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Rubber News

Thai rubber farms stretched as US-China trade war saps demand

Bangkok - They work in the pre-dawn gloom tapping trees for the "white gold" that has made their country the world's top rubber producer -- but as prices plunge due to the US-China trade war, Thai farmers are giving up the sap.

Self-healing rubber invented and triggers business interest

Imagine a tire on a freight vehicle that could heal after being punctured, without the need to call out a breakdown service? This is the technology that has been developed by researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School in the U.S.

Green initiative turns food waste into tires

A groundbreaking environmental initiative sees the turning of food waste into a material that can replace the petroleum-based filler used in manufacturing tires. Trials on the new type of material show that it exceeds industrial standards for performance.

Brazil's Amazon region houses latex 'love factory'

- Deep in Amazonia, Raimundo Pereira expertly cuts a gash in a rubber tree to collect white sap destined for the nearby factory at Xapuri, the world's only producer of contraceptives made from tropical forest latex.

New elastomer inspired by squids

A new synthetic material that imitates how squid skin changes color and texture, has been developed. The remarkable polymer changes color and texture in response to remote signals.

Disposing of 14 million old tennis balls? France has a solution

Tennis players in France get through a staggering 14 million tennis balls each year. The French Tennis Federation has come up with a novel solution to recycle old tennis balls generating a benefit to communities.

Area cleared as alarm raised over rubber snake

Southend-on-sea - An area was cleared and a wild animal expert was on the way before officials realized that the cobra they had spotted was made of rubber.

Governmental agency rethinking position on playgrounds

Despite its support of recycled rubber playground surface material, the EPA launched a study to address concerns over potential health hazards associated with the pieces, including chemical exposure. Results of the study are expected soon.

European Union Fines Five Rubber Companies

Five companies have been fined two-hundred and fifty million Euros by the European Union for fixing the price of rubber. The rubber is sued to make things from the soles of ones shoes to condoms.

Loire Estuary 2007: Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duckie

Loire Estuary 2007, an outdoor contemporary art exhibit is taking place in France right now. The art of 30 artists from around the world is featured. Featured along a 40 mile stretch of the Loire River.

Rubber Ducks Have Been Floating At Sea For 15 Years

In 1992 a bunch of rubber ducks jumped ship during a storm in the Pacific Ocean. They were part of a shipment from Hong Kong to Washington State for an order of 28,800 bath toys. Hundreds of the rubber ducks saw their chance at freedom and went overboard.



TSA hassles, and cops arrest, guy with airport clearance badge for rubber band ball

"I was departing a small commuter airport in Southern California last week and I found myself in jail! Here's the story with the facts, and without any "'emotional hype.'" - from the author of the linked story

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Screenshot from the horror thriller Rubber
Screenshot from the horror thriller Rubber
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Rubber plantation in Tripura India. The rubber produced in Tripura is one of the best qualities of r...
Rubber plantation in Tripura,India. The rubber produced in Tripura is one of the best qualities of rubber in the world. Considering huge demand for rubber, many people of Tripura have jumped into rubber plantation bandwagon. Even, traditional crop cultivators are switching over cultivation of rubber as the later accrues more profit. More and more crop cultivation lands are being converted into rubber cultivation.

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