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Safety News

U.S. states with the fewest coronavirus measures revealed

With the U.S. currently carrying the unenviable statistic of having the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world, data compiled by WalletHub shows variation across different states, highlighting the different perceptions by state governors.

Lowdown on employer challenges during COVID-19

There are a number of measures that businesses should be putting in place in order to ease more of the workforce back onto site. These measures should be based around revision to site risk assessments.

Many workers are inadvertently taking home toxic residues

A new study investigates the risks surrounding 'take-home' exposures, that is with workers who are exposed to various toxic contaminants as part of their job and then inadvertently bring this home, posing a risk to themselves and their families.

Peru McDonald's fined $250,000 after worker deaths

- Peruvian authorities on Thursday fined the local owner of a McDonald's franchise $250,000 for serious safety violations after two employees were electrocuted to death.

Virtual learning can improve employee safety

Nottigham - A new report suggests that virtual reality training could improve employee safety in the workplace. New technology has been tested out using fire evacuation scenarios, using VR as a training alternative.

Lawsuits filed against Lyft over ‘predatory drivers’ Special

Recent lawsuits have been filed against Lyft for failing to protect women from predatory drivers. Security expert Robert Prigge, President of Jumio provides his thoughts on the matter to Digital Journal readers.

Essential Science: The major radioactive cloud no one noticed

Did you hear about the most serious release of radioactive material since Fukushima 2011? If not, you’re not alone. But in September, 2017, a radioactive cloud moved across Europe. Scientists have been investigating the source.

Electric scooters are not as 'green' as you might think

Electric scooters may appear to be an alternative and 'green' form of transport compared with cars or buses, but the environmental credentials of scooters are necessarily as good as some manufacturers claim, according to a new report.

Apple launches Mac recall due to overheating batteries

Due to overheating batteries that “may pose a fire safety risk,” Apple has triggered a recall program for Mac computers. This applies to the 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Paltrow's first Canadian Goop store sees two products pulled

All did not go too well with the opening of Gwyneth Paltrow's first Goop store to open in Canada. Within minutes of the opening, Heath Canada inspectors pulled two beauty products from the shelves.

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy shares water safety tips

​May 15 is International Water Safety Day. Olympic gold medalist swimmer and world record holder Ryan Murphy (100 meter backstroke) shared his water safety tips.

Apple recalls adapter plugs over safety risks

Apple has issued a recall notice for several of its plugs over an electric shock safety risk. The notification applies to plugs sold in the U.K., Hong Kong and Singapore, although some adapters in other regions may also be affected.

Boeing holds test flights for 737 MAX fix: sources

Washington - US aviation authorities will defend their certification methods for new planes before lawmakers Wednesday, two weeks after grounding the Boeing 737 MAX over two deadly crashes in less than five months.

After crashes, Boeing rolls out safety feature previously sold as option

New York - Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft will be outfitted with a warning light for malfunctions in the anti-stall system suspected in October's fatal crash in Indonesia, an industry source told AFP Thursday, standardizing a feature previously sold as an optional ext...

HP recalls laptops due to 'fire and burn hazards'

HP has announced it is to recall lithium-ion computer batteries in more than 128,500 laptops. This is due to the danger of potential fire and burn hazards, resulting from malfunctions.

Safety fears about Boeing 737 MAX grip US passengers

New York - US airlines are standing behind Boeing despite the wave of countries and carriers that have grounded the 737 MAX, but fear has gripped crews and passengers, and many are refusing to fly on the plane.

Q&A: Recent airport shutdowns need drone interdiction technology Special

Recent drone incidents at major airports demonstrate a gap that airports, and most organizations have in their security strategies. Dr. Max Klein of SCI Technology explains how these gaps can be addressed.

Thousands of South Koreans mourn tragic death of coal worker

Seoul - Some 2,500 South Koreans marched through Seoul Saturday to honour a worker who was crushed to death at a coal plant fuelling an outcry which led to a landmark amendment of the nation's industrial safety laws.

Safer Internet Day prompts smart online choices

This year’s Safer Internet Day forces us to recognize that, for all the wonderful things the internet has brought to humanity, our safety online is not as secure as it could be.

