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Safety News

Tesla Model 3 gets 5-star rating from U.S. auto safety agency

Tesla Inc's Model 3 sedan has been awarded a five-star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in tests that are standard for cars in the United States.

French bus driver fined for making kids do breathalyser

Blois - A French court has fined a former school bus driver for asking his youthful passengers to take a breathalyser test in his place, it emerged Wednesday.

China launches nationwide vaccine sector inspection after scandal

Bejing - China's drug regulator said it has launched a nationwide inspection of vaccine production as authorities step up the response to a fraud case that has re-ignited public fears over the safety of the country's medicines.

15 detained in China vaccine scandal

Bejing - Chinese authorities have arrested 15 people including the chairwoman of a rabies vaccine producer under fire for fraudulent quality control in the country's latest drug-safety scandal.

Smart sensors seek to improve food safety

Smart sensors can help the food industry keep produce fresh by ensuring that important environmental parameters like temperature and humidity are being maintained. Such sensors are increasingly part of the Internet of Things.

Five female scientists for National Safety Month

During National Safety Month, held each June in the U.S., individuals and organizations participate by making efforts to reduce the leading causes of unintentional injury and death at work. To mark the event, five women from science are profile.

Smart luggage firms lose battery fight

Two smart luggage companies have closed down this month, citing the changes to airline policies which affect how lithium batteries can be taken on-board aeroplanes.

Shark-spotting drones deployed along Australia's coast

Drones with equipment capable of detecting sharks are helping save stranded swimmers through sounding alarms. The drones are being used by lifeguards in Australia.

Apps for online safety are counterproductive

In what initially appears to be a surprising study outcome, researchers have concluded that apps designed to keep children safe online may be counterproductive.

Manufacturing immortality project established

Bristol - Imagine a cracked mobile phone screen that self-heals, or a cable underneath the ocean that self-repairs. These are the goals of the European Union ‘Manufacturing Immortality Project’.

More data emerges about radiation risks and smartphones

San Fransisco - Every so often a report is raised about the risks of smartphones, especially when placed against the head for long periods of time. Some data is contradictory, but a new report raises a risk that has apparently been withheld from the public since 2009.

Greenpeace sounds alarm on nuclear safety with new break-in

Paris - A group of Greenpeace activists broke into a French nuclear plant on Tuesday and scaled the walls of a building containing spent nuclear fuel to highlight security shortcomings at the facility.

French, Belgian nuclear plants vulnerable to attack: Greenpeace

Paris - International experts warned on Tuesday about security shortcomings at French and Belgian nuclear plants that make them vulnerable to attack, in a report commissioned by the Greenpeace group.

Schools are looking to digital security solutions

Schools and colleges need to be safe environments where students can study and interact with each other safely. Such education institutions also need to be safe from break-ins or from dangerous events, like fires. There are several digital solutions.

Fire and choking warnings over fidget spinner

Fidget spinners may be popular with adults and children but there are risks, such as from fire when the devices are charged over night. A choking warning has also been issued. What lessons does this present for tech developers?

Microbiologists assess ways to lower medicine contamination risks Special

Dublin - Microbiologists from a range of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies convened in Dublin to attend a conference discussing how to effectively monitor the built environment for risks in relation to drug product manufacturing.

Future batteries could include built-in fire extinguishers

Researchers have developed a lithium-ion battery that includes its own fire extinguisher capable of preventing a device from bursting into flame. It comes in the wake of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone disaster, potentially preventing future incidents.

Korean Air pledges clampdown on unruly passengers

Seoul - Korean Air said Wednesday it would let its crew use stun guns more aggressively and put more male staff aboard flights to clamp down on violence, after an incident involving an unruly passenger.

66,000 workplace deaths in China last year: report

Bejing - China saw 66,000 workplace deaths in 2015 despite strengthened legislation, Chinese authorities said, highlighting often dangerous labour conditions in the world's second largest economy.

99 percent of fake Apple chargers are dangerous

A safety test of over 400 fake Apple chargers has revealed a staggering 99 percent are dangerous and pose potentially fatal risks. It comes after Apple filed a lawsuit against a counterfeit charger manufacturer selling on Amazon.

