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Businesses beware: The social engineering fraud case Special

A recent report by Forrester and Pindrop examines COVID-19’s impact on the call center fraud. Social engineering – the tactic fraudsters used to gain access to GoDaddy domains –shows how fraudsters gain access to sensitive data and financial data.

Google stops 18 million coronavirus related scam emails a day Special

A time of crisis is unfortunately also a time when rogue actors seek to exploit the vulnerable and the distracted. Google has revealed it has been stopping a reported 18 million coronavirus related phishing emails every day.

Premier league soccer club targeted in 100 million BEC scam Special

News has broken that an unnamed premier league football (soccer) club in the U.K. has been targeted in a £100 million ($130 million) BEC scam, based on emails intended to defraud the club of money.

Hackers try to phish businesses with COVID-19 bonus promise Special

Lured by the attraction of a notification about a bonus, perhaps for working hard during the pandemic, several executives have been tricked into opening bogus emails and infecting their systems in the process.

Warning issued to web users of bogus coronavirus emails Special

The U.S. National Cyber Security Centre has warned web users of bogus emails claiming to contain important information about the pandemic. Matt Shelton and Jens Monrad of FireEye provide commentary.

U.S. tax season is here, but beware the scammers Special

The U.S. tax season has begun and while most people legitimately fill out their forms there are scams at play, ranging from false claims to the nefarious activities of scammers trying to fool people with fake links.

Security expert on Manor ISD $2.3 million phishing email scam Special

Manor Independent School District (located close to Austin, TX) was recently struck by a phishing email scam that resulted in the loss of $2.3 million in ransom payment. Leading security expert Greg Wendt weighs in.

December 24 & 25 are #1 days for cyber-fraud

New data shows that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the top times for online fraud. This finding comes from Riskified, the payments and fraud-prevention solutions provider, who found that fraud at this time extends to over a billion dollars.

'Shameless' scammers seek to cash in on Christchurch massacre

Christchurch - Scammers are trying to cash in on the Christchurch mosque massacres, using phishing emails with links to fake bank accounts to ensnare people keen to donate, New Zealand's cyber security body said Monday.

Mars One is dead — Was the chance to live and die on Mars a scam?

Mars One, the company that promised to put humanity on the red planet has met an unfortunate, and what many say is an wholly-expected, end. Mars One Ventures, the for-profit arm of the Mars One mission, was declared bankrupt back in January.

AI chatbot used to combat phishing by wasting scammers' time

A team of cybersecurity researchers has developed an AI chatbot that aims to waste scammers' time by responding to phishing emails. You can forward scam emails to the bot. A proxy email address will then start automatically replying the scammer for you.

Homeland Security forces federal agencies to secure their emails

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that federal agencies must improve their cybersecurity within the next 90 days. The decision, praised by the Global Cyber Appliance, will force agencies to use HTTPS and secure email accounts.

Facebook bans 'cloaking' as it cracks down on scams

Facebook has announced it's taking steps to combat the rise of "cloaking" on its platform. The practice refers to a popular deception technique where scammers disguise a link to their website as a genuine News Feed post, fooling Facebook's moderators.

U.K.'s fraud hot-spots revealed

Fraud is, unfortunately, rife in most areas with scams and confidence tricksters attempting to prize people of their money. In the U.K. there are some regional patterns. For instance, Norfolk suffers with dating scams, Surrey with investment fraud.

Google announces new Gmail features to make email safer

Google has detailed its latest progress in its ongoing work to make email more secure. The company claimed its automated systems can now detect and filter out 99.9 percent of phishing emails. The statement comes after a recent high-profile Gmail scam.

Apple downplays iCloud blackmail — but users should be worried

Apple has downplayed reports that millions of leaked iCloud logins are in the hands of hackers who could use the information to steal personal information or wipe devices.

RCMP warns of new income tax scam

The RCMP is warning Canadians about a new scam that is a twist on a previous one where fraudsters posed as employees of the Canada Revenue Agency. Scammers are now trying to re-victimize people who fell for the original fraud.

Hackers use a clever fake email attachment to access accounts

A new email scam is circulating that aims to trick the user into giving up their email login details by sending over a (fake) link to a PDF to open.

Two Minnesota lawyers charged in porn extortion scam

Minneapolis - The two lawyers are alleged to have devised a scheme whereby they uploaded pornography on Internet sites and then threatened to sue anyone who downloaded the content. They then agreed to settle the cases in return for large cash payments.

Apple's iCal calendar service being targeted by spammers

iPhone owners are being targeted by scammers using iCal calendar event notifications in the run up to the holidays. Users are receiving invitations that claim to offer discounts on designer brands. The messages are fake and trigger more when responded to.

Feds stop telemarketing scheme that pitched money-making schemes

Phoenix - Federal regulators in the United States say telemarketers tricked people out of their money with get-rich-quick schemes.

Indian police arrest 70 for income tax scam targeting Americans

After a series of raids in and around Mumbai, police have charged 70 people and are questioning more than 600 more regarding allegations they were running a scam to defraud American taxpayers by posing as IRS officials.

Google goes to war against fake download buttons

A common trick used by advertisers and scammers is to design fake software download buttons to display alongside websites with legitimate links. Google has announced it will start to protect users against these deceptive buttons with a Chrome update.

Italian firms probed in olive oil scam

Turin - Prosecutors in Turin are probing seven Italian firms, including Carapelli, Bertolli and Sasso. The probe stems from allegations that the firms falsely sold olive oil products as "extra virgin."

Hackers access almost 2,000 Vodafone customer accounts

Mobile network Vodafone has confirmed hackers have accessed its database and obtained the details of nearly 2,000 customers. Phone numbers and bank sort codes are among the stolen information.

Facebook hit by another viral copy-and-paste privacy scam

Another Facebook privacy hoax is currently going viral on the social network, asking users to copy and paste a "privacy notice" to their profile if they want to avoid the social network charging $5.99 to retain access to private posts.

Hacker earns $100k a month sending one million spam emails a day

A hacker has been found to be earning as much as $100,000 a month while doing nothing more than using automated botnets to send nearly one million spam emails per day. The attack is based around the recently exposed RIG exploit kit.

New banking malware scam targets 20,000 in three days

A new form of banking malware discovered in the UK could have infected 20,000 customers in the past week. The malware is distributed in an email and can allow the attackers to remotely control the targeted user's system, stealing their bank details.

Scam dating sites leads to the arrests of Japanese executives

A group of Japanese executives were arrested because of dating sites they ran. Millions of users were members, but only one was a woman.

Op-Ed: A bar of chocolate a day helps you lose weight. Really?

There is plenty of good science out there, and there is plenty of bad science. A scientist and journalist, John Bohannon, has highlighted how quickly 'bad science' can circulate with a spoof feature on chocolate and weight loss.
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