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Sasquatch News

Review: ‘Missing Link’ tells an amusing story with stunning artistry Special

‘Missing Link’ is another epic, Laika stop-motion picture that presumes the Bigfoot is actually an educated creature in search of friendship.

Sasquatch: Video of Bigfoot lurking in the woods of Provo, Utah

Provo - A new video by YouTube user "AnythingWhatever" is going viral due to an image captured on video in the dark woods of Utah that may or may not be a Sasquatch.

Sasquatch footage? Hiker says video is of a Bigfoot near Squamish

You will have to look at it yourself, but a man called Mr. Lamont uploaded a video to YouTube that he says he believes to be of a Sasquatch, of Bigfoot. The mythical creature hasn't been proven to exist and this video likely won't change that.

Pennsylvania man calls 911, Bigfoot left tracks behind his house

Altoona - The police in Altoona, Pennsylvania received a 911 call from a resident John Winesickle on May 14. Winesickle claimed he saw Bigfoot tracks in the local woods behind his home where he often goes for a walk.

Scientists start DNA hunt for Bigfoot, Yeti and cryptid species

Oxford - Scientists say they are looking for genetic evidence of the existence of widely reported humanoids known in various parts of the world as Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch, and other cryptozoological beings that have been claimed across the world.

North Carolina man claims Bigfoot killed his dog

Charlotte - Tim Peeler who lives in Cleveland County North Carolina called police in early June to report a Sasquatch had killed one of his five dogs.

Footprints in Arizona lend credence to idea Bigfoot is real

There are few locations in North America that have not been touched with sightings of Bigfoot or other reported signs, such as footprints.

Russian paper publishes photo of 'Canadian Bigfoot'

Pravda claims a Canadian cryptozoologist sent a photograph to a Russian organization called the International Center for Hominology.

What is it? Maine video footage of unidentified creature posted

As you can see for yourself, there is not much to the footage. A group of people on a walk in the woods, reputed to be in Maine, spot what they think is a bear in a tree. Things take a left turn when they try to get a better idea of what the animal is.

Bigfoot picture, story might be too good to be true

A hunting family has released an image of what they claim is a Bigfoot. The image was captured on a rainy night in a remote area of Minnesota by a game camera.

San Antonio 'Bigfoot' sightings might just have been hunters

There have been a number of sightings of a Bigfoot seen near San Antonio's west side, and investigators have found "unexplained" foot prints.

Bigfoot search in West Virginia turns up 'suspicious' footprints

A search for the Sasquatch, better known in North America as 'Bigfoot,' was held in the Dolly Sods wilds of West Virginia recently.

Sasquatch Is Not Alone

Hopes might have dashed for Sasquatch, but guess what; he’s not the only one around with big feet. Another important sighting of a monstrous being was publicized last weekend by a US film crew that went looking on Mount Everest.

Man posts a video of a Sasquatch on

A man has posted footage of a Sasquatch on youtube and Dr. John Bindernagel thinks it might be real.

Recycling: It's the Shits

The bear facts on turning poop into paper

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Sasquatch Image

 Bigfoot  sighting at Provo Canyon
"Bigfoot" sighting at Provo Canyon
Bigfoot tracks  Altoona  Pa.
Bigfoot tracks, Altoona, Pa.
John Winesickle
Sasquatch performer at Tuolumne Fairgrounds
Sasquatch performer at Tuolumne Fairgrounds

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