Half of Europeans' bad EU driving goes unpunished

Brussels - About half of the driving offences committed by Europeans in other EU countries went unpunished last year, according to internal documents.

Vietnam media fined for 'false' fish sauce reports

Hanoi - Vietnam on Monday fined scores of news outlets for publishing now-discredited reports about toxic fish sauce, accusing them of sparking public panic over the staple condiment in a country plagued by food scares.

Deadly batteries: Accidents with button batteries increase Special

Battery incidents are leading to serious injury and death, and are increasing in many parts of the world. In the U.S., information from the National Battery Ingestion Hotline charts a rising number of button battery injuries caused by flameless candles.

Brazil mine gets safety gear — a year too late

Mariana - Surrounded by big video screens and computers, a team works 24/7 to monitor the slightest threat of an accident at dams used by Brazil's Samarco iron ore mine.The only problem?

Shoddy home renovations may have contributed to Italy quake toll

Rome - Shoddy, price-cutting renovations, in breach of local building regulations, could be partly to blame for the high death toll from this week's devastating earthquake in central Italy, according to a prosecutor investigating the disaster.

Golden Gate Bridge officials commit to buy netting despite cost

San Francisco - Public officials in charge of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge plan to press ahead with installation of steel netting beneath the roadway to stymie the dozens of people who attempt suicide by jumping from the structure each year.

Pakistani shopkeeper killed dozens with 'revenge' sweets

Multan - A Pakistani sweetshop owner has confessed to fatally poisoning at least 30 people by lacing his goods with pesticide in an attempt to take revenge on his older brother, police told AFP Friday.

Europe's air safety agency to study aircraft-drone collision risk

Berlin - Europe's air safety watchdog Wednesday said it would examine the risk of collision between drones and aircraft, as the use of such unmanned flying devices grows.

Pakistan poisoned sweets death toll climbs to 33

Multan - Some 33 people including five children have now died in central Pakistan after eating sweets accidentally tainted with insecticide, officials said Sunday.The mass poisoning occurred in the Karor Lal Esan area of Punjab province last month.

23 dead in Pakistan after eating poisoned sweets

Lahore - At least 23 people have died and dozens of others fell ill in central Pakistan after eating sweets which police suspect were tainted with pesticides, officials said Monday.
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Barn within the farm complex
Barn within the farm complex
Poster describing Foie Gras
Poster describing Foie Gras
Female pigs which have been rescued.  They can end up weighing 700 lbs.
Female pigs which have been rescued. They can end up weighing 700 lbs.
Cherenkov radiation glowing in the core of the Advanced Test Reactor at the Idaho National Laborator...
Cherenkov radiation glowing in the core of the Advanced Test Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory'. Photo dated: April 8, 2009.
Argonne National Laboratory
Ian Britton
Theresa  the cow.  She s very affectionate to all who visit her in the field.
Theresa, the cow. She's very affectionate to all who visit her in the field.
This may be a bit dramatic but you actually are supposed to use some form of protection when handlin...
This may be a bit dramatic but you actually are supposed to use some form of protection when handling Ghost Peppers.
A rescued ram.
A rescued ram.
Cage where chickens are kept in extremely crowded conditions.
Cage where chickens are kept in extremely crowded conditions.
NASA s Virtual Reality Lab at Johnson Space Center.
NASA's Virtual Reality Lab at Johnson Space Center.
Signed poster from R.E.M.
Signed poster from R.E.M.
Close-up of some of those who support Farm Sanctuary s work
Close-up of some of those who support Farm Sanctuary's work
car seats need to be installed correctly
car seats need to be installed correctly
IPAF accidents
IPAF accidents
Sign going into the farm itself
Sign going into the farm itself
Welcome sign
Welcome sign
Crate where female pigs are secured and kept ina constant state of pregnancy
Crate where female pigs are secured and kept ina constant state of pregnancy
car seats need to be installed correctly
car seats need to be installed correctly