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'Two-faced' fish shows that our ancestors weren't shark-like

An investigation of a fossil skull of a fish that swam the waters of what is now Siberia 415 million years ago shows strong clues that the last common ancestor of all vertebrates with jaws — including us — wasn't very shark-like.

Breast cancer: New single-dose treatment offers hope

Chicago - A new treatment option for breast cancer is likely to make things a little less complicated for women dealing with the early stages of the disease.

Opossum Drop: Animal cruelty for NC New Year's festivities Special

Brasstown - When most of us celebrate the New Year, opossums don't usually come to mind. However, in North Carolina and other areas in the South, some people think differently than we do.

Small prehistoric animal provides a glimpse into early herbivores

Scuttling around in its ancient world, this minute carnivore is the earliest member of a lineage that gave rise to rhino-sized herbivores

Op-Ed: Emotional mapping — Crayon science, or valuable?

Sydney - It seemed simple enough — a map of the emotions I saw online. Good graphics…. “Ahem!” level science. What I didn’t know was that this is a sort of industry. If you search emotional mapping online, you get a virtual grade school visual workout.

Op-Ed: The extremist racket — Crime + business = ideals

In the last decade, extremism has become a global industry on a par with organized crime and paedophilia. The appeal of extremism for those running it is simple enough- money, and a lot of it. A real extremist is a businessman, not an idealist.

Op-Ed: Vehicle emissions cause ‘significant’ brain damage in mice

Recent studies into toxicity of vehicle emissions have shown evidence of the effects of freeway pollution on mouse brain cells. This is a particularly significant test, dealing with a universal atmospheric situation, and the results are grim.

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Researchers Aalto University have revealed how emotions are experienced in the body
Researchers Aalto University have revealed how emotions are experienced in the body
Image courtesy of Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen / Aalto University
This image by Nobu Tamura depicts Casea broilli  a larger relative of Casea martini.
This image by Nobu Tamura depicts Casea broilli, a larger relative of Casea martini.
Nobu Tamura

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