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Bishop plans to perform exorcism in response to gay marriage

Springfield - A Roman Catholic bishop says he plans to conduct an exorcism ritual when a same-sex marriage bill is expected to be signed next week in Illinois by Governor Pat Quinn.

Op-Ed: Walking actually provides better health benefits than running

We would think that running uses much more energy when compared to walking. So from a logical standpoint running should provide better health benefits. Well think again!

New Study Shows SAMe Could Help Depressive Disorders

A new study carried out by the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital indicates that a food supplement called SAMe could be an effective treatment for depressive disorders when taken in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Princess Anne Teaches Us How To Wear The Same Thing Twice in 27 Years

They say that if the Royal Family can be resourceful then anyone can. So when it comes to seeing one of ours in the public eye wearing something which has been seen before, we shouldn't be that amused

Survey: Most computer users have same password on multiple sites

A new survey has found a majority of users in the U.S. and U.K. use the same password to log in to multiple websites. Rather than writing down new passwords, users select one they already use so they don't forget it.

'Uncle Sam' Tickets Hundreds Of Speeding Central Floridian Drivers

Hundreds of Central Florida motorists were ticketed Monday by a costumed Uncle Sam officer in a weeklong operation targeting speeding holiday drivers. I guess it's true, He wants YOU!

No Same SEX Benefits in Michigan! says Court

Marriage- The act of marrying, or the state of being married; legal union of a man and a woman for life, as husband and wife; wedlock; matrimony. [1913 Webster]

Ontario boy has one dad, two moms

"A 2-year-old London, Ontario, boy could be the first child in Canada to be granted three legal parents -- two moms and a dad."

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