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Handheld ultrasound scanners developed for rural Africa

To aid rural medicine in rural Africa, a new handheld ultrasound device has been developed. The device is portable, resembling a smartphone and could help to revolutionize medical diagnosis in remote areas.

Researchers create malware to highlight medical device risk Special

A recent article by The Washington Post, Hospital viruses: Fake cancerous nodes in CT scans, created by malware, trick radiologists, details a study where a malware was deployed to intercept and alter CT scans. A leading expert reveals more.

New cybersecurity warning about desktop scanners

You’ve installed a firewall and you’re running virus scans regularly on your computer. Safe and secure? Perhaps not. A new study calls out desktop scanners as being at risk from hackers.

Controversial 'naked' image scanners to be removed by TSA

The TSA has decided to remove naked-image scanners that are currently in several U.S. airports. According to the federal agency, it is severing ties with the manufacturer because it could not create software that made passenger images less revealing.

Op-Ed: Airport security — How much is too much?

As acts of terrorism and other crimes have occurred over the past decade, government entities across the globe continue to tighten airport security.

Al Qaeda planning to surgically implant bombs in Jihadis

As American travelers continue to grapple with TSA pat-downs and full-body scanners, Al Qaeda and related affiliates are planning to surgically insert bombs within the bodies of suicide Jihadis.

Radiation expert: Airport scanners could cause cancer Special

A Columbia University professor who studies radiation effects believes we are underestimating the potential cancerous risk of going through airport X-ray scanners. "Skin cancers are a particular concern," says David J. Brenner.

New rubber 'pastie' covers private parts from airport scanners

Traveling soon and worried about going through one of those full body scanners at the airport? Anxious about the TSA leering at your nether regions? Then the Flying Pastie may just be the thing for you.

Newark airport to be first in area to get full body scanners

Newark liberty airport is getting full-body scanners that reveal all. The machines could keep terrorists like the underwear bomber from boarding planes.

Scanners For British IDs Not Ready For Service

Britain may have high tech ID cards but without any scanners to read them how good are they? Britain issued the cards to foreign students and the foreign spouses of British citizens last week.

X-Ray Vision in US Airports

New security scanners that are to be installed in US airports can clearly see through passengers' clothing reveal more detail than just concealed weapons.

Magnetic Card Reader Module For Handspring Visor Hits The Market

WILMINGTON, Del. - With over 100 million driver licenses and 10 million student IDs in North America with Magnetic stripe technology, the CardTool Magnetic Card Reader is gaining acceptance in Age and ID Verification applications The combination of ...

Digital Photos For All: Scanners Enter The Mainstream

Berlin (dpa) - It's no secret that computer prices have fallen steadily over the past decade. The cost of scanners, though - one of the most sought-after computer peripherals - has remained relatively high - until recently, that is. Now, it's safe ...

UMAX Introduces New Internet Scanners

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - UMAX Technologies, Inc. announced the new AstraNET e5420 Internet scanning solutions, providing professional quality online image processing for SOHO, personal design house, business and prosumer markets. Combining ultra-high 1200 x...

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NYPD cops on a movie set in downtown Toronto
NYPD cops on a movie set in downtown Toronto

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