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Electric scooters could be under cybersecurity risk

Electric scooters are growing in popularity in many parts of the world. While the safety risks have been well-publicised, such as data posted by the U.S. CDC, the cybersecurity risks are not as well known – and yet these could be equally serious.

Peru bans electric scooters from sidewalks, pedestrian zones

- Peru banned motorized scooters from sidewalks and pedestrian areas from Monday after a woman in Lima broke both her arms in a collision with one.

CDC to study electric scooter accidents for the first time

Austin - Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, especially with millennials. This popularity runs in tandem with an increase in scooter-related accidents. The U.S. CDC is to study accident patterns for the first time.

E-scooter startup Bird raises $3900 million

The e-scooter startup Bird has secured $300 million for its expansion plans, with assistance from financial giant Fidelity. The investment shows the growing popularity of e-scooters. However, this form of transport continues to remain controversial.

Chinese scooter startup nabs $15 million in latest funding round

Chinese personal transportation startup Immotor raised $15 million in their latest Series A funding round, showing that the enthusiasm around scooter transport isn't fading any time soon.

Electric scooter-sharing moves into the fast lane

Washington - How fast is the electric scooter-sharingcraze growing?Fast enough to be declared a nuisance and kicked off the streets of San Francisco and a handful of others cities to allow local officials to mull regulations.

'I was ready to die' says man who tried to stop Nice attacker

Paris - When a Nice airport worker saw a truck thundering past him on the city's promenade, crushing pedestrians in its path, he did not join the fleeing crowds but instead gave chase on his scooter.

World's oldest cat dies aged 30

A Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas, called Scooter, claimed the record for the world's oldest living cat. Scooter lived to be a sprightly 30 years old.

Scooter owners revolt over ban in Vespa birthplace

Rome - Scooter owners are up in arms in Genoa, birthplace of the iconic Vespa, after the Italian city's mayor banned models produced before 1999 in a bid to tackle pollution.

Norman the biking dog makes his television debut

Atlanta - The internet is full of skateboarding and surfing pooches, but it is not everyday that you see a 70 pound dog riding through the neighborhood on a bicycle.

Video: Woman narrowly escapes death at traffic intersection

Ningbo - CCTV footage caught scenes of a woman narrowly escaping being crushed by a truck in Ningbo, eastern Zhejiang province in China.

Woman tries to go up escalator on scooter

A Boston woman attempted to go up the escalator on the motorized scooter she was riding on but ended up taking a spill instead.

Will Justin Bieber give back to fans like other celebrities? Special

Many celebrities, most recently Taylor Swift, respond to fans who have special requests to meet them. A year after this one fan started her journey based on Justin Bieber's mantra "Never Say Never", Justin has yet to give her an answer.

Scooter and car involved in lunchtime accident in Toronto Special

Toronto - Witnesses say a scooter drove out of control today during the lunch hour after hitting streetcar tracks on Queen Street East. The accident put traffic on the busy Toronto downtown street at a standstill for more than 30 minutes.

Berlin hosts the Berliner Motorcycle Fair 2010 Special

Berlin - From March 26 to 28 Berlin is holding the "Berliner Motorrad Tage", one of the largest spring fairs nationwide. Many shows and races will take place during the three-day fair.

GM collaborates with Segway on new electric scooter

The troubled General Motors wants to revamp its image from a gas-guzzling company to environmentally friendly vehicle producer. It is working with Segway to produce a two-seat, two-tire electric scooter for urban environments.

Bored dog-walker develops dog-powered scooter

A dog owner was bored with the dog-walking process so he created a unique dog-powered scooter. He says the device doesn’t exploit dogs and requires very little energy.

The Jet-Engine Beetle

Ron Patrick built a car with a jet inside the trunk.

Super Scooter Unveiled

NEW YORK (voa) - A U.S. inventor has unveiled his latest work: a one-person, battery-powered scooter he claims will revolutionize transportation. Appearing on U.S. television Monday, Dean Kamen revealed the two-wheeled "Segway" scooter, which rese...

Sports Tourers And Fat Scooters - New Motorcycles For 2001

HAMBURG - (dpa) - Fast, furious and comfortable - that's the brief for motorcycle designers in the hotly-contested sports tourer segment and in 2001 there is a whole new array to choose from.Take the new RST Futura from Aprilia. With its distinctive, a...

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Scooter Image

Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
The battery-powered Immotor Go.
The battery-powered Immotor Go.
Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
The Immotor Go scooter.
The Immotor Go scooter.
Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
Berliner Motorrad Tage 2010
A French scooter company has announced an electric scooter that runs Android OS.
A French scooter company has announced an electric scooter that runs Android OS.
Scooter the cat owned by Gail Floyd of Mansfield  Texas.
Scooter the cat owned by Gail Floyd of Mansfield, Texas.
Gail Floyd
Woman tries to go up escalator on scooter
Woman tries to go up escalator on scooter

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