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Roundup News

Farm herbicide Roundup could increase antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is causing significant medical problems and while a key factor is over-prescription of antibiotic medications, there are other factors. Once factor, according to new research, could be common agricultural herbicides.

Bayer shares tumble on Monsanto's Roundup cancer verdict

Bayer shares plunged as much as 14 percent on Monday, losing about $14 billion in value after newly acquired Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million in damages to a man who said ingredients used in the weedkiller had caused his cancer.

Court rules Monsanto can't dismiss farmer's cancer claim

Honolulu - A federal judge has refused Monsanto's request to dismiss a claim brought by a former coffee farmer who claims the company's weed-killer, Roundup caused her cancer.

Monsanto turns down Bayer's proposal, still open to negotiations

Monsanto has rejected a $62 billion takeover proposal from German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, calling the bid "incomplete and financially inadequate." However, negotiations still appear to be open.

Is glyphosate carcinogenic or not? EPA takes its report offline

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed a report from its website where it concluded that glyphosate was "not likely to be carcinogenic to humans." The report was pulled offline on May 2, 2016 along with 13 other documents.

Monsanto on defensive over lawsuits as it lays off 2,600 workers

Monsanto has been put on the defensive and is coming out fighting after two U.S. farm workers filed lawsuits last month, claiming the chemical in Roundup causes cancer. At the same time, the seed company is laying off 12 percent of its workforce.

French minister asks shops to stop selling Roundup

French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal announced on Sunday the ban on the sale of Monsanto's popular weedkiller, Roundup in garden centers. The United Nations has warned the weedkiller may be carcinogenic.

Testing for glyphosate residues being recommended by EPA

Perhaps bowing to public concerns over the safety of the active ingredient, glyphosate, in Monsanto's Roundup. the Environmental Protection Agency is considering asking the federal government to test foods for glyphosate residue.

Op-Ed: Roundup's glyphosates are killing our gut microbes

Celiac disease and gluten-intolerance is a growing problem worldwide, but especially in North America and Europe. The causative factor in the increase of these disorders can be explained by studies done on the use of Roundup on the foods we eat.

Fears over Monsanto's herbicide Roundup prompt private testing

The focus of scientists, food companies and consumer groups is now on Monsanto's Roundup, and its active ingredient, glyphosate. Even though testing has increased in the past two years, they have spiked since the WHO report in March.

Online petition to save monarch butterfly from GMOs, Monsanto

The Sierra Club has begun an online petition to convince the U.S. government to do more to save the monarch butterfly. Monarch numbers have dwindled dramatically and the club says scientists know the cause to be a product made by the Monsanto company.

41 honey products with high-level of Roundup herbicide glyphosate

A study from the scientific research company Abraxis and Boston University turned up information about the honey you put on your toast that isn't very sweet. Fifty-nine percent of the honey products they tested contained the herbicide glyphosate.

Weed killer glyphosate found in human urine across Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoE) commissioned a series of urine tests on people in 18 countries across Europe. The results were released on Thursday and FoE is asking, "Why is there weed killer in our bodies?"

Study: Health dangers linked to Roundup, Monsanto-made herbicide

A new study suggests heavy use of a popular brand of herbicide could be linked to several health issues and diseases. The report on the herbicide, Roundup, was published last week.

Op-Ed: The logic of Monsanto vs. Occupy Monsanto

Sydney - Perhaps the world’s only eight letter four letter word, Monsanto is unique. Its march through the courts and governments of the world is extraordinary. This corporation acts like it owns the world. The Occupy Monsanto idea is to prove otherwise.

GMO mini-documentary: 'All of us guinea pigs now?'

Recently released is the English sub-titled trailer of the full film on Séralini’s controversial GMO study - the only long-term peer study on the commercialized GM NK603 maize and the pesticide Roundup ever done.

Steer clear of GM crops, Greenpeace and US farmers warn EU

Global environmental campaigning group Greenpeace is urging the European Union not to authorise herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (HTGE) crops, stating such crops lead to herbicide-resistant super-weeds.

After GMO rat study: Russia suspends imports, France investigates

Following the recent rat study on NK603 GMO corn, Russia has suspended imports of Monsanto corn, while France continues investigations into the possible dangers of GMOs to human health.

Video: Telebriefing on animal feeding trial on GM corn & Roundup

Paris - The results of a two-year feeding trial were released yesterday, with details of tumors and mortality in rats, and a telebriefing conference was held which has now been released as an audio file.

Results of first animal feeding trial on GM maize & Roundup

This is the first study of its kind, it is peer-reviewed, and will be published in the American journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. The results are not reassuring.

Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (full length video)

If you have an hour to spare, this interview with Jeffrey M. Smith will be well worth the time. Smith documents how consumption of GM foods has been directly linked with health problems in humans.

New bill could make biotech companies immune to federal courts

An amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill would not just allow, but would require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant permits for planting of GM crops, even if a federal court has given an injunction against it.

Roundup herbicide linked to Parkinson’s-related brain damage

Monsanto's controversial herbicide, Roundup, has now been linked to Parkinsonism related disorders according to research reported in the Neurotoxicology & Teratology journal.

Fear, death follow Monsanto’s march to control world food supply

Prince Charles was deeply moved when he learned of the plight of Indian farmers killing themselves following their use of genetically modified (GM) seeds, but it has now been found the problem is far worse than anyone thought.

Monsanto has no magic cure for its woes as company flounders

Monsanto is under the gun on a number of different issues, and the company has no magic elixir or engineered fix to halt the corporation's plummet from its recent position as Forbe's Company of the Year.

Nevada considers charges in deaths of wild horses at the round-up

Reno - A Nevada district attorney is considering whether to file criminal charges against federal land managers who are accused by animal rights activists of mistreating wild horses in a roundup.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

Take a look back at the past week and re-cap what made news across the technological world. From Apple's supposedly upcoming iPhone announcement rumour to Microsoft's supposedly upcoming Kumo release we've heard it all.

Canadian Music Week 2008 Roundup

Music fans brave massive T.Dot blizzard, swarm downtown clubs to watch bands from Cambodia to Finland, Alberta to Ajax at Canadian Music Week's annual throwdown. Overall, a better year for rhythm based heavy acts and not so much for indie rock.

Roundup catches sex offender with guns and drugs

Police rounded up unregistered sex offenders in Olympia and found a convicted child molester with guns and drugs.

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Roundup Image

Monsanto s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup
Monsanto's glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup
Mike Mozart
Screen grab from a A demo video on the Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer.
Screen grab from a A demo video on the Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer.
Netman 88
Rat with mammary tumors.
Rat with mammary tumors.
Is Monsanto s Roundup Ready Soybean safe to use?
Is Monsanto's Roundup Ready Soybean safe to use?
Mustang advocates say that using helicopters is inhumane because some of the animals are traumatized...
Mustang advocates say that using helicopters is inhumane because some of the animals are traumatized, injured or killed during the roundup and roping.
Bureau of Land Management
A National Police OV-10 plane sprays herbicides over a coca field in Colombia.
A National Police OV-10 plane sprays herbicides over a coca field in Colombia.
Results of urine tests across Europe for glyphosate weedkiller.
Results of urine tests across Europe for glyphosate weedkiller.
Friends of the Earth Europe
Greenpeace video screenshot
File photo: A laboratory rat is a rat of the species Rattus norvegicus (brown rat) which is bred and...
File photo: A laboratory rat is a rat of the species Rattus norvegicus (brown rat) which is bred and kept for scientific research
The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
In Defense of Animals

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