Op-Ed: What exactly is the smart city?

The term 'smart city' is a buzz term used widely in the news, and one that’s increasingly moving from tech pages to news pages. But what is the smart city? Will it change your life? And what are the risks?

Key safety features of lithium ion batteries

Most lithium ion batteries are safe, provided they come from a reputable source. Overall lithium-ion system is safe, providing certain precautions are met when charging and discharging. A review of the main safety issues is outlined.

How safe are wearables to wear?

Wearable devices are increasingly becoming commonplace. However, there are some safety concerns that consumers should be aware of, especially with substandard devices. These issues include electrical overheating, biocompatibility and data security.

Tesla Model 3 gets 5-star rating from U.S. auto safety agency

Tesla Inc's Model 3 sedan has been awarded a five-star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in tests that are standard for cars in the United States.

French bus driver fined for making kids do breathalyser

Blois - A French court has fined a former school bus driver for asking his youthful passengers to take a breathalyser test in his place, it emerged Wednesday.

China launches nationwide vaccine sector inspection after scandal

Bejing - China's drug regulator said it has launched a nationwide inspection of vaccine production as authorities step up the response to a fraud case that has re-ignited public fears over the safety of the country's medicines.

15 detained in China vaccine scandal

Bejing - Chinese authorities have arrested 15 people including the chairwoman of a rabies vaccine producer under fire for fraudulent quality control in the country's latest drug-safety scandal.

Smart sensors seek to improve food safety

Smart sensors can help the food industry keep produce fresh by ensuring that important environmental parameters like temperature and humidity are being maintained. Such sensors are increasingly part of the Internet of Things.

Five female scientists for National Safety Month

During National Safety Month, held each June in the U.S., individuals and organizations participate by making efforts to reduce the leading causes of unintentional injury and death at work. To mark the event, five women from science are profile.

Smart luggage firms lose battery fight

Two smart luggage companies have closed down this month, citing the changes to airline policies which affect how lithium batteries can be taken on-board aeroplanes.

Shark-spotting drones deployed along Australia's coast

Drones with equipment capable of detecting sharks are helping save stranded swimmers through sounding alarms. The drones are being used by lifeguards in Australia.
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Safety Image

A rescued ram.
A rescued ram.
Poster describing Foie Gras
Poster describing Foie Gras
Cage where chickens are kept in extremely crowded conditions.
Cage where chickens are kept in extremely crowded conditions.
The People Barn
The People Barn
NASA s Virtual Reality Lab at Johnson Space Center.
NASA's Virtual Reality Lab at Johnson Space Center.
COVID-19 safety sign
COVID-19 safety sign
Piglet which may be  Kim Gordon .  The tour didn t cover this area and all I did learn was that Kim ...
Piglet which may be "Kim Gordon". The tour didn't cover this area and all I did learn was that Kim is doing well.
Theresa  the cow.  She s very affectionate to all who visit her in the field.
Theresa, the cow. She's very affectionate to all who visit her in the field.
This may be a bit dramatic but you actually are supposed to use some form of protection when handlin...
This may be a bit dramatic but you actually are supposed to use some form of protection when handling Ghost Peppers.
Cruelty of confinement poster
Cruelty of confinement poster
Veal crate.  Male calves are chained inside these for the period of their short lives and fatten for...
Veal crate. Male calves are chained inside these for the period of their short lives and fatten for veal.
Signed poster from the group Boston
Signed poster from the group Boston
Momma goat wears a bra so that her baby can t nurse from her as the baby is lactose intolerant.
Momma goat wears a bra so that her baby can't nurse from her as the baby is lactose intolerant.
Monterey County Sheriff s Deputy on routine night-time traffic stop.
Monterey County Sheriff's Deputy on routine night-time traffic stop.
Monterey County Sheriff Dept
Barn within the farm complex
Barn within the farm complex
IPAF accidents
IPAF accidents
The CDC is recommending that pregnant women get the flu vaccine to protect themselves and their unbo...
The CDC is recommending that pregnant women get the flu vaccine to protect themselves and their unborn children.
Description of  downed  animals
Description of 'downed' animals

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