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Sanctions News

Putin to face icy reception at G20 summit

Brisbane - Vladimir Putin faces an icy reception at the G20 summit with Britain's David Cameron telling the Russian leader to stop bullying smaller states and Australia's Tony Abbott accusing him of trying to relive the "lost glories of tsarism".

No date 'confirmed' for warship delivery to Russia

Paris - No date has been "confirmed at this stage" for the delivery of a Mistral-class warship to Russia, French manufacturer DCNS said Wednesday, after Moscow said the controversial handover was due on November 14.

Russia scraps US exchange scheme, says teen put in gay couple's care

Moscow - Russia has pulled out of a long-running US-funded student exchange programme, accusing the organisers of letting a teenager stay behind in the United States in the care of a gay couple.

China expresses opposition to further sanctions on Russia

Moscow - China has been careful in its responses to the Ukrainian situation. While it wants to retain Russia as an ally it is concerned that the Crimea referendum could set a precedent for areas such as Tibet, which is part of China.

Putin dismisses new sanctions even as Russian ruble sinks

Moscow - Fresh EU and US sanctions on Friday dragged the ruble to a new low, even as Russian President Vladimir Putin brushed them off and accused the West of using Ukraine as a political pawn.

Op-Ed: New sanctions against Russia going ahead despite cease-fire

Brussels - The European Union decided on Friday to impose tough new sanctions on Moscow, which could cripple development of new Russian energy sources, despite a shaky cease-fire in the Ukraine.

Op-Ed: Russian government threatens more self-inflicted wounds

Moscow - The Russian government has begun using the latest fashionable military terms to describe how it will react to more sanctions. Bottom line: it is threatening more self-inflicted damage.

Russia could restrict airspace in sanctions battle: PM

Moscow - Russia will retaliate against a new round of Western sanctions over Ukraine and may block flights through its airspace, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview published on Monday.

EU decision on Russia sanctions by Friday

Brussels - European Union nations will decide on new sanctions against Moscow by Friday, with Russian aggression towards Ukraine requiring the strongest possible response, incoming EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said.

Bourbon and Big Mac getting the cold shoulder in Russia

Moscow's food safety regulator, Rospotrebnadzor has been working hard this past week, closing seven more McDonald's restaurants over apparent sanitary violations. The watch-dog agency has even been barking at the heels of the company behind Jack Daniels.

EU reserves right to 'action' after Russia sanctions

Brussels - The European Union's executive warned on Thursday it was ready "to take action" over Russia's decision to restrict imports of EU food and agricultural products.

Op-Ed: Putin launches food fight in Ukraine

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin brings to mind a drunken college fraternity, always ready for the next road trip to get revenge. It seemed like what the world should expect from a shirtless tiger.

Russia's Putin orders response to Western sanctions

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday ordered his government to draft a response to "unacceptable" Western sanctions over Moscow's perceived backing of pro-Kremlin rebels in Ukraine's volatile east.

Unclear whether sanctions can influence Russia

Brussels - No one doubts the latest EU and US economic sanctions on Russia will inflict significant costs, but whether they can force Moscow to reverse course in Ukraine is a completely different question.

EU targets Russian intelligence chiefs, readies tougher sanctions

Brussels - Spurred into action by the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the EU put Russia's intelligence chiefs on its sanctions list Saturday as it readied much harsher measures against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.

Obama, Putin spoke about U.S. sanctions: U.S. official

Washington - President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone on Thursday about tough new sanctions imposed on Moscow on Ukraine.White House spokesman Josh Earnest did not divulge other topics of the conversation.

Russia slams sanctions 'blackmail'

Moscow - The US and EU bolstered sanctions against Russia over its alleged support of separatists in Ukraine, drawing an angry rebuke on Thursday from Moscow which said the measures amounted to "blackmail".

U.S., EU stiffen sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

Washington - The United States and Europe strengthened sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine Wednesday, with President Barack Obama taking his first direct swipes in the finance, military and energy sectors of the Russian economy.

N. Korea, Japan trade food and medicine in kidnap investigation

The animosity between Japan and North Korea has been going on for years, occasionally escalating into hostile exchanges of threats. But the abduction of Japanese nationals in the late 1970s and early 1980s has never been resolved.

