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San Diego News

Flesh-eating bacteria kills seven heroin users in San Diego

Seven people in San Diego County have been killed by a flesh-eating bacteria since the beginning of October, and health officials say the outbreak is linked to the use of black tar heroin.

Man distracted by electronic device walks off a cliff and dies

San Diego - The man who was distracted by the electronic device he was holding and fell 60 feet to his death at San Diego's Sunset Cliffs has been identified, lifeguards say. The incident happened around 4:50 p.m. on Christmas day.

Woman in San Diego must pay $15K fine over Airbnb rentals

San Diego - A woman in San Diego has to pay a fine of $15,000 for operating AirBnb rentals. The original fine was more than $20,000, but it was reduced.

Op-Ed: What to check out at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

There are pop-culture conventions, and then there's San Diego Comic-Con, the annual extravaganza celebrating movies, TV, comics, video games and much, much more.

San Diego posts huge cuts in water consumption

Latest figures released by the State Water Resources Control Board Wednesday show the City of San Diego reduced water consumption by 26 percent in May.

Defense contractor pleads guilty in enormous bribery case

San Diego - It's a courtroom drama and corruption scandal of epic proportions that has the makings of a good movie and involves a Malaysian defense contractor along with key officials from the U.S. Navy.

No drinking allowed on Canadian naval ships

The Royal Canadian Navy imposed a ban on alcoholic beverage consumption aboard naval vessels on Friday with only a few minor exceptions. The ban came after a warship had to be recalled from sea exercises in July because of an incident in San Diego.

Op-Ed: San Diego gears up for annual celebration of nerd culture

San Diego - Summer marks the beginning of convention season in America. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to gaming, anime, and comic book conventions every year, but none are bigger than the event held in San Diego this weekend.

San Diego minimum wage to rise in 2015

San Diego - Some big changes are coming for San Diegans working minimum wage jobs: effective next year, the minimum wage will rise to $9.75, and companies will be required to give all workers five sick days a year.

Genetic sequencing used to map HIV transmission

The transmission network of HIV in a human population has been mapped, using genetic sequencing, for the first time, say researchers from University of California San Diego.

Parents reveal story of how transgender son became boy at 5

Jeff and Hillary Whittington, from San Diego, accepted the Inspiration Award at the 6th annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast on Thursday, and they shared their story of Ryland's decision and gender transition.

Thousands evacuated as California wildfires come early and often

Carlsbad - Tens of thousands of people including a nuclear plant, a college campus and a US military base had to be evacuated Wednesday after numerous early-season wildfires converged near San Diego.

Two kittens survive accidental trip from Los Angeles to San Diego

Chula Vista - Two tiny newborn kittens, since dubbed Mouse and Wifi, were accidentally packed in a box and shipped in a truck from Los Angeles all the way to San Diego and survived the long and stressful 126-mile journey.

'Dead' man missing for decades wants to be declared alive

San Diego - A San Diego man claims he is a former Verizon worker, missing for 20 years and declared dead. He is now seeking to be declared alive and to start receiving Verizon benefits, which have been going to his "widow."

Southern California sky lights up with reported fireball

What was that light? From San Diego to Santa Barbara Southern Californians have reported a fireball. Forecasters believe what they saw was probably a meteor that streaked across the sky.

Tasmanian Devils find new home at San Diego zoo

San Diego - Four Tasmanian devils are now living at the San Diego Zoo after arriving from Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia earlier this week.

FBI confirms elite team rescued abducted teen in Idaho

Boise - Hannah Anderson, the 16 year-old California teen who was abducted and the subject of a massive manhunt was rescued by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team who gunned down her abductor at a remote campsite in Idaho.

California man suspected for murder and kidnapping

San Diego - There is an Amber Alert in effect for two missing children of a California woman whose body was discovered inside a scorched home near the U.S-Mexico border.

Op-Ed: But in Topeka the flies are a-buzzin’

Someone awaking from a really long coma and forced to watch morning network and cable news shows might think the biggest story facing the civilized world today involves a wandering Weiner.

Twitter may have helped capture fugitive in Mexico

San Diego - A six-month game of cat and mouse between a former Amtrak clerk convicted of fraud and the American justice system ended in an arraignment this Monday, July 8, and Twitter may have played a part.

