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Two brothers rescue bald eagle, snaps epic selfie afterwards

Sudbury - Two brothers from Canada found a bald eagle with its talon stuck in a fur trap. They took action and freed it. After that, they took a selfie with it.

Video: Cop swings to save suicidal man in China

Ningbo - In this dramatic video, a policeman rescues a man, threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building in Ningbo City, eastern China.

Man saves his own life by amputating his arm

Jonathan Metz, who lives alone, was rescued Wednesday after a friend became worried when Metz failed to report for work and missed Tuesday’s softball game.

Crash video of Australian father saving baby is released

Penrith - The amazing video of a father taking the brunt of an out-of-control car smashing into him and his tiny baby son has just been released. The incident occurred in 2008.

Putin saves TV crew from Siberian tiger

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was visiting a national park to observe how researchers monitor the tigers in the wild, when suddenly a tiger attacked a TV crew. Putin saved them by firing a tranquilizer gun at the rushing tiger.

Rescue dog saves owner from blaze twice

An abused stray dog rescued by the owner from an animal shelter, rescues the new owner from a blaze that engulfed her home last week. She got disoriented and was rescued by her dog.

4-Year-Old Saves Mom With OnStar Call

Ariana Evans, a 4-year-old preschooler, was able to call Emergency via OnStar and seek help for her unconscious mother. Her brother, 2-year-old Alex, was also in the car.

School Bus Driver saves Woman, loses Job

A school bus driver saves a women from danger from her husband with a gun, but loses most of her job.

Former Terror Suspect Saves Building From Being Blown To Pieces

Although it may not be seen as the blessing that it was, a bomb plot suspect from the bombings in London has managed to save a tower block

UPDATE: Ipod saves Soldier's Life

Armor saved soldier's life not the iPod.

Ipod saves Soldier's Life

An iPod saves soldier's life from an insurgent's AK-47 gunshot.

One liver saves two lives

One liver was used to save the lives of two people, a 21 year old and an 8 month old baby.

Man Saves Dog With Mouth-To-Snout Action

The great things you learn in CPR classes pay off!! Whether it is a human or animal.

Timbaland Wants To Save Brittany Spears Career

Timbaland wants Justin to help him save Brittany's career.

401 traffic halts to save girl's life

Police reach teenager just in time, lower her on to trailer's roof from bridge where she was about to jump.

81-Year-Old security guard saves a woman's life

81 year old security guard jumps in pond and pulls a 200-pound woman from submerged car

Bus Driver Leaps Off Bus to Save Girl

A city bus driver is lauded as a hero after he leapt off his bus and snatched a 3-year-old girl from traffic. The bus security cameras show the girl getting off the bus with a cheery "Bye!" and walking straight into traffic on a busy street. Chris Leslie,

Prison inmate saves Oregon toddler's life

An Oregon family say they are thanking God for a federal prison inmate after he came to the rescue of their 15-month-old boy.

Dog uses phone to save owners life

A beagle named Belle saved its owners life by biting his mobile phone and calling the emergency services. Mr Weaver fell unconcious after his blood sugar was low being a diabetic, after Belle couldn't wake him by licking and nipping she diallled for an...

Xbox Live Saves potential School Shooting

Xbox Live has the power to save lives.

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