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Roxana saberi News

Roxana Saberi Freed from Iranian Prison

Journalist Roxana Saberi was freed from a Tehran jail on Monday, according to her father. Reza Saberi says his Iranian-American daughter's sentence was reduced.

Roxana Saberi Sentenced To Eight Years In Jail

Journalist Roxana Saberi was sentenced this week to eight years in jail by a Tehran court for spying. Her father says that the young woman was tricked into confessing.

Op-Ed: Iran Denies US Claim of Meeting, Letter Delivery In The Hague

On March 31st, SOS Clinton said that Richard Holbrooke met with his Iranian counterpart in The Hague, and delivered a letter requesting the release or whereabouts of three Americans in Iran. Today, Iran's Foreign Ministry denied the meeting took place.

Op-Ed: World Ratcheting Up Pressure On Iran

In Europe, grassroots movements opposing Iran are making themselves felt. In the US, many are becoming increasingly angry at Iran's rebuffs to President Obama's olive branches. And more bruising sanctions are on the way for Iran. How will they respond?

US Letter in Brussels Requests Release of Three Americans In Iran

At the Afghanistan conference in The Hague, the US delegation handed the Iranians a letter requesting the release of three Americans in Iranian custody: Roxana Saberi, Esha Momeni and Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent missing in Iran for two years.

Roxana's Parents To Go To Iran, Authorities 'Speeding Up' Release

An AP report confirms that Roxana Saberi's parents will be leaving for Iran next Monday. Fox News also reports that Roxana's father, Reza Saberi, has received word that Iranian authorities are working to speed up her release from Evin prison.

Op-Ed: Iran News Roundup for March 30, 2009

Given the critical importance of today's troubled Iranian-American relations and their effect on the larger world, I will now provide a public service here at DJ by keeping readers informed of key daily developments, from news sources around the world.

Op-Ed: Welcome To President Obama's Welfare For Gitmo Detainees Program

Bill Ayers was bad enough. Obama video-fiddling to Iran while Roxana burned was even worse. Best yet? Guantanamo terrorists coming to a street near you, to live on government assistance while they form new cells and plot our demise. How suicidal is that?

Op-Ed: Are Americans Now Fair Game As Hostages Under Obama?

Roxana Saberi is not the only American citizen being detained by Iran. Esha Momeni was arrested by Iranian police for filming a women's rights documentary and now awaits trial. Two female journalists also rot in North Korea. Are they all pawns now?

Op-Ed: Is President Obama Turning The Tables On Iran?

The way events between Iran and the Obama Administration have been playing out, I have been quite harsh of the President's inaction vis-a-vis Roxana Saberi and Iran's rebuff of his video olive branch. But could the President actually be playing it smart?

The Latest Developments in the Roxana Saberi Story

Roxana's parents plan to visit Roxana within a couple days. Through the Swiss, the US is demanding consular access to Roxana. Also, word from Iran is Roxana may not be going anywhere for up to two years, after they agreed to release her soon on March 6th.

Op-Ed: Why President Obama Is Merely The New Overlord of Hell To Iran

For those of you who are still clueless, and cling to false hopes of President Obama bringing peace between ourselves and the Shiite Islamist extremist regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran, time for a dope-slap wake up call. Welcome to the Great Satan.

Op-Ed: Cutting A Deal With Iran For Roxana Saberi

As you may know, American citizen and Iranian hostage Roxana Saberi is in Iran's notorious Evin prison. She's in rough shape. Since President Obama won't oblige me by flying a few Stealth fighters over Tehran, I have a few ideas of my own to wrap it up.

Op-Ed: Who Will Be Responsible If Roxana Saberi Dies In Iran?

According to her father, Roxana Saberi's mental health is failing and he fears she is suicidal now. Should Roxana perish in Evin prison, the worst culprits in her death will not be the Iranians. That is who they are. It will be our government and press.

Op-Ed: Actor's Father Arrested in Iran For Son's Role in 'The Wrestler'

According to Gawker, the father of actor Armin Amiri was arrested in Iran for his son's blasphemous role in The Wrestler. Armin received an hysterical call by his mother on March 18th. What more does Iran's Thugocracy have to do before people wake up?

