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Gaza Overwhelmed by Siege, Having No Joy or Aid

The siege of the Gaza strip has been in place for nearly 2 years. A total of 7 crossing points linking Gaza with the outside world.

Is Saddam alive?

Now for the unseen Saddam video which clearly has people asking is Saddam still alive.

Curfew eased in Iraq after Saddam verdict

After the verdict of saddam, the curfew in Baghdad has been somewhat lifted..

Hussein's Sons Killed by Coalition Forces in Northern Iraq, says US General

BAGHDAD (voa) - U.S. military officials in Baghdad say Saddam Hussein's two fugitive sons, Uday and Qusay, have been killed in a gun battle with U.S. soldiers. They were at the top of the U.S. government's most-wanted list, just behind their father. ...

US Forces Take Custody of Tariq Aziz

WASHINGTON (voa) - The man who for years had been perhaps the most visible symbol of Saddam Hussein's regime, former foreign minister and later deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, has surrendered to U.S. led forces in Iraq. The man considered to be one ...

US Troops Occupy Presidential Palace in Baghdad

DOHA, Qatar (voa) - U.S. tanks have smashed into Saddam Hussein's main presidential palace and occupied the compound in the center of Baghdad. In southern Iraq, British troops now say they control most of Basra, the country's second largest city. T...

Coalition Air Forces Make Ground Gains Possible

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2003 (afps) - Americans see the tanks driving through Baghdad, but what they really don't see is the air campaign that helped make it possible. The main beneficiaries of the air campaign are the young soldiers and Marines drivi...

US Armored Column Makes First Large-Scale Incursion into Baghdad

PENTAGON (voa) - Military officials say a U.S. armored column has made the first large-scale incursion into the center of Baghdad, while the commander of the coalition air campaign says most of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard divisions outside the Ir...

Iraqi TV Airs Footage Appearing to Show Saddam Hussein Walking in Baghdad

WASHINGTON (voa) - Iraqi television has broadcast footage of what appears to be Saddam Hussein taking a rare walk through the streets of Baghdad and the Iraqi government has acknowledged for the first time that U.S. troops are on the outskirts of the c...

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