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Op-Ed: 'Pre Log – Running Log' is great for runners and track athletes

"The Pre Log" is a runner's journal that was written by Linda Prefontaine, the sister of the late track and field superstar Steve Prefontaine.

Long distance runner Camille Herron headed to Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay - Acclaimed long-distance runner Camille Herron, the world's greatest ultrarunner, will be in Coos Bay, Oregon, in the week of November 20.

Review: Linda Prefontaine pens inspirational 'Pre Log – Running Log' Special

Linda Prefontaine, the sister of the late track and field legend Steve Prefontaine, penned "The Pre Log," a runner's journal that is an asset for all novice and advanced runners, and track and field athletes.

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills has school named after him

Lawrence - American track and field icon and Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills has a major reason to be proud. A public school was named in his honor.

Review: Mary Keitany wins 2018 New York City Marathon, makes history Special

New York - On November 4, Kenyan long-distance runner Mary Keitany won the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Canadian man over 85 breaks marathon record

Toronto - An 85 year-old man called Ed Whitlock has smashed the record time for people aged 85 to 89 during the Toronto Marathon. Whitlock's time beat the previous time by a whopping 30 minutes.

Op-Ed: Racer beware, are popular weekend obstacle course mud races safe? Special

This past weekend I was off to photograph a friend at the MudMorial Race in Concord, NC. It sounded like a fun way to celebrate five years of fitness after her heart surgery, but how safe are these races?

Video: 'Bladerunner' Oscar Pistorius beats Arabian stud horse

Doha - In this amazing video, South Africa's "Bladerunner", Oscar Pistorius took on a new challenge on Wednesday, and it was the horse that came away with a long face.

Op-Ed: Africa hosts World Cup amidst devastating poverty

The hosting of a World Cup in a continent whose people have suffered – and continue to endure – indescribable privations in the modern era may come to be regarded as one of the great postmodern illusions.

German politicians run in support of fight against osteoporosis Special

Berlin - A total of 440 representatives and employers of the German parliament participated in the 11th Edititon Berlin Bundestag Bundeslauf in Berlin today.

Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon goes to the Ethiopian Wondimu Special

Berlin - The 30th edition of The Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon occurred in the center of Berlin on March 28. The race has been won by Eshetu Wondimu in the men's division and Pasalia Kipkoech for the women.

Zhang Huimin Runs Across China

An 8-year-old marathon wonder girl completed her run across China to support the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She hugged her brother tightly after she completed the amazing feat.

Oscar Pistorius Runs Like The Wind But May Not Be Allowed In The Olympics

Twenty year old Oscar Pistorius of India is fast. He can do the 400 in 46.34 seconds. He's got courage and intrigety, everything you'd want in an Olympian. He also doesn't have legs below his knees.

Front Runner Is The Spaceship Of Boats

Sure, it's no USS Ronald Reagan, but Joey Ruiter's conceptual Front Runner is one sweet ride if you're looking to exercise 215-horsepower on a slick body of water.

Border Patrol Agents Convicted of Shooting Mexican Turn themselves in

Two Men convicted of shooting a Mexican Drug runner while he ran from them unarmed have turned themselves in.

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Mary Keitany
Mary Keitany
Acrb, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Camille Herron
Camille Herron
Temporun73, Wikimedia Commons
Bundestag Bundeslauf: the 2010 race
Bundestag Bundeslauf: the 2010 race
Steve Prefontaine
Steve Prefontaine
Horst-Rüdiger Schlöske
Eliud Kipchoge running the marathon
Eliud Kipchoge running the marathon
Denis Barthel, Wikimedia Commons
Running  riding  and walking in Manhattan.  New York City.  Dec. 20  2010.
Running, riding, and walking in Manhattan. New York City. Dec. 20, 2010.
Celi Birke
File photo of Lelisa Desisa.
File photo of Lelisa Desisa.
ArnoldReinhold, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Alan Webb
Alan Webb
Erik van Leeuwen, Wikimedia Commons
15-year-old Irene is a gold medal winning runner who lives in a squatter camp near Pretoria  South A...
15-year-old Irene is a gold medal winning runner who lives in a squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa.

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