtles return to Trinidad Special

It’s sea turtle nesting time in the tropics. And thanks to the efforts of a local nature group on Trinidad, leatherbacks have one more spot to nest safely.

Hawaiian beaches may erode, but not our protection of turtles Special

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is home to the spectacular waves of world class surfing competitions, yet its beaches offer safe harbor to endangered green sea turtles. And once on land, the turtles receive an aloha welcome by human protectors.

Army, Navy guarding sea turtles nesting on Nicaraguan beaches

Managua - Army soldiers and Navy personnel have taken positions in wildlife refuges on the beaches of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua with the mission of protecting nesting sea turtles from egg looters.

BP accused of burning alive endangered sea turtles

In attempts to control oil spewing from its ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, BP “burn fields” are burning alive endangered sea turtles, further hindering any improvements in the relationship between conservationists and the foreign-based oil giant

Confused newly hatched sea turtles march into Italian restaurant

Instead of marching into the sea by instinct, the newly hatched turtles took a path to a seaside Italian restaurant. The diners were startled before rescue workers saved the turtles.

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