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Scientific News

Scientific study reveals which diet programs work and don't work

A scientific study has revealed that most commercial diet programs can't provide one scrap of evidence that they work. After extensive analysis, the researchers have concluded that only two diet programs can be considered to be really effective.

Female Salmon: Picky And Sometimes Hard To Get

Scientists in New Zealand have discovered that when it comes to salmon sex, it is not necessarily the fastest sperm that will win the race or the approval of the female. Read on and learn more about these “fishy facts of life.”

Probiotics: Bacterial Good Guys Vs The Bad Guys

Did you know that some bacteria are actually good for you? They are known as probiotics. How many do you have and how can you get more and keep the ones you have on your side and working for you? Read on, and pick your weapons.

Are Aliens Alive and Well?

Is ET’s world crashing into ours or vice versa? More and more, it seems certain that we are far from alone in this vast universe of ours. Read on and stay peaceful, if you can.

Scientists Discover 24 New Species in Suriname

Every day news species are discovered in this amazing universe of ours. One can only wonder how many species of things there really are out there! I, for one, am content with just the following.

The top ten unexplained phenomena that science can’t prove

The science cant explain the following top ten unexplained phenomena though still trying to understand.

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