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Saw News

'Nightcrawler' creeps; Marvel announces release dates until 2019

A funny thing happened on the way to Halloween this year. For the most part, Hollywood is ignoring it, much like one other holiday this past year.

Japanese pop group attacked by saw-wielding man

Members of Japan’s popular singing group AKB48 were injured in a violent attack by a man wielding a saw during a fan event.

Man uses saw to cut both arms in Home Depot

On Wednesday a man entered a Home Depot store located in West Covina, California, and used saws to cut both of his arms.

Death by electric saw

Las Vegas - Two people in Las Vegas are being held without bond until a hearing is completed to assess the charges of murder and conspiracy.

Op-Ed: TIFF 2010 - The confusing painful gorefest of Red Nights Special

Toronto - Picture the torture porn of Saw with the stylish vamping of a Hong Kong action film. Welcome to Red Nights, screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it reminded moviegoers about the maxim, "To each his own."

I Want to Play a Game: Saw Coming to Video Game Consoles

The most gruesome and revolting films recently to come out these past few years will soon be unleashed into your living room...through your video game console that is. Brash Entertainment has just announced a Saw game for 2009.

Chainsaw-wielding man arrested in Maine

A man who waved a chain saw over his head, threatened motorists and did some impromptu pruning of local shrubbery was arrested at gunpoint. No word on whether he did a good job pruning.

Vets remove elephant's infected tusk with chainsaw

The next time you dread a trip to the dentist, consider the plight of poor Tusko the elephant

Dead Silence, from the producers of Saw

I was wondering when they were going to start making rip offs of the goosebump books.

`Saw III' Banned for Minors in France

The French culture minister sat through a screening of the horror movie "Saw III" -- and decided it wasn't for minors.

Jessica Alba Doing Saw 4?

There's a fun rumor at IMDB saying Jessica Alba will star in SAW 4.

Bill O'Reilly Wants to Ban Horror Movies (and is a Moron) -- Video Link Included

In case you missed it, Bill O'Reilly recently went on air and publicly said he wants to ban horror movies. I can't stand this guy. This is a really witty, well-written response to television's most arrogant anchor.

Saw 4 Announced

A fourth SAW film will be rushed into production following the opening weekend of SAW III. It's scheduled to open Halloween 2007

Hostel 2 Teaser Trailer in HDTV

In addition to Saw, this is one of my fave new horror series. Hostel 2 is out, and it's got a twist.

Saw III is #1

Jigsaw puts the pieces together to come out on top.

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Saw Image

Jason Dunn  27  used a radial saw to cut off both his own hands after allegedly stabbing his father.
Jason Dunn, 27, used a radial saw to cut off both his own hands after allegedly stabbing his father.
Sparks flying from a circular saw
Sparks flying from a circular saw
Flickr user Breakfast for Dinner

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