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Sea lions News

Senate makes a tough choice — Salmon or sea lions?

A bill that would make it easier to kill sea lions that feast on imperiled salmon in the Pacific Northwest has cleared the U.S. Senate.

Shape of whiskers make seals experts at finding, catching fish

Boston - Recent research shows that the reason seals are such effective hunters is due to the unique shape of their whiskers. Protruding from an animal's cheeks, whiskers can help them feel touch; something that's important since most mammals don't have hands.

'Fake Willy' nearly drowns in attempt to scare off sea lions

Astoria - It was supposed to be a humane attempt to get the sea lions off the local docks in Astoria, Oregon. The marine mammals had come to visit this past winter, and well, they just decided to extend their visit. That's when "Fake Willy" was brought in.

Global warming blamed for hundreds of sea lion deaths

More than 1,500 sea lion pups have washed ashore along California's coasts over the past two months, with many of them on the brink of death, and the rest starving and emaciated. The photos are circulating online among animal enthusiasts and activists.

Waves of starving sea lions wash ashore in California

Moss Landing - For the past two years, sea lion pups have been washing ashore along the California coast. This year is no different, and may end up being worse for them.

Deaths of 500 sea lions in Peru under investigation

Lima - The Peruvian Environmental police are investigating the deaths of some 500 sea lions found on Anconcillo beach in the northern region of Ancash. The governor of the Samanco district has accused local fishermen of poisoning the mammals.

Marineland loses two customers over treatment of animals Special

Niagara Falls - Following a six-hour trip from Ottawa to Marineland in Niagara Falls, two park visitors have vowed never to return. After witnessing a bleeding seal and a walrus being kicked, both described their visit as "horrendous."

Stranded sea lion pups fill rescue centers in California

Rescue centers in California have been filling up with hundreds of starving sea lion pups that have been washing up onto beaches from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Op-Ed: Death comes to California sea lions who eat salmon

Sea lions in the United States are facing the 'death penalty' for doing what comes naturally, eating salmon just like humans do.

Oregon executing Sea Lions for doing what comes naturally

Portland - The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is treating sea lions like criminals. Some are classified as repeat offenders and some have been executed and 'deported' for eating salmon, a perfectly natural activity for the sea lions.

Fishermen Suspected of Killing California Coastal Sea Lions

Shooting sea lions. It’s a crime. It’s cruel. It's senseless to the extreme. And any century now, humans are going to have to learn how to get along with the creatures with whom they share this planet.

Seals, Sea Lions in Danger

California sea lions and Steller sea lions are being targeted by someone in the area of the Columbia river. Sea lions are federally protected and not normally trapped for any reason.

Sea Lions attacking humans

Fisermans Wharf in San Francisco is a tourist spot for people to witness the Sea Lions in their environment. Only problem is, the sea lions have made many recent attacks on humans.

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Sea lions Image

At Astoria  Oregon s East Mooring Basin...Sea Lion Hotel.
At Astoria, Oregon's East Mooring Basin...Sea Lion Hotel.
Zack Heinstand
Sea Lion at Monterey Breakwater
Sea Lion at Monterey Breakwater
David Corby
Sea lions frolic on the beach under a natural arch
Sea lions frolic on the beach under a natural arch
Sea Lions pack a beach on the Ballestas Islands
Sea Lions pack a beach on the Ballestas Islands
Sea lions look on with curiosity as  fake Willy  cruises by the docks.
Sea lions look on with curiosity as "fake Willy" cruises by the docks.
Jeff Carden
Sea lion being treated after rescue.
Sea lion being treated after rescue.
Warming oceans have flooded California with starving sea lion pups.
Warming oceans have flooded California with starving sea lion pups.
Photo courtesy of NOAA

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