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Safe sex News

German startup's vegan condoms make safe sex more sustainable

Berlin - Vegans and eco-friendly people unite: You can have safe sex that's also sustainable. German entrepreneurs, Philip Siefer and Waldemar Zeiler have created a brand that makes vegan condoms.

Steamy encounter at Safer Sex ball hits the Internet

Two students and their steamy sexual encounter, captured during a Safer Sex ball at Exeter University, has hit the Web, launching an internal investigation.

Condom company goes anime with special 'Hokuto no Ken' brands

Anime and condoms go together in Japan as a Japanese condom maker chooses the popular series "Hokuto no Ken" to promote its "Just Fit" series.

Los Angeles to porn industry: Use condoms or else

Los Angeles - A new L.A. city ordinance could deny pornographers a filming permit unless condoms are used, and the porn industry could be saying goodbye to its California home.

Op-Ed: The ugly truth about condoms and ‘safe sex’

Condoms are back in the news again, this time for a novel reason; one campaigning organisation is calling for them to be made compulsory for porn stars. The shocking truth about condoms though is that they don’t work.

Boys more likely to have safe sex if they masturbate

Boys who masturbate are more likely to use condoms, according to a study released today in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Claire Rayner, the well-known UK agony aunt has died, aged 79

London - Claire Rayner, the much-loved British agony aunt, gay-rights supporter, safe-sex campaigner and former nurse has died at her home. She was 79.

Baby Boomers play risky when it comes to their sex lives

Baby boomers may tell their children about the facts of life and safe sex but don't seem to be taking their own advice, according to a survey by the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF).

Condom for 12 year-olds now on sale

A condom called 'Hotshot' has gone on sale to be used by males as young as 12 after government research has shown that younger children are now having sex compared to the 1990s.

Giant Condom Tours UK Town Centre

A giant condom is touring a UK shopping centre this week in an attempt to create awareness of sexually transmitted infections.

To Advocate Safe Sex, Thinking Outside The Box Is Required

In order to advocate safe sex, it would strongly require thinking “outside of the box.” So far, there have been some methods revealed that could make one blink or gape.

Natch Snatch Takes Toxins Out of Adult Novelty Items

Solo sex isn't always safe. Phthalates, chemical compouds that could put your body at risk, abound in adult novelty items. New advances in the manufacture of sex-related products, though, can lead to a healthier sex life.

OP/ED: Safe sex and moral circuses - forgotten cause meets predictable effect?

Roughly half the population will experience an STD at some time in their lives. The topic of safe sex in the media has shown up in various ways recently, none of which seem to indicate any sense of urgency in dealing with the various STD pandemics.

Kenya: no glove, no love

More Kenyan women are taking control of their sex lives.

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