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Op-Ed: UK Elections 2015 — Campaign receives boost from Russell Brand

London - “You’ve got to vote Labour, you’ve got to get the Conservative party out of government in this country so that we can begin community lead activism, so that we can be heard continually.”

Russell Brand: Elites don't follow their own rules

In a follow up to his interview with Oprah Winfrey, comedian and political activist Russell Brand breaks down the "war on drugs" in a new YouTube video.

Russell Brand analyzes news in new YouTube series, 'The Trews'

The popular and often controversial British comedian has now taken to YouTube with a new series called "The Trews: True News With Russell Brand."

Op-Ed: The many faces of Russell Brand

Russell Brand is regarded as one of the top "alternative" comedians in the UK. Not everyone finds his particular brand of humour funny.

Op-Ed: 'Stupid drug laws' caused Philip Seymour Hoffman's death

New York - Russell Brand, comedian, actor and recovering drug addict, stated that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death was preventable and the result of “stupid drug laws.”

Ben Stiller lines up for movie version of Rentaghost

American actor Ben Stiller has been speaking about "Rentaghost", a movie version based on the popular British children's television series.

Vote for 'Beard of the Year'

London - Fashions come and fashions go. In the U.K. there has been a gradual shift towards men sprouting a beard. Or maybe they never went out of fashion? A new poll has opened to allow people to vote for the 'Beard of the Year.'

Russell Brand: UK PM David Cameron a 'filthy, dirty, posh w***er'

Russell Brand, in a new interview, has criticised the British government for being, among more colourful things, "mean and tight" and not caring about the most vulnerable.

TopFinds: Russell Brand-BBC interview goes viral, asteroid scare

Watch how actor Russell Brand handles an interview with a BBC presenter. An asteroid nearly missed hitting Earth. Read about a blind Digital Journalist who doesn't let his disability crush his dreams. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Russell Brand's powerhouse performance with Paxman on Newsnight

Russell Brand gave an incredible powerhouse performance last night, during an eleven-minute interview with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC's flagship news programme.

Russell Brand: 'What are the politicians selling?'

After poking fun at fashion company Hugo Boss for supplying uniforms to NAZI soldiers, British comedian Russell Brand wrote an op-ed piece in which he criticized the relationships among governments, media outlets, and big businesses.

The new Russell Brand

The often controversial British comedian Russell Brand has been shocking the mainstream culture recently, not with his comedy but with his intellect.

Review: ‘Despicable Me 2’ harnesses minion power to overcome sequel spell Special

In ‘Despicable Me 2,’ Gru is recruited by a special agency that catches super villains to stop a new criminal seeking world domination.

Video: Russell Brand reduces US TV anchors to nervous wrecks live

Russell Brand is an English comedian, author and movie star, known for being rather outspoken, especially when interviewed on TV. He completely floored the MSNBC anchors when interviewed about his upcoming world comedy tour.

Mens leggings, meggings, are the latest fashion hit

The latest fashion trend for men is meggings, leggings for men, a natural winter progression for men who like to wear tights, the mantyhose that became the must have summer style look.

With this Twitter account I thee unwed: Katy Perry 'unfollows' ex

In what may be a sign of things to come, singer Katy Perry has used her Twitter account to send a strong message to her husband Russell Brand, and the world, that the two are really over and out. How?

Russell Brand, Katy Perry divorcing

Singer Katy Perry and her husband of fourteen months, Russell Brand, are calling it quits. The couple has decided that it is time for them to get a divorce.

Twitter spreads the word: Russell Brand deported from Japan

Tokyo - Your past can haunt you at times when traveling. Actor Russell Brand found that out when he went to Japan to watch wife Katy Perry's concerts and was refused entry. His bad boy ways crushed his wife's hopes of connecting in person with her hubby.

Russell Brand not to be charged for paparazzi attack

Los Angeles - Actor Russell Brand allegedly attacked a photographer last month who was snapping photos of his fiance Katy Perry at Los Angeles International Airport.

UK comic Russell Brand on sex, drugs, rock'n'roll & 'Greek' disc Special

Controversial English comedian Russell Brand chats about portraying a rock star in 'Get Him To The Greek' (now on Blu-ray/DVD) and his own vices and lifestyle. Also new on disc: CSI, Top Gear, Scrubs, Family Guy, Magic & Bird, The Cleveland Show and more.

Katy Perry slams Lady Gaga video

Katie Perry says she hates it when fiance Russell Brand takes the Lord's name in vain. Perry also has issues with Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video for religious reasons.

BBC bad boys may bow out boisterously

Two bad boys of BBC radio who left an obscene message on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs are to appear together on British television, as one of them sings his swansong.

Two BBC Radio Presenters Bring Shame on UK With Obscene Show

The BBC have admitted this week that this has been not only a hellish week but it has marked a turning point. One of their biggest and highest paid entertainers has let them down immensely.

Op-Ed: Time For Europeans To Butt Out Of American Politics

Brit Russell Brand's rant against Americans and campaigning for Obama on MTV illustrates a recent phenomenon with European Socialists: making a national sport of slamming Americans and meddling in our politics. Maybe it's time to buy them some mirrors.

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