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Greenaway to shoot Russia film backed by sanction-hit Putin ally

London - British director Peter Greenaway is to direct a film about Russia backed by a billionaire businessman and ally of President Vladimir Putin who has come under US sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

Blacklisted Russian deputy PM angers Norway with Arctic visit

Oslo - Norway said Sunday it was angry that Russia's deputy prime minister visited its Arctic Svalbard archipelago this weekend even though he is banned from Norwegian territory over Russia's role in the Ukraine conflict.

Obama agrees to Congressional oversight of Iran nuclear deal

Washington, D. C. - U.S. President Barack Obama agreed Tuesday that Congress has the power to review any proposed nuclear deal with Iran before any provisions take effect.

Op-Ed: Kerry begins to accept that Congress will have say on Iran deal

Washington, D. C. - Sounds like a fourth-grade social studies teacher finally got to him. Of course, we’re speaking about U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the longtime U.S. Senator who took over the State Department when Hillary Clinton left in 2013.

U.S. Senate threatens Iran with new sanctions

Washington - The U.S. Senate voted unanimously supporting a non-binding measure to slap new economic sanctions on Iran should it violate terms of any nuclear deal it reaches with world powers.

EU's Russia sanctions extended to end-2015: Tusk

Brussels - EU leaders agreed to effectively extend economic sanctions against Russia until the end of 2015, tying them to full implementation of the Minsk ceasefire accords in Ukraine.

Obama orders deeper Venezuela sanctions over abuses

Washington - US President Barack Obama ordered new sanctions Monday against senior Venezuelan officials involved in cracking down on the opposition.

Swiss firm sells camouflage nets to sanctions-hit Russia

Ginebra - Russia has acquired high-tech camouflage netting from Switzerland for a record 85 million euros, having placed the order before Bern imposed sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine conflict, reports said Sunday.

Yemen ex-strongman Saleh amassed up to $60 billion: UN

New York - Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh is believed to have amassed between $32 billion and $60 billion through corruption during his 33 years in power, a UN report said Wednesday.

Russia vows to respond to 'illogical' EU sanctions

Moscow - Moscow said on Monday it would respond to the latest EU sanctions over the Ukraine conflict which target several prominent figures including a popular singer, condemning them as "inconsistent and illogical"."Such decisions...

Greece-EU clash spreads to Russia sanctions

Brussels - Greece has created a new headache for the EU by questioning sanctions against Russia over Ukraine but is unlikely to block them for fear of harming its own debt negotiations, analysts and sources say.

U.S. threatens tougher action against Russia over Ukraine

Kiev - U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Wednesday that Washington was ready to increase sanctions on Russia over its actions in war-torn Ukraine.

Not by bread alone: Russians urged to go without for Putin

Moscow - Eat less, use beetroot instead of lipstick, swap French lingerie for Russian-made cotton panties and remember that hardships are a test from God.

Hollande: Russia sanctions should end 'if Ukraine progress'

Paris - French President Francois Hollande said Monday that biting Western sanctions against Russia should be lifted if progress were made in resolving the Ukraine crisis."I think the sanctions must stop now. They must be lifted if there is progress.

N. Korea slams 'hostile' U.S. sanctions over Sony hack

Seoul - North Korea on Sunday lashed out at fresh sanctions imposed by the United States in retaliation for its alleged cyber attack on Sony Pictures, criticising Washington for refusing a proposed joint investigation.

US slaps sanctions on North Korea after Sony hack

Washington - The United States imposed new sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for a cyber attack on Hollywood studio Sony Pictures.

Op-Ed: Russian women urged to use beetroot for lipstick

Moscow - That Russian hooker may be using beetroot for lipstick. In few places have Western sanctions on Russian have had more effect than on women as a commodity in Vladimir Putin’s gulag.

New U.S. sanctions law could undermine relations with Russia: Lavrov

Moscow - New U.S. legislation authorising sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis could undermine relations between Moscow and Washington for a long time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying on Friday.

EU approves new Crimea sanctions

Brussels - The EU imposed additional sanctions Thursday on Crimea, banning all investment and cruise ships from its ports to force home the message the bloc will not recognise Russia's "illegal annexation" of Ukraine territory.

Op-Ed: No ringtones for ruble in Russia

Moscow - The Russian economy is collapsing and more sanctions are ahead. Apple halted online sales in Russia and Moscow began selling off reserve foreign currency.

So long Alps, hello Sochi: Ruble dive keeps Russians home

Saint Petersburg - Like many Russians, Maria Pchelkina enjoys winter holidays abroad, but the ruble crash means this time she'll swap the cottage she'd been eying in Finland for a staycation in Saint-Petersburg.

Obama will sign Russia sanctions bill: White House

Washington - US President Barack Obama will sign into law a bill passed by Congress to tighten sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine, the White House said Tuesday, amid a dramatic run on the ruble.

Putin can choose a path to end sanctions: Kerry

London - US and European sanctions against Russia could be lifted within days if President Vladimir Putin makes the right choices in Ukraine, top US diplomat John Kerry said Tuesday.

Russia will react if more sanctions imposed

Russia's Interfax news agency reported on Saturday that Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia will take countermeasures if Washington imposes new sanctions on Moscow.

'Stupid' U.S. sanctions won't undo my government: Maduro

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro charged Saturday that tighter, "stupid" new U.S. sanctions are just further straining to undermine military staff loyalty after Venezuela derailed a bid to oust him.

Putin to face icy reception at G20 summit

Brisbane - Vladimir Putin faces an icy reception at the G20 summit with Britain's David Cameron telling the Russian leader to stop bullying smaller states and Australia's Tony Abbott accusing him of trying to relive the "lost glories of tsarism".

No date 'confirmed' for warship delivery to Russia

Paris - No date has been "confirmed at this stage" for the delivery of a Mistral-class warship to Russia, French manufacturer DCNS said Wednesday, after Moscow said the controversial handover was due on November 14.

Russia scraps US exchange scheme, says teen put in gay couple's care

Moscow - Russia has pulled out of a long-running US-funded student exchange programme, accusing the organisers of letting a teenager stay behind in the United States in the care of a gay couple.

China expresses opposition to further sanctions on Russia

Moscow - China has been careful in its responses to the Ukrainian situation. While it wants to retain Russia as an ally it is concerned that the Crimea referendum could set a precedent for areas such as Tibet, which is part of China.

Putin dismisses new sanctions even as Russian ruble sinks

Moscow - Fresh EU and US sanctions on Friday dragged the ruble to a new low, even as Russian President Vladimir Putin brushed them off and accused the West of using Ukraine as a political pawn.
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A worker paints a Donetsk People's Republic flag on a vehicle at a repair shop in the eastern U...
A worker paints a Donetsk People's Republic flag on a vehicle at a repair shop in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, February 25, 2015
Andrey Borodulin, AFP
Russia has vowed to take retaliatory measures in response to the latest round of US sanctions impose...
Russia has vowed to take retaliatory measures in response to the latest round of US sanctions imposed on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.
Press TV
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akcji #jedzjabłka.Gryzą: A.Sobczak z gospo i wicenaczelny P.Stasiński @puls_biznesu (The basic meaning? Eat apples)
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PEACEMAKERS: From left, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, participates in a trilateral meeting with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton meet in New York in September.
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During the videoconference on the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome.
Photo taken May  22  20...
During the videoconference on the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. Photo taken May, 22, 2014
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Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
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UN: The Security Council Chamber
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A Russian McDonald s menu
A Russian McDonald's menu
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The European Parliament
The European Parliament
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Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
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