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Salt News

High salt diet could protect against pathogens

Putting health warnings about salt to one side, dietary salt may help to defend the body against invading pathogens. This surprising finding comes from a new study.

Which is worse: Sugar or salt?

London - Which is worse for you: sugar or salt? Conflicting information is presented to consumers year-on-year. A new row has erupted on this issue within the scientific community.

Rock salt damages butterflies

The use of rock salt during the winter season can damage butterflies and other roadside developing invertebrates. While a moderate rise in sodium can have some seeming benefits.

CDC launches low salt campaign

The U.S. CDC has launched a campaign design to encourage people to use less salt with their food. This is part of the Agency’s strategy described as "Preventing Chronic Disease."

Salt-loving bacteria help improve crop yields

The abundance of crops such as wheat, cotton, tomato and cucumber can be boosted through the controlled use of salt-loving bacteria, a new study reveals.

Op-Ed: Tame Your Salt Intake in 5 Easy Ways

The ill-effects of excessive salt consumption on health are well-known. Find out five easy ways to ditch that old enemy. Read on…

Salt and ulcers increase cancer risk

Studies have shown that a diet high in salt can be associated with an increased risk of gastric cancer. New research suggests that when a high-salt diet is associated with an infection by the ulcer-causing bacterium, then the risk rises even further.

Beating the icy winter roads with beet juice

With the declining supply of road salt and the higher prices, many communities are switching to a more cost efficient, and yet environmentally friendly solution.

Bayou Corne Sinkhole ignored by media while residents suffer

Approximately 300 people evacuated from their Louisiana homes in early August, many forced to spend Thanksgiving in hotels or campgrounds, are still looking for answers and wondering when, or if, they will ever be able to return home.

Report: Fast food in U.S. and Canada has highest levels of salt

Fast food is high in sodium, and new research indicates how much sodium is in fast food may depend on what region it was sold in.

Op-Ed: Cut out salt, live forever

Warwick - New medical research published August 12 suggests that reducing our salt intake could have drastic effects on our health and mortality, but haven’t we heard it all before somewhere?

Panic salt buying across China on radiation fears

Supermarkets across major Chinese cities ran out of salt after frenzied shoppers queued up to buy salt after rumors spread that it can guard against radiation exposure.

'Salt' star Angelina Jolie reveals her secrets for balancing life Special

She's not Bourne or Bond, Angelina Jolie is 'Salt,' (on Blu-Ray/DVD) a smart, tough CIA agent on the run. The Oscar winner talks about 'Salt,' being a good actress and a great parent. Also: Caprica, Family Guy, Wall Street, Devil and other new releases.

Cardiologist: Cut salt consumption to battle heart failure Special

London - The extremely high salt consumption of Canadians is a contributing factor in the high heart failure rates seen in Canada, and yet we are training our children to crave salt, a panel of experts said recently.

Angelina Jolie Fine After Bumping Head On Movie Set

Angelina Jolie was injured while shooting an action scene for her latest movie Salt. The actress didn't appear to be injured but a bump to her head spent her to hospital.

Op-Ed: Health Police at it Again Going After the Salt

Regulating what we eat, and this time it’s not Los Angeles, where one councilwoman instituted a ban on the building of any new fast food restaurants in her district, because her constituents are too fat.

Eating salt induces cheerfulness

Interesting research has been carried out with regards to the effects that eating salt may have on people's emotional state of mind.

Denny’s is Going Lower Sodium on Several Menu Items

Denny’s, the largest restaurant chain in the United States with more than 1,500 stores, is getting the salt out of several of its menu items, with new emphasis on its children’s menu.

Nutritionists warn 'salt is as bad as cigarettes'

Nutritionists and doctors are worried that Australians are consuming too much salt, which may harm their health just as adversely as cigarettes do.

A&W Kid's Meals Have Highest Salt Content

A&W has won the first national Salt Lick Award for the distinction of serving a kid's meal with the highest sodium content, the Chubby Junior Kids' Meal has 1,910 milligrams of sodium

Commercializing Solar Power with Molten Salt

One of the drawbacks for solar power it that it can't generate electricity at night. But now, thanks to a new technology involving molten salt, solar power can be generated even during cloudy days or at night.

Moose taste test road salt in Sweden

Sweden's road administration wants moose opinion before deciding which road salt to switch to.

Salt sound waves

WOW so cool

Awesome video of sound waves seen through salt

Salt being transformed into patterns via the alteration of sound waves.

The Secret's in the Salt

Kazakhstan successfully uses iodized salt to raise national IQ.

Salt Intake Is Strongly Associated With Obesity

Yup, I'm addict to French Fries and along with that comes "Salt"...

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Angelina Jolie portrays the falsely arrested Evelyn Salt in  Salt
Angelina Jolie portrays the falsely arrested Evelyn Salt in 'Salt'
Angelina Jolie portrays falsely accused CIA Agent Evelyn Salt of being a Russian spy.
Angelina Jolie portrays falsely accused CIA Agent Evelyn Salt of being a Russian spy.
Angelina Jolie in  Salt
Angelina Jolie in 'Salt'
Table salt
Table salt
Angelina Jolie in  Salt
Angelina Jolie in 'Salt'