Op-Ed: The Genocide That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Whether you know it or not, there are actually two genocides going on in the world. The first, in Sudan, is heinous and brutal in ways that exceed even Hitler's and still does today. The second, even more ruthless in some ways, remains a closet case. Why?

Iranian Blogger Jailed for Khamenei Insult Dies in Tehran Prison

An Iranian blogger who was thrown into Tehran's notorious Evin Prison, where American citizen Roxana Saberi is imprisoned as we speak, has died. Prison officials are calling it a suicide.

Op-Ed: Two More Weeks of Terror for Roxana While Iran, DC, Press Nap

The North Dakota House is drafting a Bill to demand Roxana Saberi's freedom. Meanwhile, Iran will be shutting down for a nine-day national holiday, so two more weeks of terror for Roxana in Iran. It would seem long vacations are going around these days.

HRW Calls Roxana Saberi's Continuing Detention in Iran Unlawful

Though I am only finding this news item now, it seems Human Rights Watch and I are in agreement that the continuing captivity of Roxana Saberi in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison is unlawful under international law, in a statement HRW made on March 13th.

Op-Ed: Carter Advising Obama on Roxana Saberi Hostage Crisis - Help!

Jimmy Carter was seen leaving the West Wing yesterday, no doubt vacillating with Obama over Roxana Saberi's situation. If at all. Since Carter's astute hostage negotiating skills led to a 444-day long punking by Iran, I'd wave Roxana goodbye for awhile.

Op-Ed: Praying for Armageddon

If Roxana Saberi rots in a living nightmare in Iran and nobody cares, then neither do I. If the Death's Head squads of Iran's Third Reich want to exterminate every gay in Iran, why should I care? I'm straight, they're fags. Not my problem. Nothing is.

Op-Ed: A Call to Impeachment of President Obama et al over Roxana Saberi

I may not be a legal expert, people, but I sure know flagrant and inhuman negligence and malfeasance when I see it. And I'm seeing way too much of it from Obama, Clinton, Congress and our Invisible Press with regard to the Roxana Saberi Hostage Crisis.

Op-Ed: Roxana Saberi Being Terrorized In Iran, Obama Being Carter Here

I see the real Obama now, and he is Jimmy Carter. Weak, fumbling and vacillating while yet another American is suffering in Iran. And Hillary is no Iron Lady so far, that's for sure. Do I have to suit up, go over there and bust Roxana out myself? Do I?

Journalist Saberi seen by lawyer on Sunday, said to be depressed

American journalist Roxana Saberi detained in Iran at Evin prison has been seen been an attorney for the first time on Sunday. The lawyer had been turned away Saturday for not having the right paperwork. Her family is happy to know she is alive.

Iran says release for Roxana Saberi to come soon

An official from Iran's prosecutor's office announced Friday that the case against Roxana Saberi has been completed. Her release should take place 'soon.' It is not known is soon means days or weeks.

Iran confirms that Roxana Saberi held at Evin Jail

With the world media breathing down Iran's neck for the location of freelance journalist Roxana Saberi has been confirmed to be housed at Evin Jail by Judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi.

26 journalists killed thus far in 2009

The Switzerland-based Press Emblem Campaign's secretary general Blaise Lempen warned that 26 journalists have already been killed thus far this year. This February alone, 14 journalists were killed. A total of 81 journalists were killed worldwide in 2008.

Fears grow for arrested US journalist Roxana Saberi in Iran

The Iranian regime refuses to divulge the whereabouts of arrested US-born journalist Roxana Saberi. Iranian spokesman Hasan Qashqavi said 'her press accreditation was withdrawn in 2006; and that her activities since then were illegal and unauthorised'.

Iran definitely detains US journalist Roxana Saberi

Roxana Saberi, a US journalist who files reports for the BBC, National Public Radio and Fox News, was definitely arrested in Iran, her father Reza told National Public Radio today. The Iranian Women's Prison system is infamous for its abuses.

Journalist Roxana Saberi Said To Be Detained In Iran

Roxana Saberi, 31, has been detained in Iran for buying a bottle of wine. The United States journalist's father has not heard from his daughter since a brief phone call on February 10. She had already been in detention for ten days at that point.

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