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Big six banks are using Confirmation of Payee to reduce APP scams Special

The Payment Systems Regulator has said all members of the UK’s six largest banking groups are now using the new fraud prevention tool, Confirmation of Payee, helping to reduce Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams. What does this mean for consumers?

Op-Ed: The downside of coronavirus — how society is reacting

There is a 'dark side' to the coronavirus pandemic, ranging from people engaging in cyber-scams to the impact of the virus disproportionately impacting upon people in low-income households. We take a look at some examples.

Businesses warned to beware of coronavirus scams online Special

Many websites and emails are promising vital information about COVID-19. The reality, however, is that a flood of them are scams that can enable malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, password theft. Pali Surdhar looks into the issue.

YouTube struggling to stop an impersonation scam

YouTube is having trouble with people impersonating celebrity creators and leaving fake messages that entice users to click on a link to receive a prize but it is all a scam.

Facebook clamps down on cryptocurrency ads

Facebook's announced a change to its ad policies that bans ads for products including cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The company said online cryptocurrency promotions are often "misleading or deceptive," adding it wants to remove scams from its platform.

N.Y. Attorney General warns of phony ICE agent scam

With at least the perception of mass deportations taking place, scammers have come out of the woodwork. Undocumented immigrants have been approached by fake Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE) agents who demand money to prevent their deportations.

RCMP seeking suspect in Internet romance scam

Coquitlam - The Coquitlam detachment of the RCMP used Valentine’s Day to issue a warning about a man wanted for running an Internet romance scam. The Mounties are asking for the public's help to find the man who defrauded at least four women in the Vancouver area.

Toronto police investigating taxi scam

Toronto - The media has revealed a police investigation into some cab drivers stealing passengers' debit cards and then withdrawing money from their accounts at ATMs.

Whole Foods to customers: Sorry we repeatedly overcharged you

Whole Foods CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey admitted the supermarket giant had routinely overcharged customers and apologized for the costly errors.

Whole Foods slammed for massive overcharging: 'Worst case ever'

Whole Foods customers are outraged by reports the retail supermarket chain deliberately mislabeled packaged foods and overcharged patrons.

Feds: Cancer charities a 'sham'

The United States Government has filed suit against a quartet of cancer charities, alleging the non-profits have scammed consumers for over $180 million.

Op-Ed: 6 top small business fraud risks

Small businesses are at a greater risk of financial fraud for one reason: they aren't aware of the most common scams and therefore aren't investing enough towards adequate protection.

Facebook users often unable to tell real from fraudulent links

An exhaustive, multi-year study of malware and phishing scams present on Facebook reveals that users often have a hard time distinguishing between real Facebook links and harmful viruses.

Video: In-home plastic surgeons mutilate clients

Los Angeles - Mutilation is a strong word but one that fits for this story. Victims have lost limbs, skin and one even lost their life. This is due to a trend of private, untrained plastic surgery sweeping parts of the developed world.

What is ghost broking?

If you haven't heard of ghost broking, perhaps it's time you did, especially if you are a young driver in search of cheap insurance.

'Obamascare Scammers' threaten elderly with jail

Concord - Just when you thought identity thieves and telemarketer scammers who target the elderly were the lowest form of sub-human scum, a new species is discovered.

Telephone jury duty scam making the rounds…again

Jury duty scams have been making the rounds for years. Recently, this type of fraud has made a comeback in many states. Scammers typically call their victims by telephone.

Beware — Yet another YouTube scam!

How many times have you heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" Alas, some people never learn. Most of us, actually.

Toronto police warn public about 'black money' scam

Toronto - The warning was issued after police arrested a 32-year-old man who is alleged to have used 'black money' to dupe the victim out of $450,000.

Op-Ed: Become a DJ for £444?

Sydenham - A company is offering young Londoners the chance to train as DJs for £444. What will applicants get for their money? Probably not what they think.

Review: 'You've Been Scammed' — and it was your own fault Special

We can all be conned, duped, scammed, sometimes we fool ourselves. This current BBC series shows us some of the tricks to avoid.

Do older people get tricked more often?

New research indicates that people’s ability to judge the trustworthiness of faces diminishes with age. This could explain why older people are more vulnerable to face-to-face financial scams.

Study: Offline schemes are top causes of identity fraud

A new study conducted by an insurance company says, despite the increased use of the Internet being used to conduct business, that offline schemes are the top known causes of identity fraud.

Top Christmas scams this 2012 holiday season

While the holiday season is full of cheer, it is also a time when scammers come out in droves. Several top holiday-related scam lists have been published this week.

New warnings issued about scams in Hurricane Sandy aftermath

As the U.S. Northeast continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warnings are being issued to consumers about possible scams.

Better Business Bureau warns of repair 'storm chasers'

Hurricane Sandy was expected to create a lot of damage as the storm ripped through the east coast. Just prior to the storm, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning about repair contractors that may not have your best interests at heart.

Agencies warn of scammers looking to profit from Hurricane Sandy

Government agencies in the U.S. are warning the public that scammers may try to exploit good-hearted people in order to profit from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

In a World of Credit Card Scams: One Woman's Story

Banks, ATM installers and credit card issuers do not want to admit their customers have been scammed. Bad for business. The burden, unfortunately, too frequently is borne by the customer. The problem grows worldwide.

U.S. consumers warned of several scams this week

It's only mid-July, and so far several new scams have been reported during the first half of this month. The scams range from job offers to the U.S. President offering stimulus money to pay resident utility bills, and a few in between.

Homeless man scams Orlando-area hotel guests

Orlando - The scam was straightforward and brilliant in its simplicity. A 30-year-old Orlando area homeless man is in the Orange County Jail facing a charge of grand theft.
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Phishing Threats
The following chart shows the top countries hosting phishing sites and top targets phished
Source: Symantec Corporation
Fraudsters have exploited a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser that allows phishers to s...
Fraudsters have exploited a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser that allows phishers to set up a fake website in a place on the Internet and that will give the user the impression that he has reached a legitimate web page elsewhere. in the Internet.
Public Safety Canada
A screengrab of an e-mail from a phisher.
A screengrab of an e-mail from a phisher.
Warning from the IRS today.
Warning from the IRS today.
Babylon is another scam search engine. Don t click the link  don t click anything  close the page an...
Babylon is another scam search engine. Don't click the link, don't click anything, close the page and get rid of it.
While traveling there are many ways to separate you from your money.
While traveling there are many ways to separate you from your money.
Don t be fooled. There is NO such compulsory update from Yahoo! or anyone else. Give InboxAce a miss...
Don't be fooled. There is NO such compulsory update from Yahoo! or anyone else. Give InboxAce a miss.
Tax Support Canada
A response to a phisher.
A response to a phisher.
A screengrab of one of the many scams that can be found on the Internet.
A screengrab of one of the many scams that can be found on the Internet.
A check in the mail is no guarantee of money in the hand.
A check in the mail is no guarantee of money in the hand.
Don Hankins
A trace of an e-mail purported sent by the ISP British Telecom.
A trace of an e-mail purported sent by the ISP British Telecom.

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