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Scotland Yard investigates alleged Heathrow Airport security scam

The Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation into a scam involving security passes at Heathrow Airport. Two women have been arrested, but police are remaining mum as to the details of the arrests.

Mother of undercover policeman's child gets £425,000 award

London - A UK police force will pay compensation of £425,000 ($682,000) to a woman impregnated by an undercover police officer and who subsequently gave birth.

Journalists may face terrorism charges, jail over Snowden leaks

London - Britain's counter-terrorism police are investigating if journalists at the Guardian newspaper should be prosecuted over their role in publishing secrets leaked by Edward Snowden -- an offense that carries up to 10 years in jail.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow for nine hours

London - David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald whose articles in the Guardian newspaper revealed the extent of NSA spying, was detained by UK authorities for a full nine hours before being released without any charges being laid.

Stephen Lawrence's brother may sue Met for race discrimination

London - Stuart Lawrence, brother of Stephen Lawrence, a student killed by a group of white youths in London in 1993, is suing Scotland Yard for discrimination. He says police have stopped him 25 times in "recent times" for no reasons beside the color of his skin.

Female activists sue police after being tricked into having sex

London - Twelve activists claim they were tricked into sexual relationships with undercover agents who infiltrated their environmental groups. It appears that London's Scotland Yard is trying to hush up the story.

Olympic defense: British officials secure London for 2012 Games

London - As the countdown to the commencement of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games continues, British officials take unprecedented measures to ensure that the event will not be marred by violence.

Anonymous intercepts secret FBI-Scotland Yard conference call

Anonymous on Friday, released a 17-minute recording of a secret conference call last month between the FBI and Scotland Yard. In the tape a British and American agent discussed strategies for tracking and prosecuting hacking groups, including Anonymous.

London's Metropolitan Police warned about links with media

London - A report has warned London's Metropolitan Police that relationships with the media must appear not to be "partial or selective".

2,000 more names of phone-hacking victims in UK

London - Nearly 5,800 people in the UK could possibly have been phone-hacked by the famous British tabloid 'News of the World', says a new report.

Scotland Yard makes new Anonymous and LulzSec arrests

London - Two more have been arrested in the Anonymous and LulzSec investigation reports Scotland Yard. The men, 20 and 24, were arrested in Mexborough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and Warminster, Wiltshire for offenses under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

Police dog on mend from skull fracture received in London riots

Tottenham - A Met police dog is recovering from a skull fracture received after being struck in the head with a brick thrown during the rioting in Tottenham. The 3-year-old German shepherd, one of 40 deployed during the riots, continued to work despite his injury.

Police arrest more than 1,000 people in wake of London riots

London - Police in London have arrested a total of 1,051 individuals in connection with the London riots, while 591 people have been charged.

Police use Flickr to identify London riot suspects

London - Metropolitan Police have turned to Flickr to help identify suspects involved in the riots that resulted in the arrest of 563 people who participated in the widespread looting, fires and destruction of businesses in the UK over the past three days.

LulzSec, Anonymous spokesman 'Topiary' arrested, UK Police Say

London - The Metropolitan Police have announced the arrest of a 19-year-old man, known online as Topiary, who has been identified by Scotland Yard as the spokesman for the hacktivist group's Lulzsec and Anonymous.

Scotland Yard vice squad gets new politically correct name

London - Scotland Yard's Vice Squad has been given a new name, which certainly does not evoke the same image. It is now officially known as Serious Crime Directorate 9: Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command, or SCD9.

Scotland Yard charges man with terror-related offences

Scotland Yard have confirmed that a 30 year old man has been charged with terror- related offences. The man is said to be from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

London warned it could be the next Mumbai

A senior detective for Scotland Yard and SO15 warned local businesses that a "Mumbai" style terrorism attack was coming to London.

U.K. doc tried to poison girlfriend to make her abort his baby

A doctor has been convicted in a bizarre attempt to poison his girlfriend so she would abort his child. He made two attempts to spike her drinks but she proved to be smarter.

Scotland Yard Warns of Growing Right-Wing Extremist Terrorism

Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism unit has feared that the neo-Nazi-inspired right-wing extremist group could be reinvigorated under such economic collapse.

Scotland Yard Foils Plot By Islamic Extremists To Kill Publisher Of Muhammad Novel

Scotland Yard has foiled an alleged attempt by Islamic extremists to assassinate Dutch publisher Martin Rynja, because of his intention to publish a controversial novel featuring Muhammad and his child bride Aisha.

Scotland Yard Says Blast Killed Bhutto

According to Scotland Yard, Benazir Bhutto died from the impact of the bomb instead of the bullets that missed her. As Bhutto waved to the crowd a suicide bomber aimed and fired a gun at the slain opposition leader. He missed.

Picking out murderers and rapists before they strike

Scotland Yard is analysing the personal profiles of selected offenders to predict which of them will become the country's next killers and rapists, it was disclosed last night.

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