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Uproar after picture shows Prince George feeding dog ice cream

Animal rights groups, the RSPCA, veterinarians and others on social media weighed in after a picture was released showing three-year-old Prince George offering ice cream to the family dog.

Staffordshire dog Ziggy shot through head with crossbow bolt

Wansford - A two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Ziggy was found wandering in woodland with a 20-inch crossbow bolt passing through the side of his head, barely missing his skull, left brain and the delicate structures of his orbital cavity.

RSPCA says cat owners only want cats that look good in 'selfies'

Officials with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have released reports stating that black cats are not being adopted since they aren't popular in "selfies."

British woman jailed for killing pet kitten in microwave

Barnsley - A British woman who killed her pet kitten by cooking it in a microwave oven has been sentenced to 14 months behind bars.

Shockingly injured pregnant cat dumped in a bin — RSPCA report

Merthyr Tydfil - A member of the public has found a pregnant cat with horrific injuries dying in a wheelie bin. UK animal rescue services are looking for the owner.

Scabby, bloody puppy left dying — Owner had TV bills to pay

Llandudno - A 10-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy "left to pass away peacefully" was found covered in scabs and open wounds. The puppy was left dying with an untreated skin condition because the owner preferred to go out and pay her satellite TV bill.

Campaign against badger culling in Britain

Various animal charities have joined together to try and stop the culling of badgers in the UK, whilst farmers have, in the main, welcomed the proposal to allow the shooting of badgers to reduce bovine tuberculosis.

Op-Ed: Free microchipping event in Sydenham

Sydenham - On February 24, the RSPCA will microchip your dog for free in Sydenham, and if you suffer from fleas or worms, they will treat you at a discount.

Hundreds of sea birds dead, rogue oil-dumping tanker blamed Special

Chesil Beach, Dorset: More than a hundred distressed birds have been washed up on the south coast of England. Covered in an oily substance there are fears that more birds are dying out at sea.

Op-Ed: RSPCA warned on hunt prosecution, lodges press complaint

Heythrop - British charity, the RSPCA, Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is the largest and longest established animal charity in the World. Its recent Hunt prosecution has reportedly resulted in a loss of support.

NZ school under fire for dead possum dress-up contest

A New Zealand school is under fire from animal lovers after putting on a bizarre fashion show in which children were encouraged to dress dead possums in colourful costumes.

RSPCA investigate man who ate live goldfish in YouTube video

The RSPCA is investigating a 28-year-old man, Louis Cole of Roehampton, south west London, who posted to YouTube a video of himself eating his live pet goldfish. He is being investigated for animal cruelty carrying a maximum term of six months in jail.

Video: Lifeboat rescues horse after fall from cliffs

Wales - Volunteers from the Cardigan Lifeboat station rescued a horse which had fallen from a cliff in Wales onto a rocky cove. The rescuers led the frightened animal through the rough waters of Ceibwr Bay to a nearby beach where it was reunited with its owner.

Couple caught on camera throwing dog into sea convicted

Exmouth - A British couple who repeatedly threw their terrier into the sea have been found guilty of causing the canine unnecessary suffering. Although there was no injury to the pet, a RSPCA vet testified it could have received spinal injuries twisting in the air.

Man caught on CCTV swinging cat by tail in animal cruelty case

Ramsgate - British authorities have launched an investigation into the identity of a young man caught on CCTV swinging a cat by its tail. The act of animal cruelty has caught the attention of the RSPCA who ask witnesses to come forward to assist investigators.

Op-Ed: 20-year-old thug sentenced after microwaving his pet cat

Portsmouth - I can never comprehend why people abuse innocent animals, especially Stephen Stacey, a 20-year-old man who recently microwaved his pet cat after she scratched him.

71-year-old given electronic tag after refusing to put dog down

Ashton-under-lyne - A 71-year-old woman has been told that she must wear an electronic tag after she refused to have her elderly dog put down.

Farm workers filmed abusing free-range ducks

Hingham - The RSPCA is investigating after workers at a farm in the UK were filmed swinging ducks, which were destined to be sold as high-welfare free-range poultry, by the neck.

Man filmed kicking dog sentenced to jail time

Welling - A UK man, who was seen kicking a dog and yanking it into the air in a video which was posted on YouTube, has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison. The footage was uploaded to YouTube and a Facebook campaign to track down the hooded man was organised.

RSPCA busy with rescues in snow and cold

RSPCA staff in England and Wales have been busy with calls about wildlife, pets and farm animals needing help during the recent cold and snowy weather.

RSPCA given video of man abusing dog

The RSPCA were given a recording which shows at man kicking a dog so hard that it falls onto its back and jerking the leash upward so far that all four of the animal’s feet are in the air.

RSPCA hunt UK men who dyed cat pink before throwing it over fence

Marlborough - Yobs in the Wiltshire town of Marlborough in the UK, who dyed a female cat pink before throwing it over a garden fence, are being hunted by the The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Tarantulas on the loose in UK

Bolton - People are encouraged to be aware when outdoors, after two Chilean Rose tarantulas were found in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Dog fighter in Wales sentenced to jail

A man convicted of dog fighting has been sentenced to six months in custody and banned from keeping animals for 15 years. David Brinley Braddon was convicted following a major investigation by RSPCA inspectors.

Fish rain down on desert village, UK starlings die in unison

Two locations, a world away from each other, experienced strange animal-related events recently. In Somerset, England about 75 starlings just fell to the ground while a village in northern Australia had fish plummet from the sky.

Shocking Cruelty To Animals In Pet Store Arson

Birds, guinea pigs, snakes and lizards all died in a fire that was intentionally set at an Australian pet store.

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Ziggy before the surgery to remove the bolt
Ziggy before the surgery to remove the bolt
Badger cull a contentious issue in Britain
Badger cull a contentious issue in Britain
Wikimedia Commons
Photographs of a man and woman repeatedly throwing their dog into the sea were used by a UK magistra...
Photographs of a man and woman repeatedly throwing their dog into the sea were used by a UK magistrate to convict the couple for causing unnecessary suffering to a protected.