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'Back with eyes open': Malala visits Pakistan district where she was shot

Mingora - Malala Yousafzai visited the Swat valley Saturday for her first trip back to the once militant-infested Pakistani region where she was shot in the head by the Taliban more than five years ago.

Malala lands in Swat, Pakistani district where she was shot

Mingora - Malala Yousafzai landed in the Swat valley Saturday for her first visit back to the once militant-infested Pakistani region where she was shot in the head by the Taliban more than five years ago.

Why local law enforcement matters Special

Each year, law enforcement officers come under fire. They are assaulted. They are killed. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports that “on average,

Teen hacker admits swatting female gamers who turned him down

Coquitlam - A teen hacker from British Columbia has pleaded guilty to 23 charges of public mischief, extortion, criminal harassment and making false police reports. His targets were usually young female gamers.

NJ lawmaker trying to toughen 'swatting' penalty gets swatted

Trenton - When a false phone tip reporting a crime brought 30 police officers to the doorstep of an innocent man's home in southern New Jersey last October, Paul Moriarty, a state legislator decided to do something about it. Then he got swatted for his trouble.

'War on Drugs' search warrants and disturbing SWAT trends

SWAT teams are kicking in doors in the early morning to serve search warrants typically related to the War on Drugs and according to a new American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), report, it’s happening in 124 homes every single day.

Op-Ed: Police shootings of unarmed citizens spark militarization debate

In two shootings, one in New York and one North Carolina, law enforcement shot three unarmed people. In both cases, the citizens were unarmed. The outrage against military tactics in law enforcement increases.

FBI counter-terror team celebrates 30 years of service

Quantico - The FBI is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Hostage Rescue Team. Always ready to respond to a crisis situation, this specialized entity is America's premier SWAT team and a world renowned counter-terrorism force.

4 dead, 4 injured in two separate Alabama shootings

Birmingham - Police in Birmingham, Alabama received a call at approximately 4:00 a.m. on Saturday stating there was a male subject with a gun in St. Vincent's Hospital.

Series of misfirings plague elite and high-profile NYPD unit

New York - As of late, the New York City Police Department's vaunted Emergency Service Unit (ESU) has been mired in a series of controversial and embarrassing misfirings of their weapons which insiders attribute to reduced training.

Spokane SWAT Team Threatened Executing Search Warrant

Spokane - A Spokane Valley man used a military-style knife to threaten the Spokane SWAT team while they attempted to execute a search warrant regarding stolen firearms.

Op-Ed: All the Philippine government needs is a lesson in gardening

Manila - "...use a weed knife. Slip...blade under the roots of the crabgrass. Lift with the knife as you pull on the foliage of the crabgrass. The crabgrass should slip easily from the soil - roots and all. For large clumps, use a shovel..."

Vegas firefighters: 'We're being shot at!'

One man is dead, one officer is wounded, and firefighters came under gunfire while responding to a three-alarm fire in Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon.

Difficult times for journalists in Pakistan Special

Journalism is holy war in the Pakistan region, resident Islamuddin Sajid said. "We and our families have no security, so, I request the international community to help the journalist of this region," he added.

Family of Taliban Leader Captured by Pakistan Army

The family of a prominent Taliban leader has been arrested by the Pakistani military. Mullah Fazlullah has been the brains behind the Swat Taliban. His whereabouts are not known at present.

Key airport shuts down in Pakistan

Peshawar airport in Northern Pakistan shuts down after receiving bomb threats. The airport serves as a key terminal against the war on terror.

Taliban: Infidel Pak armies should be beheaded

In a local radio broadcast Taliban termed Pakistan army as infidels and proclaimed that they should be punished by beheading and chopping their bodies up into little pieces. However, it seems Swat inhabitants are no more interested in their sermon.

Pakistan Continues Swat Offensive, 200 Taliban Dead

The Pakistani army has killed about 200 insurgents in the last 24 hours in ongoing fighting aimed at forcing Taliban fighters out of the country’s northwestern Swat valley. This follows the Taliban’s violation of a peace deal late last month.

Pakistan military kill 64 Taliban militias in big offensive

Pakistani forces say they have killed 64 'militants' in fighting in northwest Pakistan's Buner and Swat districts. The army says 37 militants were killed in Swat, where a peace deal to end Taliban violence has collapsed. Two soldiers have also died.

Taliban threatened to kill women shoppers in Swat

“Who wants to be beheaded first?”— This is the warning from Taliban for women who dare to go for shopping in Pakistan’s Swat valley region, where Taliban has already imposed a number of restrictions on local women dwellers.

Taliban warned Pakistan against ‘un-Islamic’ I-cards for women

Talban has reportedly warned Pakistan government not to issue national identity cards to women as, according to them, making identity cards for women is “un-Islamic.”

Women’s Day has no meaning for terrified women in Swat valley

In Pakistan’s Swat valley region, women reportedly remain locked up in the confines of their home. Terrified women do not dare to go out alone, because they could welcome the wrath of Taliban activists in Swat, a report says.

No Peace in region, Reporter shot dead in Swat

Swat, in Pakistan, it seems has not seen much peace even though there was 'peace rally', today. As the reports suggest, a reporter from a leading Pakistani television channel was shot dead on Wednesday.

Swat, in Pakistan, sees 'Peace march'

Even as the NATO powers as well as a major section of the countries throughout the world expressed concerns over the alleged 'buying of peace' by Pakistan government in Swat valley, thousands of people carried out procession to uphold the peace.

Mayor Calls For Frederal Probe After SWAT Kicked In Door Of Home And Shot Dogs

A Maryland Mayor is demanding a federal probe after SWAT raided his house and shot his dogs. Evidently drug smugglers are sending drugs to unsuspecting victims in order to smuggle them into the country.

Florida SWAT Officers Bring Children on Drug Raid

Two Florida SWAT officers have been accused of bringing their children along with them on a potentially dangerous drug raid.

SWAT officers take children on a drug raid

Children love to go see where the parents work and there are many businesses that allow their staff to bring their children. But the SWAT officers took it to the extreme when they invited their children on a drug raid.

Swat officer killed in Los angeles standoff

A Los Angeles standoff that began on Wednesday night has finally come to an end on Thursday morning. The standoff had left a 52 year old SWAT officer dead and another officer wounded.

6 Killed In Swat Valley Suicide Bombing

Six people including two children and a police officer have been killed in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint in northwest Pakistan in the Swat valley according to officials.

SWAT Team and Armed & Famous Crew Break Into Wrong Home

No wonder they are calling it "Armed, Famous & Cancelled" when you can't even get the address right. Coming soon to "Celebrity Bloopers", LaToya and Jack cuffing and interrogating the wrong woman.
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A local police SWAT team in an undisclosed town conducts tactical training focused on the apprehensi...
A local police SWAT team in an undisclosed town conducts tactical training focused on the apprehension of heavily armed and dangerous fugitives. The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team is the gold standard by which many local police SWAT teams in the United States measure themselves by, especially those in small suburban and rural towns.
The New York City Police Department  SWAT personnel would normally be seen in crime suppression role...
The New York City Police Department, SWAT personnel would normally be seen in crime suppression roles.
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A Picture of FBI SWAT officers.
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