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Safe News

All South African miners rescued after fire

Johanesburg - All the 486 miners who were trapped underground at a gold mine in South Africa on Sunday have been brought to the surface, a spokeswoman for mining company Harmony Gold said."All the miners are out," Charmane Russell told AFP.

SUV falls 60 feet from bridge; lands upright with passengers safe

An SUV fell over 60 feet from the Hackensack River bridge after avoiding another vehicle and hitting a snowdrift. Two occupants have survived with only minor injuries as the car landed upright below the bridge.

Review: Country singer Katie Armiger back with best video to date 'Safe' Special

Country singer Katie Armiger releases her newest music video for her single "Safe" on January 10 and posted it on her YouTube page.

Katie Armiger is Clear Channel's 'Country Artist of the Month'

Country singer Katie Armiger has partnered with iHeartRadio's "Country Artist of the Month" series for January to give her fans an exclusive first look of her new music video for "Safe."

Spanish company offers ultimate in mattress money storage (video)

Madrid - While some people joke that it is safer to keep your money under your mattress, one Spanish company has taken the issue more seriously and is producing mattresses, complete with built-in safe.

Safe traps Toronto man

Toronto - A young party-goer who decided to act out a alcohol-infused dare had to rely on the Toronto Fire department to free him after being trapped inside a safe.

Action film star Jason Statham is no longer playing it 'Safe' Special

After making a string of hit action flicks ('Crank 1 & 2,' 'Death Race' & 'The Transporter' trilogy), his most recent film, 'Safe,' convinced the British actor to venture outside of his career safety zone and take on a role in the drama/thriller genre.

Safe sex for dogs and cats says Cloris Leachman in hilarious PSA

Intercourse - Cloris Leachman may be 84 years old and having problems opening a condom package but one thing she can do is be a spokesperson for PETA. Leachman in a new commercial is asking everyone to spay and neuter their pets. A no-birth nation is Leachman's goal.

Attorney for children discovers baby in unattended automobile

It is a common scenario plaguing the summer events. Children forgotten or left in cars by caregivers. With an average of around 35 deaths every year, a recent news report from one hot spot sets the tone for tragedy.

Cities are getting safer, but small towns' crime rate increases

Crime rates in the big cities are steadily declining since 2007. However, the crime rates in small towns seem to be on the rise. The western part of the U.S. saw the best drop in crime. Only the Northeast saw a slight increase in property crime.

Minnesota Bill Aims to Make Schools Safer for LGBT Kids

Ninety-three per cent of Minnesota school districts do not protect LGBT students against bullying and harassment, yet 90 per cent of gay students say they've been verbally harassed. Proposed legislation aims to change that.

Lego user builds ultra-secure safe

A Lego fan has built a tough and secure safe that is virtually unbreakable. It has a motion-detector and five double-digit codes with more than 305 billion combinations to open the safe.

Report: Pisa's leaning tower safe for 300 more years

Tourists and enthusiasts can visit the leaning tower of Pisa without fear for at least another 300 years, according to an Italian engineer.

Hostels May Just Be Your Ticket

You're young and want adventure. You also don't have a ton of money to spare. That doesn't mean you should stay at home, instead think about using hostels to lessen the expense.

Alzheimer's vaccine works on mice

A newly invented vaccine for Alzheimer's disease works on mice too.

'Safe" Cigarettes Now Available in Kentucky

Kentucky has joined seven other states in enacting a law stating that only "safe" cigarettes may be sold.

Update: Group blasts FDA plans to allow food from clones

The consumer group urged FDA to ban food or feed from cloned animals until the government conducts more safety testing.

5 European, 8 Ethiopian hostages 'safe'

This is the second of my two blogs i told everyone i would keep you posted. Afar separatist rebels say captives linked to U.K. Embassy are in Eritrea

Fire safe cigarettes are being considered

It has little to do with smoking and has everything to do with saving quoted by a spokeswoman for the National Fire Protection Association.

Toys That Protect Kids From Pervs

How do you get kids on the internet but protect them from the perverts, pedophiles and phishers that give parents nightmares?

What to keep in a safe deposit box!

The All Financial Matters weblog lists several items that belong in your safe deposit box.

Update: Abducted Family Found Safe in Motel

A mother and her four children were found safe Tuesday night at a motel.

U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, experts say

After years of supporting the Bush administration's policy in the Middle East, a growing number of Israelis are openly criticizing the United States for creating more, not less, danger for Israel.

Driver safe, truck plunges as B.C. ferry leaves dock

The ferry pulled away with the truck and man still on the loading ramp.

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In putting the Lanois show together  Willner says “this is a challenge  the producer honouring ano...
In putting the Lanois show together, Willner says “this is a challenge, the producer honouring another producer. But how cool is that? Let’s have a go… there’s a chance it’ll be the greatest show you’ve ever seen, and there’s the chance it won’t work at all. There’s the danger aspect Safe, I’m always bored by.”
Adam Vollick
Jason Statham with Sly Stallone and Terry Crews in  The Expendables 2
Jason Statham with Sly Stallone and Terry Crews in 'The Expendables 2'
Jason Statham in  The Expendables 2
Jason Statham in 'The Expendables 2'
Catherine Chan as Mei in  Safe
Catherine Chan as Mei in 'Safe'
Jason Statham (center) with  Safe  costars (left to right) James Calfin  Barry Bradford  Robert John...
Jason Statham (center) with 'Safe" costars (left to right) James Calfin, Barry Bradford, Robert John Burke, Matt O'Toole and Jay Giannone
Jason Statham (Luke) with Catherine Chan (Mei) in a scene from  Safe
Jason Statham (Luke) with Catherine Chan (Mei) in a scene from 'Safe'
S. James Wong with Catherine Chan in  Safe
S. James Wong with Catherine Chan in 'Safe'
Jason Statham on the set of  Safe  with the film s director  Boaz Yakin
Jason Statham on the set of 'Safe' with the film's director, Boaz Yakin
Jason Statham stars in the action film  Safe
Jason Statham stars in the action film 'Safe'
Jason Statham is Luke Wright in  Safe
Jason Statham is Luke Wright in 'Safe'

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