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Scientist News

Colorado 15-year-old scientist is Time's first Kid of the Year

Time Magazine has named it's very first "Kid of the Year" to grace the cover of its latest issue, and she is 15-year-old Gitanjali Rao, of Lone Tree, Colorado.

What we know about the slain Iranian nuclear scientist

Tehran - Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Iranian nuclear scientist whose assassination the Islamic republic has blamed on Israel, was little known before his death, but one thing is certain: he was important.

Iran mulls response as it prepares to bury killed nuclear scientist

Tehran - Debate raged in Iran on Sunday over how and when to respond to a top nuclear scientist's assassination, blamed on arch-foe Israel, as his body was honoured at Shiite shrines to prepare it for burial.

Life of a scientist: Craft and Graft Special

London - How do you feed a million fruit flies? How does an eyelash become a scientific tool? These are some of the questions posed at a new exhibition at London's Francis Crick Centre, focused on the day-to-day activities of scientists.

Chang'e 4 makes historic first landing on the moon's far side

China’s space program made history this morning when it's Chang’e 4 lunar spacecraft successfully touched down on the moon’s far side at 10:26 a.m. Beijing Time.

Moscow wanted to sow confusion with fresh attack, says Novichok chemist

New York - A Russian chemist living in the United States who first revealed the existence of Novichok believes Moscow orchestrated the poisoning of a British couple to sow confusion about the origin of an earlier attack.

It's the Russians, says chemist who uncovered existence of 'Novichok'

Princeton - The Russian chemist who first revealed the existence of "Novichok" nerve agents says only the Russians can be behind the weapon's use in Britain against a former spy and his daughter.

Dr. Tim Sandle discusses career as a scientist and journalist Special

Dr. Tim Sandle chatted with Digital Journal about his respected career in science as a pharmaceutical microbiologist, and his career as a distinguished science journalist. He also opened up about the digital transformation of the science industry.

Scientist kills rare bird that's been lost for more than 50 years

A New York Museum research team discovered a "ghost" bird that hadn't been seen in half a century in the remote highlands of Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal. Then they killed the bird to collect as a specimen for additional study.

Former Indian president A P J Kalam dies aged 83

New Delhi - India's former president and top scientist A. P. J. Kalam, who played a lead role in the country's nuclear weapons tests, died on Monday, a hospital official said. He was 83.

Scientist warns against replying to aliens' signals

Sydney - On Tuesday, a scientist leading efforts in Australia to find signals from alien life on other planets said people should think twice before replying.

Dinosaurs really were warm-blooded, study suggests

Dinosaurs grew quickly and were warm-blooded just like modern mammals, says a scientist who researched the metabolism of these ancient creatures.

John Nash, Nobel scientist with a 'Beautiful Mind', dies in crash

John Nash, the Nobel prize winning mathematician, whose life inspired the best-selling biographical book and Oscar-winning film "A Beautiful Mind," has died in a car accident, together with his wife, on Saturday.

New aluminium battery charges phone in just one minute

Scientists have created a new battery that is capable of fully charging a smartphone in just one minute. Made of aluminium, it could replace today's lithium models in the future and is billed as being much safer too.

Interview with Sy Montgomery: Acclaimed author and naturalist Special

Naturalist Sy Montgomery took some time from her busy schedule to talk about her book "The Tarantula Scientist" and her career in writing.

Researcher creates microscope made of almost entirely paper

A scientist has created a microscope out of mostly paper that will cost less than a dollar -- far less than the several hundred dollars most reasonable ones would cost. It will magnify objects 2,100 times and can help in fighting serious diseases.

Scientists discover 'God's bathtub' in Australia

Australian scientists uncover a lake that has not been affected by climate changes or any man made influences. It has maintained its same water state for the past 7,500 years.

Scientist sues Nobel prize committee

A California surgeon called Rongxiang Xu is suing the Nobel Committee for failing to recognize him in 2012 for his work on regenerative medicine.

Scientist accused of stealing cancer drug secrets for China

Hua Jun Zhao, a researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin, has been accused of stealing three vials of a development cancer drug with a view to sending the drugs and associated research data to China.

GMO scientist Séralini backs US GMO awareness & labeling (video)

In an interview with Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, the French scientist who ran lifetime tests on GM maize and Roundup on rats, Séralini says the US should label GMOs and that Roundup should be banned.

Vaccines produce homosexuality according to Italian scientist

An Italian scientist has come out with his own theory behind homosexuality, pinning it down to the usage of vaccinations.

Top children's disease researcher murdered

Philadelphia - Melissa Ketunuti, a researcher into infectious diseases in children, was strangled, bound, and set ablaze in the basement of her home in Center City, Philadelphia.

New Gaga fern genus named after mega pop star

Durham - When a scientist discovered a new genus of ferns, which is described as having a “somewhat fluid definitions of gender", she decided to name her new discovery "Gaga".

Scientists discover elephants sing like humans do

A new study conducted on a dead elephant has demonstrated to researchers that elephants sing in the same way that humans do. The vocal sound is so low that it is inaudible to humans, but it is, nonetheless there.

Video: Avatar inspires scientists to plan brain transplants

Moscow - In the wake of the recent popular movie "Avatar", Russian scientists now have plans to transplant people's brains into robots.

Escort girls suspected of murdering 70-year-old scientist

Tel Aviv - Two escort girls and their male partners have been arrested for allegedly taking part in the murder and robbery in Tel Aviv of 70-year-old Dr. Eli Lazuz, a French chemistry expert.

Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated in Tehran

With Iranian nuclear talks set to begin in early December, Iran's nuclear program was set back with computer viruses and a successful assassination of an Iranian scientist.

Scientist says in 25 years there could be proof of aliens

Santa Clara - A senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View said that proof of alien civilizations could happen within the next 25 years, which he bases on the Drake Equation.

British scientist first human 'infected' by computer virus?

Reading - A young British scientist stakes a claim to being the first human infected with a computer virus after he contaminated an electronic RFID chip implanted in his hand.

Top Climate Scientist Urges Failure at Copenhagen Conference

The scientist many view as responsible for first persuading the world that it was in danger from global warming has said that he hopes there is failure at the UN Climate Change Conference, which begins next week in Copenhagen.
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Dr. Daniel B. Botkin
Dr. Daniel B. Botkin
Photo courtesy of Dr. Daniel B. Botkin
John Forbes Nash  Jr
John Forbes Nash, Jr
Testing in a laboratory
Testing in a laboratory
Jennifer Anne Doudna a Professor of Chemistry and of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of...
Jennifer Anne Doudna a Professor of Chemistry and of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California.
Dr. Jennifer Doudna
Joshua Hare  M.D. Professor of Medicine; Director  Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute
Joshua Hare, M.D. Professor of Medicine; Director, Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute
Joshua Hare
Purdue University scientist looking at the Zika virus structure  revealed in 2016.
Purdue University scientist looking at the Zika virus structure, revealed in 2016.
Purdue University
Dr. Tim Sandle
Dr. Tim Sandle
Dr. Tim Sandle
File photo: Scientist at work in Dr Sandle s laboratory
File photo: Scientist at work in Dr Sandle's laboratory
Dr. G. Tetz is the founder and chairman of Human Microbiology Institute.
Dr. G. Tetz is the founder and chairman of Human Microbiology Institute.
Human Microbiology Institute

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