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Bill Gates says 'tougher action' needed to combat COVID-19

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates has ramped up his calls for tougher U.S. action to beat COVID-19 and urged a “consistent” nationwide shutdown in an op-ed published in the Washington Post.

Interview: Masked act RUMORS talks new single 'Look Out Below' Special

Masked act RUMORS chatted with Digital Journal about their debut single "Look Out Below," which was released on Armada Trice.

Death of Juneau, Alaska mayor under investigation, police say

Juneau - Alaskan authorities in the capital city are investigating the death of Juneau's recently-elected mayor, while simultaneously deflecting rumors surrounding the mysterious case.

Can native advertising keep WWE Network afloat for now?

World Wrestling Entertainment finds itself down on the mat today when it comes to the WWE Network. But don't expect a submission just yet.

Rumors of next-gen 'Hitman' cancelled are false

Information on the LinkedIn profile of a senior game designer at Square Enix led to rumors that the next 'Hitman' game had been cancelled.

Ferrari considering return to Le Mans racing in 2015

Le Mans - According to rumors, Ferrari may be returning to Le Mans racing with a fully fledged LMP1 prototype in as early as 2015.

Rap legend DMC responds to rumors of dissing Jay-Z and Lil Wayne

Recently, rumors surfaced that Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of the legendary rap group Run DMC dissed rappers Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

Sony rumored to release new camera lens with sensor 'soon'

Sony is rumored to be releasing a lens fit for a smartphone containing sensors. Said to be the same Zeiss camera lenses used on the CyberShot RX100MII, if the rumor is true, Sony will release the lenses "soon."

GOP rumor mill points to Jeb Bush for president in 2016

Washington - Although the US 2012 presidential election has ended only two weeks, attention has shifted to 2016. The GOP rumor mill is already alive with speculations that Jeb Bush may run for GOP presidential nomination in 2016.

Apple to reveal the iPad 3 March 7 at media event

Apple is known for keeping its new gadget release dates relatively secret, but news of the iPad 3 may have revealed its release date of March 7.

Kim Jong Un: Is he dead or Undead?

Beijing - Many horrors! China microblog translate poorly English into. Say Beloved Successor of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un dead from dying after assassin kill. No verification. Checking.

Rumour: Demi Moore, Ashton Kuchter splitting

Last week was Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s six-year wedding anniversary. Last week is also when Kutcher had an alleged fling with a 23-year-old woman.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith still together despite rumors

Being a celebrity means having to dodge false rumors. That is the case for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith today. Reports hit the Internet that the couple had split but it looks like it's another tabloid mistake.

Apple to launch new MacBook Air in June or July

Rumors began circulating yesterday pointing towards a June or July release for the newest version of Apple's MacBook Air.

Rumors say Egyptian President is dead, officials deny the reports

Cairo - Last week, Egyptian officials announced that President Hosni Mubarak was doing well after his gall bladder was removed successfully, however, rumors are running rampant across the country that the 81-year-old Egyptian leader is dead.

Tiger Woods accused of having male lovers

One of Tiger Wood's many mistresses is now saying that the golf star had male lovers. Loredana Jolie Ferriolo is the only one of Woods' lovers making claims that she witnessed Woods having sex with men.

McCain Fails to Defend Palin on Tonight Show Appearance

John McCain appeared on the Tonight Show Tuesday night. Responding to questions from Jay Leno concerning the attacks on Sarah Palin by unnamed sources in the McCain campaign, McCain appeared to be damning Palin with little praise.

Sarah Palin: Why Are Reporters Wasting Time On Her And Not Focusing On History?

Sarah Palin responded to the inflammatory allegations from 'anonymous' sources on Friday, calling them false. But the main point was that a historical moment was in the making and that reporters were focusing on little puffy clouds about accessories.

Rumors And Politics: What The Future Pres Will Be Dealing With Long After The Win

As the political campaigns round the final turn in the race for the President of the United States, the once human elements that have been nearly nonexistent may fully disappear as both sides continue to look for that "political bomb." Rumors!

Op-Ed: Sarah Palin's Strategy Of Dealing With Personal Attacks

Sarah Palin has seen Internet rumors and personal attacks since the day it was announced she would be the GOP Veep. Attacks on her children to false claims about her policies, Palin has largely ignored them to expose how petty the attackers are.

Will Obama Ask Biden to Step Down?

The rumor that Joe Biden may step down has begun to spread. In less than four days both vice presidential candidates have made statements indicating that Obama made a big mistake in not choosing Hillary Clinton to be his running mate.

Op-Ed: Growing Controversy in the Heartland over Barack Obama

It's fact versus fiction time in heartland America, and the topic of controversy is presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

DailyKos Dispels Rumors On Obama's Birth Certificate and Eligibility For Presidency

Recently The National Review Online did some debunking of rumors surrounding Michelle Obama and the much talked about but never seen "whitey video" and asked the Obama campaign to produce his birth certificate to dispel other strange rumors.

Barack Obama Building Team to Deal With Internet Rumors

The Barack Obama campaign is setting up a special new team whose main goal will be to combat Internet rumors about Obama. Another team will be used to combat those "off-the-cuff" remarks that his wife, Michelle, says now and then.

Op-Ed: The UK Has Not Removed The Holocaust From School Curriculum

Internet rumors and chain letter emails should be researched extensively before passing one along. This specific rumor about the UK taking the Holocaust off of their National curriculum has been debunked, proven false, and yet the emails continue.

Sources: Kobe Bryant traded this week

There is a persistent rumor for the past few months about Kobe Bryant getting traded to another team. But the rumors have increased even more the last few days, inside sources for Sports Illustrated say that he may get traded in a week.

Nicole Kidman denies she is pregnant

A Hollywood actress, denies that she is pregnant. Rumors started it!

White House Dismisses Rumors of Pardon for Libby

Libby convicted of lying to obstruct the investigation

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