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Op-Ed: 'Poverty porn' making a comeback without any long-term answers

The ads are all over television and social media. Emaciated children, filth -filled streets, and families looking for food in garbage pits. All the pictures are designed to tug at our hearts and wallets, and they're very successful.

Ebola virus 'reactivates' in UK nurse — condition is serious

London - A nurse who contracted the Ebola virus last year in Sierra Leone is now in serious condition in a London hospital after the Ebola virus re-activated, just 10 days after meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron's wife, Samantha.

Another tragedy as 40 migrants die off coast of Italy

Around 40 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday, according to a Save the Children spokeswoman on the southern Italian island of Sicily. The deaths were reported by the 240 migrants surviving the dangerous crossing.

USA: The worst place in the developed world to be a mother

The U.S. is the most dangerous place in the developed world to become a mother, says a Save the Children report. In the world's richest country, the chance of dying in childbirth and levels of child mortality are not far removed from the third world.

State of the World’s Mothers report released by Save the Children

It is entirely appropriate that with Mother's Day coming up, Save the Children on Monday has released its annual "State of the World's Mothers 2015: The Urban Disadvantage" report.

Bullet-ridden bodies of five aid workers found in Afghanistan

The bullet-ridden bodies of five aid workers, taken under duress by armed gunmen nearly two months ago, have been found in a city in the south of Afghanistan, a government official reported on Saturday.

PSA flips the script on plight of Syria's children

A new video has managed to both skewer the trend of "second a day" videos and provide a very real insight into what is happening to the children living in war-torn Syria.

Review: ‘Panorama — All In A Good Cause’ Special

If you've ever wondered why white liberals are such enthusiastic supporters of "good causes", this programme will stop you wondering.

Op-Ed: The latest wheeze from Save The Children

The Save The Children fund is running a new TV advertisement inviting you to donate £5 to help alleviate child poverty. If you have a heart, you won't.

Op-Ed: Is There A Better Way To Give To Charity?

When you donate money to charity, does it really go towards helping the poor, or does much of it find its way into the pockets of the less than needy?

UK: children going hungry, claims charity

Save the Children has launched its first ever poverty campaign in Britain. The charity, which previously focused on Africa, Asia and South America, claims British children are going hungry as a result of government austerity polices.

Where's the worst place for mothers? US worst for breastfeeding

The thirteenth annual State of the World’s Mothers report measuring the likelihood of death due to childbirth and other motherhood-related causes lists Niger as a mother's worst location; the US is the worst industrialized country for breastfeeding.

Half of newborn deaths now happen in just five large countries

Worldwide fewer newborns are dying but WHO and Save The Children stress that the progress is slow and Africa is being left further behind. That is the findings of a new study released yesterday in the medical journal PLoS Medicine.

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Justin Forsyth  Chief Executive of Save the Children UK  a man who believes in charitable giving
Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children UK, a man who believes in charitable giving
Mahbooba  one of the Maternal Child Health Promoters 
teaches mothers and other caregivers simple bu...
Mahbooba, one of the Maternal Child Health Promoters, teaches mothers and other caregivers simple but important hygiene practices for young children when preparing and eating nutritional meals.
Save the Children
Save the Children s  State of the World s Mothers 2015: The Urban Disadvantage   was released Monday...
Save the Children's "State of the World's Mothers 2015: The Urban Disadvantage," was released Monday evening.
Save the Children
A screencap from  Most Shocking Second a Day Video  by Save the Children
A screencap from "Most Shocking Second a Day Video" by Save the Children
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