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Same-sex marriage News

South Dakota denies lesbians drivers licenses in married name

Sioux Falls - A lesbian couple were denied South Dakota driver’s licenses in their married names because of the state’s 2006 constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriages and civil unions and denied their recognition.

Zach Wahls' Iowa speech on family and gay marriage goes viral

Des Moines - Zach Wahls, a University of Iowa engineering student, a small business owner, an Eagle Scout and the son of a same-sex couple, addressed the Iowa legislature this week in defense of same-sex marriage and the video has gone viral, becoming an Internet hit.

Ireland accepts foreign gay marriages – but as civil partnerships

Ireland is the latest country to accept gay marriages as well as civil partnerships that were conducted in other countries. But same-sex marriage will be downgraded to the status of civil partnership.

Artist could be fired after protest against Catholic anti-gay DVD

Minneapolis - An artist in Minneapolis faces being fired from her job for her protest against a Catholic DVD that rails against same-sex marriage.

California's Proposition 8 overturned

Passed by a 52.3 percent margin in November 2008, the ballot measure banned same-sex unions in the state. On Aug. 4, it was ruled unconstitutional. Prop. 8 supporters are expected to appeal the ruling.

Australian premier says she’s against gay marriage

Australia’s new prime minister has declared herself against same-sex marriage, following the stand taken by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd.

Same-sex marriage to remain illegal in Wisconsin

Same-sex marriage will remain illegal in Wisconsin, after the state’s Supreme Court upheld an earlier ban on both gay marriage and civil unions.

Prime minister of Iceland marries same-sex partner

Iceland’s new prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, has become one of the first in the country to enter into a same-sex marriage, thanks to a recent change in the law.

Rapper Eminem comes out in favour of gay marriage

The rapper Eminem – a.k.a. Marshall Mathers – has announced he is in favour of gay marriage. This may surprise gay campaigners, who have criticised Eminem in the past for such lyrics as “Hate fags? The answer’s yes.”

Irish rights groups slam Catholic bishops over civil partnerships

The Catholic Church in Ireland has come under fire from civil-rights groups and members of the Irish parliament after bishops demanded a free vote on civil partnerships.

Cameron promises churches will host gay partnership ceremonies

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that same-sex partnership ceremonies will be able to be held on religious premises.

Anti-gay campaigners say derecognise existing same-sex marriages

Sponsors of “traditional marriage” in California want recognition of the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed in the state in 2008 to be revoked.

Actress Olivia Munn pleads with Obama to legalise gay marriage

Actress Olivia Munn wants President Barack Obama to legalise gay marriage. The 29-year-old says she’s “upset” that same-sex unions are still illegal in the United States.

Laura Bush: I was secretly in favour of abortion and gay rights

The former American First Lady Laura Bush has told a TV audience that, during her husband’s eight years in office, she was secretly in favour of abortion and gay rights.

Pope condemned over latest ‘gay marriage’ attack

A gay humanist charity has robustly criticised Pope Benedict after he said gay marriage was “insidious and dangerous”. He made the remarks during his four-day visit to Portugal.

UK Conservatives say same-sex unions could be called ‘marriage’

The traditional enemy of gay rights in Britain, the Conservative Party, has now become the only party seeming to offer marriage to same-sex couples.

Diplomat at centre of ‘Benedict condoms’ row named

The British diplomat who has been disciplined for a now notorious memo suggesting that Pope Benedict be invited to bless a gay marriage when he’s in the UK has now been named.

Republican Huckabee: Gay marriage like incest, polygamy

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says allowing gay people to marry is akin to legalizing incest, drug use, and polygamy.

California gay-marriage ban will have to stay – for now

The ban on same-sex marriage is set to remain in California, after too few signatures were gathered to secure a vote on whether to dump the controversial legislation known as Proposition 8.

Religions welcome same-sex ceremonies on their premises

Religious groups in the United Kingdom have welcomed a new law that will allow them to use their premises for same-sex “marriage” ceremonies.

Amnesty urged to ‘adopt’ Malawi gay couple

Human-rights advocates are calling for a same-sex couple in Malawi to be adopted as prisoners of conscience by Amnesty International, after they were arrested for holding a traditional engagement ceremony.

Same-sex Washington couples tie the knot today

Ceremonies were being held in Washington, DC, today as the first same-sex couples to marry in the city made legal history.

UK peers approve gay ‘marriage’ ceremonies on religious premises

Britain’s upper legislative chamber, the House of Lords, has voted to allow the use of religious premises and religious language in same-sex partnership ceremonies.

Largest gay wedding in history set for Washington DC

Washington - On March 20 up to 400 same-sex couples will gather in Washington DC to get married as part of the Our Time Has Come event to become the current Guinness World Record.

Australia Senate throws out gay marriage

The Australian Senate has thrown out an attempt to legalize same-sex marriage. A Bill that would have allowed gays to marry was defeated comprehensively.

Religious group wants wide-ranging reform of marriage law

A UK religious think tank wants wide-ranging reform of marriage law. The call follows a move to legally recognise same-sex partnership ceremonies carried out by religious groups and institutions – currently not allowed under British law.

UK Anglican bishops call for religious same-sex ceremonies

Anglican bishops have thrown their weight behind calls for same-sex partnerships to be registered and celebrated in religious premises.

Portuguese Parliament Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Portugal looks set to become the sixth country in Europe to legalize same-sex marriage after the country's parliament passed a bill Friday approving same-sex wedding ceremonies that now needs ratification by the Portuguese President before becoming law.

Same-sex marriage killed in New Jersey Senate

The New Jersey Senate has rejected a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. The final vote was 14 for the bill with 20 against it. The bill needed 21 votes in favor to pass.

Argentina Witnesses Latin America's First Same-Sex Marriage

The world's southernmost city, Ushuaia, capital of Argentina's Tierra del Fuego province, was the location on Monday for the first same-sex marriage in Latin America.
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