Op-Ed: Laughing championship — It actually exists

San Diego - Laughing is a good natural body remedy. Now it has turned into a serious competition. Inspired by watching UFC fights, Albert Nerenberg has organized a laughing competition that is to be held at the Westin Hotel in San Diego on April 6.

San Diego police help wayward sea lion pup find the ocean

San Diego - Police officers in San Diego received what some would consider an unusual call for assistance when they were asked to help a wayward sea lion pup find his way back to the ocean.

Watch 25-sec time lapse of landings at San Diego Airport in 5 hrs

San Diego - A time lapse posted to YouTube that shows commercial jets landing in San Diego Airport in a 5-hour period on Friday, Nov. 23 is going viral. The video looks like a war time reel showing a fighter jet squadron taking off to join an aerial battle.

Travel + Leisure ranks best, worst cities for good-looking people

A survey conducted by a popular American travel magazine ranks the nation's cities with the most-- and least-- beautiful people.

Video: Jaguar, other zoo animals celebrate Halloween

San Diego - With Hurricane Sandy and the election dominating a lot of the media coverage, people sometimes need a distraction, and what better way to put a smile on our face than seeing adorable animals celebrate the holidays.

California: Bus driver who drove stoned demands apology

San Diego - Unbeknownst to them, two San Diego Metropolitan Transit Service bus operators say they snacked on pot brownies before starting their shifts hauling residents around the city’s busy streets.

The top 16 costumes at Comic-Con 2012

The annual Comic-Con International convention brings together a variety of geeks, superhero fans, comic book fans and much more. Here are the 16 most impressive costumes from the San Diego far.

San Diego fireworks go off all at once, over in seconds [VIDEO]

San Diego - Yesterday the city of San Diego was all set to have their annual Fourth of July fireworks show, but a glitch caused all of the fireworks scheduled for the 18-minute show to ignite all at once.

Video: San Diego sidewalk singer Charlie Rae goes viral on Reddit

San Diego - A street performer, Charlie Rae, was transformed overnight into a viral sensation after a video of her performing on the streets of San Diego was posted to YouTube. The video became an instant hit on Reddit and has received nearly 400,000 views.

Video: San Diego Zoo baby gorilla Monroe turns one

San Diego - The San Diego Zoo's Safari Park celebrated the first birthday of Monroe, the zoo's youngest gorilla on Friday. Monroe is a western lowland gorilla, a species listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
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Dole containers in port of San Diego.
Dole containers in port of San Diego.
Port of San Diego
Heng Ung
Pat Loika
HMCS Whitehorse docked in Esquimalt July 17  while some of its crew members were being investigated....
HMCS Whitehorse docked in Esquimalt July 17, while some of its crew members were being investigated. The Canadian vessel was ordered home after alleged misconduct during naval exercises off the California coast.
Kevin Dooley
San Diego  California is also a city committed to 100 percent renewable energy.
San Diego, California is also a city committed to 100 percent renewable energy.
U.S. Navy
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Bluefin tuna tested for cesium levels from Fukushima.
Bluefin tuna tested for cesium levels from Fukushima.
Video screen capture
The cliffs where Joshua M. Burwell fell to his death.
The cliffs where Joshua M. Burwell fell to his death.
YouTube screen grab Luff Yona
James Lee Dimaggio  40  left; Ethan Anderson  8  middle; and Hannah Anderson  16  right.
James Lee Dimaggio, 40, left; Ethan Anderson, 8, middle; and Hannah Anderson, 16, right.
California Highway Patrol
Official Seal of the City of Carlsbad  Calif.
Official Seal of the City of Carlsbad, Calif.
City of Carlsbad/Wikimedia Commons
File photo: Homeless and cold.
File photo: Homeless and cold.
Ed Yourdon via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)
HMCS Whitehorse in San Francisco Bay in 2009.
HMCS Whitehorse in San Francisco Bay in 2009.
Two newborn kittens  Mouse and Wifi  survived a journey in a box all the way from Los Angeles to San...
Two newborn kittens, Mouse and Wifi, survived a journey in a box all the way from Los Angeles to San Diego.

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