US, Europe readying tougher Russia sanctions on Ukraine

London - The United States and European partners are ready to impose tougher sanctions against Russia if it seeks to disrupt Ukraine's upcoming presidential elections, top diplomats warned Thursday.

US., Europe rallying tougher Russia sanctions on Ukraine

London - The United States and European partners are stepping up efforts to draft tougher sanctions against Russia if it seeks to disrupt Ukraine's upcoming presidential elections, a US official said Thursday.

U.S imposes more sanctions on Syria

The United States has implemented more sanctions against the Syrian government. Sanctions which prohibit U.S businesses and individuals from doing business with certain officials, banks and institutions.

US imposes sanctions on 7 Russian officials, 17 firms

Kharkiv - The United States on Monday imposed sanctions on seven Russian officials and 17 firms linked to President Vladimir Putin's inner circle to punish what it said were "provocative acts" in Ukraine.

Obama decries 'thugs' in Ukraine, Russian 'provocation'

Kuala Lumpur - US President Barack Obama told Russia Sunday it should cooperate with international observers in Ukraine, not stand by while they were detained by pro-Moscow "thugs.

Russia ready for new sanctions over Ukraine: Medvedev

Moscow - Russia is ready to face a new round of Western sanctions over Ukraine, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday."I am sure we will be able to minimise their consequences," he said in a televised speech to parliament.

US allows Boeing to sell plane parts to Iran

Washington - The United States has issued a license allowing Boeing to do business with Iran for the first time since the US embargo of 1979, a company spokesman told AFP Friday.

Europe's response to Crimea falls short of Washington

Brussels - Europe has ramped up its response to Russia's annexation of Crimea with a new round of sanctions that still fall short of Washington's moves and will have little bite, experts say.

12 top Russian politicians, Putin cronies on EU blacklist

Brussels - Twelve top Russian politicians, members of President Vladimir Putin's inner circle, and Black Sea and Crimea commanders feature on a new EU sanctions blacklist agreed Friday.Topping the latest European Union sanctions list -- which brings the total num...

Visa, Mastercard block transactions for sanctioned banks

Moscow - Visa and MasterCard have stopped servicing the credit cards of customers using Russian banks affected by the economic sanctions announced in Washington, the banks said Friday.Bank Rossiya, used by close associates of President Vladimir Putin, said in a...

Russian tycoon dumps shares to beat U.S. sanctions rap

Geneva - Russian billionaire Gennady Timchenko sold his stake in Gunvor a day before being named in sanctions announced by the United States over the Ukraine crisis, the Swiss-based commodity trading company said Thursday.
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During the videoconference on the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome.
Photo taken May  22  20...
During the videoconference on the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. Photo taken May, 22, 2014
Presidential Press and Information Office
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Camila Mautschke/Wikimedia Commons
A Russian McDonald s menu
A Russian McDonald's menu
Rob Lee
Maja Kocijančič  Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU led by High Repres...
Maja Kocijančič, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU led by High Representative/Vice-President Catherine Ashton, said that by end of September European Union is going to consider easing of sanctions against Russia As soon as Putin started to imitate the visibility of termination of active military actions in Eastern Ukraine we are ready to turn tail, go back down. Have the Russian armed forces withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine and sent to places of permanent
PEACEMAKERS: From left  Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and...
PEACEMAKERS: From left, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, participates in a trilateral meeting with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton meet in New York in September.
U.S. State Department/Wikimedia Commons
Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
Jacek Pilch @PilchJacek
akcji #jedzjabłka.Gryzą: A.Sobczak z gospo i wicenaczelny P.Stasiński @puls_biznesu (The basic me...
akcji #jedzjabłka.Gryzą: A.Sobczak z gospo i wicenaczelny P.Stasiński @puls_biznesu (The basic meaning? Eat apples)
Michał A. Zieliński
UN: The Security Council Chamber
UN: The Security Council Chamber
UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras
A current event at the East of Ukraine has become the most serious international conflict since the ...
A current event at the East of Ukraine has become the most serious international conflict since the start of XXI century and it will affect world tendencies and mutual relationships between European countries. Russian aspiration for domination all over the region by providing “hybrid” war against Ukraine compelled the whole world to recollect the notorious experience of Czechoslovakia, which was occupied by the USSR. So-called reforms and political changes in Czechoslovakia called “Prague

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