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What's next in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump

Washington - The US Senate voted along party lines on Tuesday to set the rules for President Donald Trump's historic impeachment trial.

The 'New NAFTA' US-Mexico-Canada trade deal

Buenos Aires - The US, Mexico and Canada signed a successor deal to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the sidelines of the G20 summit on Friday.

America's widening role in Syria's civil war

Washington - The unprecedented US downing of a Syrian regime warplane highlights the rapidly shifting dynamic in the six-year conflict where President Donald Trump has given American commanders a freer rein in the battlefield.

New rule to cut down home plate collisions

An experimental rule aimed at averting dangerous home plate collisions has been adopted for the upcoming Major League Baseball season, MLB and the Players Association jointly announced on Monday.

Olympians disqualified for 'not using best efforts'

London - The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has disqualified eight players for "not using best efforts to win" in yesterday's round robin stage of the Olympic badminton tournament.

World's oldest football club auctions first rule book from 1858

Sheffield - A handwritten pamphlet explaining the rules of association football, dating back to 1858, is expected to fetch around £1.2 million ($2m) at auction when Sheffield Football Club put the document up for sale.

Laws on Royal succession could be changed

The idea of changing the Royal succession laws, which place males on the throne ahead of any older sisters, is being discussed.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Westboro funeral protesters

Washington - The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the First Amendment protects the members of Westboro Baptist Church and their anti-gay, anti-military, anti-Obama, 'God Hates' rhetoric that has been met with contempt, anger and revulsion across the nation.

Toronto cyclists targeted for road infractions

Toronto - The Toronto Cyclists Union (TCU) recently posted a reminder message regarding rules of the road, and the responsibilities of cyclists.

New credit card rules coming in February

Most consumers use credit cards because it seems to be the norm now a days but they can cost users a lot of money in fees and interest if they do not understand a credit card's terms and conditions.

Op-Ed: Allegations surface over insurance companies bending rules Special

When it comes to the rules, insurance companies have it made in the shade. The companies have been given carte blanche to change their rules whenever they desire according to the opposition.

Canadian Finance Minister to announce new credit card rules today

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to announce new measures that will require financial institutions to provide better disclosure about interest rates.

Leash Required: Are dog parks changing the rules?

A dog park in Florida, intended for dogs, will now see leash enforcement by city officials during certain peak hours. Park goers are not going down without a fight after willfully breaking the law Sunday and letting the park's children roam free.

U.S. bank credit cards and the moving due dates scam

Many banks have deliberately designed billing systems to periodically generate payment due dates that are 5 to 6 days earlier than normal in an effort to catch automatic bill payers in a missed due date scam.

New York School Has New Principal And New Prison-Like Rules

Cheektowaga Central Middle School has been remodeled, from the inside out, when a new Principal brought with him new rules, including banning students from attending extracurricular activities if they aren’t passing one class. Support is mixed.

Children 'ignore safety rules on social networking sites'

A British watchdog, Ofcom, has warned that millions of children who use Internet social networking sites are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

New Canada-U.S. Border Rules on Hold

The new border entry rules for the Canada-U.S. border have been put on hold for another 18 months by U.S. officials. Today marks the beginning of the new law requiring proof of citizenship for entry into the U.S. from Canada.

New ID rules may complicate air travel

Air travelers may now have to find different ways to get through the airport security. This spring, airports are making it more difficult as the Bush administration continues its showdown with state governments over post-9/11 rules of driver's licenses.

Red Underwear at Wimbledon? Get the Rule Book Out

Tatiana Golovin wanted to appear on the tennis court with red underwear on. The poor Wimbledon referee got his own knickers in a twist as he went seeking the rule book to see if such an unheard of thing is allowed.

Does Michael Jordan get Preferential Treatment as an NBA Owner

Michael Jordan has an unfair advantage over other NBA owners.

Do immigrants need Rules to live in any country they choose?

The Herouxville, Quebec, fiasco which caused a media frenzy lives on.

New rules may increase bullying

"Ontario students face a growing risk of bullying, violence and injury because they are not supervised well enough outside class, say Ontario's principals. In a stark warning, the Ontario Principals' Council reports that new limits to how much time te...

What are the Rules of Holding the Door for someone

What rules one should follow to hold the door open for someone.

The International Rules of Manhood, Funny

What are the do's and don'ts of Manhood?

Workers Ignore Data Rules

Security is one of those things that is everybody's problem, yet nobody's problem.

15 rules for fighting fair

15 rules to stick to in order to keep your fights fair.

New US Rules for Guantanamo Terror Suspects

The Defense Department has sent a new manual to congress that details how to try suspected terrorists in Guantanamo.

New passport rules hitting close to home

Air travel to Canada, Mexico to be affected

Photography for beginners

Think your the best photographer?

New Rules for Cell Phones in Hospitals

Researchers in this week's British Medical Journal are raising concerns about new rules on mobile phone use in hospitals.

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Using simple common  sense can keep you and your child safe from respiratory illnesses. (A special t...
Using simple common sense can keep you and your child safe from respiratory illnesses. (A special thanks to Maddie.)
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