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Google targets annoying browser toolbars with new web protection

Google has enhanced its search protection algorithms to provide more protection against websites harbouring unwanted software designed to hijack a user's computer with unwanted browser settings or intrusive adverts on webpages.

'Anonabox' Tor router pulled from Kickstarter

The anonymising "Anonabox" broadband router has had its successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter pulled within just days of it starting amid complaints about the device's legitimacy.

Game of Thrones phone scam nets thousands

Ibiza - It was recently announced that scenes from season five of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones would be filmed in Seville and Osuna in Spain. Fraudsters saw the ideal opportunity to make a few illegal euros from the news.

Company fined $306K for charging a couple $3,500 on a bad review charged a couple $3,500 for a bad review on a product the buyers never received. They are now having to repay the shoppers with additional damages to the tune of $306,750.

Massive gift card scam by Southwest employee

Crimes related to money and embezzlement involve a variety of mediums, and some people become more resourceful as they go along the way.

Op-Ed: Scam artists are everywhere! How do you protect yourself?

Scam artists are making their move. They are found in every industry type and their skills are on the rise with the growing sophistication of technology.

Op-Ed: Website scams UK motorists to part with more money Special

London - A website has been set up for U.K. motorists who are paying their annual driving tax. The problem is, the site charges a handling fee, unlike the official government website, and it can take multiple payments, according to one concerned reader.

Were you 'goxed'? Might want to add this term to your vocabulary

Bitcoin experienced a significant rise, and now an even faster fall. One of the world's largest exchange for bitcoins was shut down and now filed for bankruptcy.

Bomb threat at SANRAL rounds off 2 anthrax scares this week

Johannesburg - A bomb threat was reported at the SA National Roads Agency Limited's (Sanral) operations centre in Samrand, near Midrand on Sunday.

ANC government & SANRAL's e-tolling causing chaos and dismay

From dead people to people who don't travel on toll roads, to people who don't even own cars to people who don't even live in South Africa, the ANC government's SANRAL seems hell-bent on squeezing money out of whomever they get the details of.

Op-Ed: Your check is in the mail, but don't cash it

It's that time of year again. You know what I mean, when unsuspecting people are inundated with scams involving everything from free gifts to free money, and all the victim has to do is give out their personal information.

Telephone jury duty scam making the rounds…again

Jury duty scams have been making the rounds for years. Recently, this type of fraud has made a comeback in many states. Scammers typically call their victims by telephone.

Beware — Yet another YouTube scam!

How many times have you heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" Alas, some people never learn. Most of us, actually.

Scammers exploit Boston Marathon bombings by sending out malware

As past history indicates, after a tragedy occurs, sadly the scammers are not far behind. Shortly after the horrific Boston Marathon bombing, the scammers began to try to exploit it.

Beware of scammers running rampant on Craigslist

A site created originally for use by the general public has become the hub of scams and Internet fraud. By posting an ad or responding to one, chances are you are likely to become a target for fraud.

Study: Offline schemes are top causes of identity fraud

A new study conducted by an insurance company says, despite the increased use of the Internet being used to conduct business, that offline schemes are the top known causes of identity fraud.

Facebook scam promises free $100 McDonald's gift card

Another survey scam has recently surfaced on Facebook and is making the rounds across the network. The scam promises users a free $100 McDonald's gift card.

Man cons kids of summer fun with faux camp program

New York - A story is being reported by the New York Post this morning that a man conned dozens of families through the illusion of summer camps that turned out to be non-existent. Parents had paid up to $1,000 for their kids to attend the faux camp.

Indian emu farmers arrested for embezzlement

Several emu farm owners in Tamilnadu (A state in India) have been arrested for embezzling huge amounts of investors' money.

Op-Ed: Shoppers react to company selling tap water in bottles Special

Shipley - Asda supermarkets are selling mains tap water as bottled water. The multinational giant prides itself on providing customers with great value for money. Yet, its "Smartprice" bottled water has a 2500 percent mark-up.

Email scam: Fake Verizon bills duping customers

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning of a new phishing scam that is finding its way into the email inboxes of many people.

Facebook video scam claims U.S. attack on Iran and Saudi Arabia

A new scam is making the rounds on Facebook, reports one security company. Not unlike previous scams, this one uses the lure of an attention grabbing "breaking news" story in order to try and snare victims.

New phishing scam targets Apple customers

There is a well-crafted phishing scam that targets Apple users, and tricks them into giving them their AppleID billing information.

Trio faces prison time for toilet paper scam

West Palm Beach - Three men in Florida could face up to 20 years in prison for taking part in a $1 million toilet paper scam. They conned elderly customers into buying unnecessary toilet paper products.

You've Been Scammed — The BBC on fake courses and share scams

This morning saw another well-researched 45-minute documentary aimed at educating the general public, and keeping their money out of the hands of crooks.

Cons use 'Grandma Scams' to defraud elderly

A growing concern over so-called "Grandma Scams" is plaguing the nation. This is just another example of how criminals are preying upon the elderly.

Two new scams currently being used by con artists in Ontario

Peel Regional Police announced two new scams being used in Ontario to fraud area residents, one that involves airline tickets and one that targets those in need of a job.

Senior outwits telephone scammer

A Seagrave, Ontario man, 84, still mourning the recent loss of his wife, was called this week by an unknown male to pay an outstanding bill that his wife had not paid prior to her death.

Scientist resigns from physics society, calls Global Warming a scam

The world has been bombarded by those arguing for and those arguing against the supposed facts in the case for "global warming." Now, a top professor has resigned from the American Physical Society, calling global warming a scam.

'Israeli artists' going door to door in Ontario scam

That knock at the door by an artist selling his unique painting is likely to be a scam, Durham Regional Police warn. The area has been the scene of a fraudulent door-to-door scam in September.
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Babylon is another scam search engine. Don't click the link, don't click anything, close the page and get rid of it.
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Protesters against the ANC's e-toll scammery
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