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Scare News

Authorities try to sort out what prompted panic, stampede at LAX

Los Angeles - Investigators worked overtime Monday to figure out what started a Sunday night's social media-influenced panic at Los Angeles International Airport that had hundreds of airline passengers fleeing terminals and stampeding onto the airport tarmac.

Deadly venomous scorpion attacks man on plane

A man has suffered severe pain, nausea and hallucinations after being stung by a venomous scorpion that made it on to a flight in South America. The species is believed to have been deadly.

Fund for pensioner mugged outside home raises £215k in three days

A donation fund set up to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his own home has drawn over £160,000 from gracious members of the public wishing to help the victim.

German Halloween 'chainsaw massacre murderer' caused panic

Seems some people take it a little too far with their Halloween costumes, as this guy dressed as the chainsaw massacre murderer, complete with his own, real chainsaw. You'd think people would learn to expect stuff like this, but no, the crowd went wild.

Norway to place 'disco poles' to scare elk away from busy roads

After several traffic incidents involving elks, Norway is trying out a new system using "disco poles" to scare the wandering animals away from oncoming cars on busy roads.

Video: Is this the most easily scared guy in the world?

Arendal - Basse Andersen from Arendal (Norway) is probably the most easily scared guy you have ever seen. His workmates are constantly pulling pranks to give him a fright.

Man jailed for scaring woman to death

Milwaukee - A man in the US was sentenced to nine years in prison for scaring a woman to death when he fired shots into a home earlier this year.

Thai plane in LA bomb scare: FBI

Police in the US boarded a Thai Airways airliner at LAX after it landed there when they received a bombed warning. Authorities said that there was no credible threat found aboard the plane.

British Airways passengers mistakenly told to prepare for crash

A pilot for British Airways had 275 passengers on board when it has been reported that he mistakenly hit the wrong button during their flight and sent everyone into a panic. It may have been a computer glitch, however.

Fury Over Georgian TV Scare of Russian Invasion

A Georgian TV station broadcast a false report on Saturday night claiming that Russia was invading Georgia and had killed the president.

Bomb Scare on Highway 400

TORONTO, ONTARIO - North- and South-bound traffic came to a standstill because a man threatened to blow himself up in his car when the next tanker truck drove by him. He had propane tanks taped together inside his car and he parked near a gas station.

Burning Chilies Spark Terror Scare

Cooks in a Thai restaurant in Soho who were preparing a traditional Thai dish got a surprise when firefighters wearing protective gear broke through the restaurant's door. The burning chilies were responsible.

Roll Over In The Clover And Then Give It Back

Panic set in in the sleepy county of Shropshire this week when two million tubs of Clover butter were recalled since the producer feared the spread could be contaminated from mould

Toy caps send armed cops scrambli

A story I wrote this week left many people downtown wondering what was going on. Check out the great photo on the web site.

Text message triggers India hijack scare

An airplane carrying 138 passengers returned to an eastern Indian city after a mobile phone text message from a passenger triggered a hijack scare, a news report said Monday.

Bear outside a window startles woman and gets startled itself

The last thing Lorraine Grossman expected to see as she gazed out the kitchen window of her daughter's home was a 211-pound bear.

Marine park dolphin's toy mistaken for bomb

Spectators at a Florida tourist attraction were evacuated from a dolphin show in relation to a bomb scare the dolphin was seen to be playing with toys one of which looked like a homemadebomb. Staff and tourists were evacuated and 911 was called and ...

Gun Scare At A Montreal University Proves False Alarm

Loyola College at Concordia University was locked down and evacuated when a man was spotted entering the school with what appeared to be a gun case.

Update: R.I. Schools to Open After Health Scare

Schools in three R.I. communities threatened by a meningitis/encephalitis scare decided to reopen school on Monday because health investigators found no link between a student who contracted meningitis and three others who were infected with encephalitis.

Science of scare

Another entry in my Halloween series.

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